Chloe Kohanski, “Come This Far”

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Children Separated From Their Parents

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I don’t want to write an article about children being separated from their parents. I’ll just get in the middle of a nasty controversy.

And things not always being what they appear, this actually is an article about national pride!

I’ve got it all planned out, First, I want to set things up with this recent phone conversation I had with a friend in Florida:

My Friend: I used to teach preschool, but now I can’t because I don’t speak Spanish!

Me: How long did you teach preschool for?

My Friend: A lot! Continue reading “Children Separated From Their Parents”

Part of The Plan (A Poem)

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It’s manipulation city once you walk in the door
Your day it’s free now you’re finally home
But when you turn that big ol’ living room corner
You get a hello with strings, and your a martyr and mourner!

Who you living for what you doin’
What’s your choice and your reason
It’s that time of the season
Ta go and give yourself a little squeezin’!

Now you think anybody’s gonna give a damn
If you do something that’s part of your plan? Continue reading “Part of The Plan (A Poem)”

Sweet Baby James