Craigslist – The Great Poker Game

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I’ve mentioned the dinosaurs walking Earth, eBay and Amazon. But what about Craigslist? Is it even worth a mention? What’s it all about, and why isn’t it in the news until someone gets busted when a personal massage goes wildly wrong?

Craigslist must not be important. Ebay would have bought it, or Google by now. It’s just an anomaly, floating out there with no big impact …

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Or is it? On the outside Craiglist is a public place, but on the inside it’s very private. Craigslist is not, as its dot-org suggests, non-profit. Continue reading “Craigslist – The Great Poker Game”

A Few Newthings (or, Amazon’s More Expensive No Advantage Program)

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I have canceled Amazon Advantage!

It’s a seller backend service. Without missing a beat, upon sending the message through their system to close it – I immediately lost all access. They should send me my products back now.

Amazon Advantage is for larger companies that have a logistics department. For me, a small seller, joining just resulted in me having to ship products to Amazon at my own expense with NO increased sales, despite Amazon’s effort to improve the visibility of those products. Continue reading “A Few Newthings (or, Amazon’s More Expensive No Advantage Program)”

The Smartphone Revolution (or, You Ain’t Poked Nothin’ Yet!)

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There are people all around you poking their phones! They pet them and caress their perfect smooth screens in public places!

What are they doing? Why? When will it stop?

When I was young, we learned how to properly have a pet. We were blessed with imperfect policing of the beaches and our Giant Schnauzer, Dominic (an Italian Schnauzer), spent his years playing in the sand. We poked him and caressed his perfect smooth coat!

Everybody loved him! Continue reading “The Smartphone Revolution (or, You Ain’t Poked Nothin’ Yet!)”

The Edge of the Universe Through the Eyes of a Dolphin (or, Endemic Life on Our Abyssal Plain!)

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I wrote recently about a documentary called “Edge of the Universe” (2002). The only compliment I paid I think was I liked the title. The actual show, though, should have been called something else, like “More Nonsense About the Universe!” The Universe might have edges, but they weren’t seen in that documentary!blue-planet

Enter Attenborough … and another, much different study, this time of the sea: “The Blue Planet, A Natural History of the Oceans” (2001); a truly eye-opening mini-series! Sans hyperbole, this fabulous 8-hour series shows us through the eyes of animals there is more than one universe; it just depends on your perspective! As one IMDB reviewer put it, the series “opened (his) eyes to another planet right here on Earth!” Another was inspired to become a marine biologist! Continue reading “The Edge of the Universe Through the Eyes of a Dolphin (or, Endemic Life on Our Abyssal Plain!)”

Share The Moon – Episode 2: Esteban Escobar – Chapter 5: The Dog

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Back for more! So Glad!

… continuing the novel “Share The Moon, Episode 2, Esteban Escobar” … here’s chapter FIVE, below!

(or, start from the beginning!)

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Ch. 5 – The Dog

A sign outside “Holy Spirit Dog” says “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service!”

The graffiti says “No Atheists!”

AKC-registered as “Zeigfried Wigglesworth of Manhattan Island, Protector Of Children,” Ziggy, a well-known New York City Pit Bull, is the mascot for the “Holy Spirit Dog” restaurant chain. The popular pup is also believed, oddly, to be descended from a somewhat clouded figure in Modern Literary Mythology, a reincarnation Continue reading “Share The Moon – Episode 2: Esteban Escobar – Chapter 5: The Dog”

A Very Happy Dog! (A Ziggy Video)

Let’s go back in time … to when it was cold and snowy; I was happily married, we lived in a different town, it was cold and snowy, Boo Boo ruled the ranch, it was cold and snowy, but I owned a very nice snow blowing machine, and we shared the moon with Ziggy the Pit Bull!

Mark Urso