Mark Urso Releases “Stardust” on Friday!

Announcement time!

I’m proud to release my second CD, “Stardust,” a nice assortment of guitar-focused music, covering the usual suspects with a fresh approach; the Dead, Dylan, Patty Smyth, Randy Newman, Lowell George, and of course Hoagy Carmichael and Mitchell Parish!

Thanks to the inimitable Salvatore Fontana and guitar hero Brandon Raimondo, who join me for a couple trance inducing jazzy original compositions. I renovated Stardust, appropriating it for solo guitar, and you’ll hear Sal and I working the basics back and forth blues-style before it segues into the vocal portion.

It’s 15 minutes you won’t realize you lost; it doesn’t call attention to itself, nor fade into tiresome slow jazz, but does have a satisfying ability to take a listener on a peaceful bouncy ride through the stars.

I think I’ve reached a new place with this CD, while I already have the third in production.  Expect “Stardust” to be in stores soon; the release date is December 31, 2022 (Saturday). It will take a bit to show up on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and other outlets. In the meantime, I’ll put the CD up for sale on for those most anxious to hear this lovely selection!

– Stardust –

1 – Stardust  (Carmichael/Parish)  14:55
2 – C’mon To The Store   (Urso)  5:23
3 – Last in Love (Frey/Souther) 3:55
4 – Brandon’s Song (Raimondo/Urso) 5:05
5 – I Should Be Laughing  (Smyth/Burtnick) 3:51
6 – Cassidy  (Barlow/Weir) 3:29
7 – Rollin’  (Newman) 4:00
8 – Indian Sunset  (John/Taupin)  6:17
9 – Simple Twist of Fate  (Dylan) 5:31
10 – Let’s Go Slow  (Shear)  4:22
11 – I’ve Been the One  (George) 2:19

Dedicated to Nat and Bette Urso


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