I Have A Moth (and I love him)

My cat’s asleep again.

I guess I’ll take some time to talk about my moth.

I think it’s a “he.” I named him Clyde. We met recently in my bathroom, where Clyde landed, on two different occasions, to accompany me for a sit down chat (I did all the talking).

just words

So, besides that I talk to bugs, the pandemic has turned into lots of great opportunities for me. When kitty’s fast asleep, I still have someone to bond with. And I’m learning.

Clyde moves very little, but uses his little tan-colored moth body to communicate. He likes Elton John and Cat Stevens, and flies around my head when I play music. Beyond our bathroom time, I feel like he’s enjoying my music!

He landed right on my hand while I was playing the guitar!

As I explained in a recent article on Quora, my normal reaction to bugs is to swat them, unless it’s a really nice bug. Clyde taught me that all bugs matter. They can all be cool, if you just give them a chance.

He’s on my living room wall right now, watching me type this. I recently had my doors open for a long time, and no bugs came in (probably due to the time of year), but that’s when I first met Clyde, and today he appears to have brought a friend. I admit I can’t tell them apart. But my itsy bitsy moth couple is more than welcome here!

Maybe I’ll call her Bonnie.

Clyde seems to be an opportunist. I can’t see his eyes ’cause he’s so tiny, but he just moved right in without even asking. I think he’s got a bright future! He was bold enough to befriend me, probably knowing full well not to trust strangers, but we just totally bonded, in seconds.

He’s intuitive and clever; I admire him.

I’m not afraid to admit I have a moth. It’s a way to show my depth of character, fun-spiritedness and ability to love all God’s creations. I mean, we’re not “in love” or anything, but I love having him here. One day I may decide to swat him, which makes me feel every day like I’m a better person than the day before (for not doing it).

One day, if he gets in my face again (like he did the other day), I may swat him by accident, ’cause he tends to fly into my eyes. So that would be bad, but no big loss. He’s not magnificent or anything, just a garden variety tiny little grey moth. If it were a butterfly, I’d know for sure he was my interspecies conduit to higher understanding, my flawless inspirational bug-symbol of universal love … but he’s really not, he’s just a little moth.

We have a very small relationship. It’s meaningful, but only when I have time. Usually I have no idea where he is, but I can still marvel at his perfect non-spectacularness. I understand his shyness.

I’m thinking of getting a tiny paintbrush; and see if he’ll let me paint his wings orange and black.

See, this temporary isolation has its side benefits!

Happiness is a state of mind!


Mark Urso

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  1. Please don’t swat bugs nor paint Clyde’s wings (I know you were joking). Thank you for your humour, your values, and your insight. Oh and thank you for letting me practise gratitude.

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