Mark Urso Live, and Monday Night’s Sandwich

The Perks of Fine Dining

Many things have happened since we last talked. I’m seriously considering trying the Italian Sausage Panini with Roasted Red Peppers, Arugula and housemade Peperoncini Aioli next week at Perks and Corks, an award-winning coffee bar downtown (Westerly, RI). That’s because they have a great photo of it, and I was just there but I didn’t eat anything. I just had a chai. At nine o’clock at night. Hey, don’t judge.

photo of sammich

That chai was just right. And when I snag a masterpiece panini next Monday, the Monday night open mic will take place again, and I can work with that! I’ll bring some of my originals! Perks has awards all over the walls; best drinks, best menu, best food, you name it! It’s truly a first class joint, just the kind of place where you WANT to be seen! I was sure to thank host Keith Cowley for having the event and making everyone feel welcome!

Here’s yours truly performing one of four tunes.

Tonight (Tues.) I’ll hit another club, so stay tuned!

That’s “Anna Begins” by Adam Duritz, and me playing an Epiphone Emperor I bought from a college student on Craigslist. After I got it set up, the guitar went from terrible to my favorite! I was plugged directly into the mixer with this fine instrument, and on a house mic (probably a Shure).

Sanity is returning, the chai is quite excellent, and I am very grateful!

At this point, my priority is to have one of those paninis. Join me!


Mark Urso

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