Enya EA-X4 Pro Carbon Fiber Guitar

Enya EA-X4 Pro Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitar

This review (w/video) of the EA-X4 Pro Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitar is intended for people somewhat familiar with the instrument. Still, I’ll go over the basic functions and features for those just hearing about this new product. I receive no compensation for my review. I picked this guitar up a couple weeks ago. It arrived from a USA origin within 4 days in very good shape. I changed the strings to Thomastik 10s, but otherwise it’s out of the box, requiring no adjustment.

A full video review is below.

Photo Credit: Iqbal Gumilar


  • It’s made of carbon fiber – the top is described as 98% carbon fiber.
  • It has two pickups; one under the saddle, and a microphone inside.
  • Using that microphone is not always a good idea, as you will see.
  • The guitar has some intrinsic high-pitched hiss, almost like radio signal noise, but it’s barely audible.
  • The guitar is very loud, surprisingly resilient and forgiving at volume and resistant to feeding back.
  • It has effects built-in, which work even when not plugged into anything!
  • It uses a replaceable rechargeable battery w/USB port for charging.
  • Frets are nickel; neck, back and sides are carbon fiber composite.
  • Nut and saddle are “Tusq,” a man-made material.
  • The instrument is designed and built in China.
  • It lists (July 2022) at $899 (w/case) and has gotten rave reviews.

This is an impressive guitar, versatile and well-built. While I mainly focus on guitars not made in China, this guitar may represent the first time a Chinese guitar maker wholeheartedly intends to innovate, rather than just copy successful designs of others. The soundhole being placed near the edge is a reminder that the top material is fantastically workable, with just a thin piece encircling the edge of the hole, a position that could not be achieved reliably with a wood top.

While maybe not the perfect guitar, this one’s a contender for favorite by many reviewers online, and one of the reasons is, it’s innovative.

Credit Where Credit is Due

Japan, yes. USA, absolutely. But China?

Not until today has China been considered an originator of anything unique in musical instruments (to appeal to a worldwide musical market). This company, Enya, has abandoned the Chinese business train and is riding a new one. A genuinely musical one!

How they market this instrument, never pretending to be built elsewhere, starting design with a blank sheet of paper (instead of someone else’s design), and, most spectacularly, the resulting instrument, are all ways Enya has already impressed me as a very unique Chinese musical instrument company.

This is a “how to use this unique guitar” video, in review-style.

Please listen with headphones for the best experience!

At the end of the review, I’ll play a song, Let’s Go Slow by Jules Shear.

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