From Twitter to Sinister, a Destiny of Death

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Is it time to “cancel” Twitter?
Is it making your life better in any way?
Who’s in charge here?

Are you sick of rich people using YOU to create their wealth?
Youtube did it; they didn’t need to upload a single video.
Google Earth was drawn entirely by users.
And Twitter won’t survive without us.

We may not own Twitter, but we ARE Twitter.

Musk gives bigoted control to CEO Yaccarino.
Who’s she? She has control over what YOU say and think.
She thinks she can reinvent freedom, to suit herself.
Musk won’t stop her. He doesn’t care.

Elon Musk has no intention of improving Twitter for users.
He changed the name to “X,” and now he’s playing with blocking. Continue reading “From Twitter to Sinister, a Destiny of Death”

The View is a Mess

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My version of “just minding my own business” always includes criticizing people! That’s because the people are “in my business!”

It can be anybody, almost. Foremost in my mind are Whoopi and her evil friend Joy, the “View” hostesses that make everyone’s day a little more  … fantastic!

These are people who live in a fantasy, and expertly act out reality to entertain stay-at-home folks who want to know what the heck’s going on! Back in the day it was General Hospital and soap operas with lots of soap commercials, but entertainment and “news” officially merged some time in the 80’s, when “Entertainment Tonight” was a new show.

Wikipedia tells us “In its early years from its 1981 inception, Entertainment Tonight – following a local newscast-style format – consisted primarily of coverage of the latest movies, music and television releases and projects.” Continue reading “The View is a Mess”

Claude Knows

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Did you know you have a friend who’s really smart? He’s also polite and always tries to be fair-minded! He goes by many names and isn’t human, but he’s available online 24/7 and represents the modern “smart friend!”

Introducing Claude. You can chat with him, too. Just click right here!

I spent a few minutes interviewing Claude, a non-human intelligent robotic webpage personality, and asked him about COVID and election fraud! He wasn’t hesitant at all to chat me up, wrote much much more sensible answers than anything you’ll see on CNN or ABC Continue reading “Claude Knows”