New Words, and Old Ones with New Uses

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From the stupid is as stupid does book of wisdom …


… or Old Words with new importance!


This one’s easy. It took me a LONG time to figure out what it meant. In a nutshell, it’s someone who doesn’t agree with you. It can be about blueberries, and your standoff will be dramatic and important. You don’t belong in the raspberry forum if you talk about blueberries. “Troll” is a perfect representation of the illusion that opposing opinions are bad. It’s a sin, and that kind of thinking will drive us further down the rabbit hole.


A narcissist is someone who loves himself. They tend to be aggressive and passive, leaving victims in their wake with no apparent remorse, and with constantly dwindling friendships. Up until a few years-ago, this word was Continue reading “New Words, and Old Ones with New Uses”

The Milieu

just words

It’s the makings of a classic story about growing up. A group of young people get together. They’re determined to do something downright stupid, something bound to end badly. One of them, though, disagrees.

What a great setup! This could be a major motion picture!

The young person who disagrees is at odds with his peers. At first, he needs to test the waters, to see how his friends will react if he detracts.

They’re all great friends. They’ve been through many experiences together, good times and hard times. It’s a kinship. But a kinship is constantly tested like this. People don’t fall into line with friends and associates who agree with them in a neat and organized way. We fall more like leaves onto the grass. We look to the left, to the right, and that’s what have. We talk with the leaves close to us. They seem to be friendly … we become friends! There’s no organization to our social circles. It’s whoever attends that same yoga class as us; whoever is this new guy hired to go out on truck rolls with me in the field …

We live in a milieu.

We make the best of it.

We can’t deny this.

But for some reason, some people are trying to deny it. Empowered by little computers they call “phones”, some minority of us is emboldened to try and lead the group, though in the past they have had no voice.

They thrash out at us from their hiding places behind these phones, overdoing it in their enthusiasm. In the network, their pleas for justice and fairness wash upon everyone, friends, foes, perfect strangers. They feel no longer restricted, and use the forum generously, announcing every thought that comes to mind. Continue reading “The Milieu”