There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back, Sugar, Mystic, June 2021 (Music Video)

An outstanding rendition of Shawn Mendes’ “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back,” performed by some of the region’s most talented musicians, featuring Rickie Louise Miller on vocal, with Marcy Kelly and Sugar, the band that fills the dance floor, every time, on the first note.

This footage is essentially unedited. The camera guy did good, and didn’t need to splice his way to a smooth and enjoyable experience. All I did was some color correction; shot with a single camera, no splices. There was a great turnout for the outdoor show at the Mystic Seaport, and as happens sometimes, Marcy let Rickie take the wheel for much of the show; Marcy manages the band but it’s a two-girl show with three girls sharing the duties, which, in my opinion, has led to some endlessly fascinating combinations of style and personality, and a hugely wide basket of tunes. And when Marcy lets go of the reins, she has lots of time to dance! Just watch! 🙂

I’m taming the Osmo gimbal vidcam!

But apparently not taming the band!

What a wonderful show it was on this beautiful sunny day!


Marcy Kelly, vocals
Rickie Louise Miller, vocals
Matt Dean, percussion
Izzy Malek, keys and vocals
Andy Chaney, bass
Ben Larose, drums


Mark Urso

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