Everything They Told You Was A Lie

There’s no easy way to say it.

It’s impossible for me to sound credible.

I have the entire US government against me.

Well, at least they’re sloppy, inconsistent and easy to disprove.

Donald Trump took office as US President in 2017. Soon he would hear about COVID, which would be “discovered” in the US in 2019, named and studied. The FDA would issue an “Emergency Use Authorization” for HCQ, officially recommending HCQ as a treatment for COVID, in 2019.  No problem.  Everything’s cool.

Trump stepped up to a podium in 2020 and told Americans HCQ was a possible treatment. At the time it was approved with an “EUA” by the FDA. He was right. The newspaper headline read “He’s not a doctor! He’s going to kill us all!”  I remember it like it was yesterday.

Fast forward to 2023. The lies are unraveling.

The FDA would cancel its EUA for HCQ only TWO MONTHS after Trump recommended it, with no explanation Continue reading “Everything They Told You Was A Lie”

Joe Biden is a Criminal

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Good morning!

And what a beautiful new day it is! Today’s article comes from my answers on the site Quora. The topic was why do people hate Donald Trump, an eternal question that could be asked and answered in many forms, which I couldn’t resist. I’m a big Trump fan.

So here we go, into Quora land … see you on the other side!

Original question: People say the U.S. Government has brainwashed the public against Trump, others say that Trump has brainwashed the public against the U.S. Government. Both sides of the spectrum are highly polarized. My question is where is the middle ground?

Good question!

Democrats took out the middle ground when they embraced communism, explicitly in college settings to trickle down over the years, when they installed, especially during Obama’s administration, judges, DAs and AGs throughout the country who were not only Democrats but who were controllable, agreeable and willing to be corrupt, and when they created censorship through “partisan” “friendships” with major corporations and major online players like YouTube. Through the money-fueled corporate channel, often with taxpayer dollars, the Democratic party convinced many major news media outlets Continue reading “Joe Biden is a Criminal”

From Twitter to Sinister, a Destiny of Death

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Is it time to “cancel” Twitter?
Is it making your life better in any way?
Who’s in charge here?

Are you sick of rich people using YOU to create their wealth?
Youtube did it; they didn’t need to upload a single video.
Google Earth was drawn entirely by users.
And Twitter won’t survive without us.

We may not own Twitter, but we ARE Twitter.

Musk gives bigoted control to CEO Yaccarino.
Who’s she? She has control over what YOU say and think.
She thinks she can reinvent freedom, to suit herself.
Musk won’t stop her. He doesn’t care.

Elon Musk has no intention of improving Twitter for users.
He changed the name to “X,” and now he’s playing with blocking. Continue reading “From Twitter to Sinister, a Destiny of Death”

The View is a Mess

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My version of “just minding my own business” always includes criticizing people! That’s because the people are “in my business!”

It can be anybody, almost. Foremost in my mind are Whoopi and her evil friend Joy, the “View” hostesses that make everyone’s day a little more  … fantastic!

These are people who live in a fantasy, and expertly act out reality to entertain stay-at-home folks who want to know what the heck’s going on! Back in the day it was General Hospital and soap operas with lots of soap commercials, but entertainment and “news” officially merged some time in the 80’s, when “Entertainment Tonight” was a new show.

Wikipedia tells us “In its early years from its 1981 inception, Entertainment Tonight – following a local newscast-style format – consisted primarily of coverage of the latest movies, music and television releases and projects.” Continue reading “The View is a Mess”

Kitty Tossing Contest

a cat in a bowl shaped like a fish with an apple

The 2023 Kitty Tossing Contest Rules have been released!

Welcome | Willkommen | Bienvenue

Welcome to the 2023 Kitty Tossing Contest! We strive to entertain and provide a forum for kitties and their humans to show off their skills!

The Kitty Tossing Board of Directors has proposed the following rules. The board has established a “kitty kitty,” whereby winnings are held in escrow until Continue reading “Kitty Tossing Contest”

Three Originals by Mark

Three originals by Mark Urso
(just some fun stuff from me!)
Lyrics are below also

Like A Top
Love From a Distance
Burnt Bridge

Like a Top – Mark Urso

She still spins around!
Like she’s gonna be comin’ off the ground
Like a top in a world of sound
Can’t stop can’t flop can’t drop be bop

She goes ’round like a wheel
Spinnin’ like the world is on her heel Continue reading “Three Originals by Mark”

Fetterman Speaks

Pennsylvania, please know you did have another candidate on the ballot, a man many voted for, named Mehmet Oz. And yeah, compared to the man who apparently won the seat in the US Senate, one of the most powerful positions in the world, Oz was a total, wicked wizard!

It will now become normal for politicians in the highest offices to wear whatever rags and dirty sweats they happen to have on when appearing with, for example, the (apparent) President of the United States. Normal for those stricken with serious mental illnesses Continue reading “Fetterman Speaks”

Governor McKee Can Still Suck My D!ck

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It appears I’m permanently suspended from Twitter.

Just in time for mainstream media to blitz American voters with lies and disinformation about pornography, voting and ethics. Just in time for them to drag President Trump, who’s loved by hundreds of millions of Americans, through deeper and deeper mud. Just in time for them to use the Trump nonsense to overshadow the reality, which is that Joe Biden has been definitively proven to be a traitor to the United States.

Your children are free to find books in their school libraries that show distinct pictures of oral sex, complete with all the body parts, and instructions Continue reading “Governor McKee Can Still Suck My D!ck”

Quora: The Quality of Popular Music

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Original question: How do the record executives decide what music is in demand? Do they give the public what they are wanting, or just play certain music and then say that it is what people want?

My Answer:

That’s a good question!

I think it would be pure speculation, whether they tried to guess what the public is wanting, or not. Your assertion they play music “then say that it is what people want” makes me chuckle.

I spent 25-years in radio. During my career, radio would make or break a song. It’s still important, and what I’ll tell you here is still valid.

The bottom line is, these three truths: There are great bands out there you’ll never hear about; there are mediocre-in-every-way artists who are pushed by labels and agencies who you’d THINK were the best Continue reading “Quora: The Quality of Popular Music”