What I Do at 2:25 AM (a poem)

Flutterby Butterfly

Flutterby butterfly!
Come to rest here on my nest
As you migrate from the wild west
So much more beautiful than the rest!

I don’t even wonder why!
I find you so perfect
I don’t even know your name!
Or a flutter from a flick!

My love for nature’s bounty reigns
My country ’tis of nature’s ways
In my dreams around I gaze
A flutter in the bright sun’s rays

Flutterby butterfly!
Swing around your tail and play!
I will tell my friends and say
Things really seem to be going my way

It’s a butter
And a flutter
And a dip and then
A nother

It’s a flutterby
Blows my mind
See it go by!

Flutterby butterfly!
Take it to the limit
Do a loop a wiggle and a spin
Don’t be afraid; it ain’t no sin!

The others wonder how you do
Aeronautical tricks!
It’s probably those precious wings
Think I just need (to get) a starter set!

Sometimes I wish I could fly
Just fluttering around
Then I’d probably touch the sky, and
It’s just a matter of time before I hit the ground!

So Flutterby butterfly!
I see you flying like the wind
I know my world is working right
When I see you twist and flip and spin

Flutterby butterfly!
You move so fast, always on the run
If you need a rest, come on to my nest
Just bathe in the sun with your wings undone


– Mark Urso

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