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Sugar Esker 2022
Recorded Thursday, July 28, 2022, Groton, CT

Two new songs – full set coming soon!

This is Sugar Band playing the annual Esker Point Beach concert in Groton, CT, with sand, kids, boats and dogs!

First up, a cover of Harry Styles’ popular “Watermelon Sugar.”

And here’s a classic from the disco era, “Boogie Oogie Oogie!”

Some Notes

The audio quality using this microphone (Rode Videomic Pro X) mounted on top of the video camera (Canon XA-30), a hundred feet from the band, it outstanding. Cheers to Jeff from SES Audio and Jim Moulton for making this sound so amazing. Through this $1000 microphone, with almost zero wind today, and courtesy of some very nice people all around me who didn’t talk too loud … what you hear is spectacularly spot-on what it sounded like from where I was standing. And from that far away, that’s some impressive outdoor-venue sound shaping.

Outstanding all around!

These videos will all be available in 1080 resolution on Rumble  – I’ll put up another video of the entire first set.

High resolution and headphone-worthy stuff! 🙂


Mark Urso

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