I Just Got Unbanned, Then Banned Again

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Once, when I was a young radical who liked to drink and drive (many years-ago), I got arrested in Stonington, CT, by two competent young police officers. I was held overnight and released.

One year later, also in Stonington, CT, and on the same road, and by the same two police officers, I was arrested again, charged with the same thing. It was the kind of score blowing the breath test you can brag about in AA Continue reading “I Just Got Unbanned, Then Banned Again”

And the Blind Shall See!

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I hadn’t been inspired to write, but then I bumped into a video of Russell Brand. He’s an off-color, long-haired eccentric host of blabber, but he makes sense. Brand’s appeal is edgy; he’s the opposite of stiff. A lot of people like him, though he can be brash, because he’s honest.

A lesson we can take to heart as our nation battles for a grip on reality is that it’s important to be able to admit you’re wrong. All of us can’t be right, and at some point all the mindless bickering must stop!

This is Brand talking about meeting Tucker Carlson. Continue reading “And the Blind Shall See!”

What Is Christo-Fascism? Are Progressives Picking The Wrong Fight?

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With the newly-invented term “Christo-fascist” progressives are poised to reveal themselves to American citizens with a clear and powerful insult to the majority’s core beliefs.


Say it out loud! It will be clear to every Christian who hears this phrase that the person who uttered it is insane, or a brainless follower looking to create conflict. Christo-fascist! I never thought I’d see an attempt to be trendy defy and destroy logic for the benefit of insult, while using the English language with no regard for the meaning of words. Continue reading “What Is Christo-Fascism? Are Progressives Picking The Wrong Fight?”

The Black Plume of Trust

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Do you trust the Government?  Trust worldwide is suffering, as the US Biden administration has made transparency non-existent, while we watch mysterious balloons being shot down and the so-called President is AWOL on the subject. While we hear the FBI found sensitive documents after they allowed Biden’s personal lawyer to search and conclude there weren’t any.

While we evacuate our homes under fear of death while a black plume of smoke rises from the Ohio/Pennsylvania border, Continue reading “The Black Plume of Trust”

How the Internet Twists Reality

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Who are your friends?

It’s a question that should be asked again, now the Internet is underway and mankind has morphed around its powers, twisting bodies into huddled, comfortable little blobs that love to interconnect by cyberchat. Who are we connecting with?

Now we don’t, though, just align with people on the Internet, we align with groups, causes. And even though a world of information is immediately available, we don’t need more than a meme to make important choices. Continue reading “How the Internet Twists Reality”

A Sunday Night with Kari Lake

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One-time Governor candidate Kari Lake roused supporters and discussed her election, during a “Save Arizona” rally Sunday night at the Orange Tree Golf Club in Scottsdale.

Wearing a red dress and sans podium, Lake spoke before a full house of several hundred supporters with just a microphone. The evening felt intimate, sometimes awkward, and far from rowdy, though Lake isn’t shy to speak her mind. At times it felt like the former news reporter is over her head, pressing issues that have been fumbled by the best, but willfully and fearlessly like there’s no tomorrow.

I am not backing down, not one damn inch!  We have amazing attorneys. One is an army veteran and one is a former Navy Seal! Those guys have a steel spine and they’re not afraid of anything and they’re patriots, and I thank God for them every day.” Continue reading “A Sunday Night with Kari Lake”

Turning Laziness into Blame for Vaccine Jabs, While Mastering Ignorance

A new article published by a website for women takes gaslighting to a new level, adding layer upon layer of blame while sounding like they’re spewing holy water upon those lucky enough to be reading.

The article, “They knew: why didn’t the unvaccinated do more to warn us?” appears today on the site iqfy.com, with no author or date. It’s a hugely controversial take on vaccines and health, aiming blame at the unvaccinated for “not warning us.” The comment section, when I viewed the article, Jan. 25, 2022 at 12:20 AM, went on forever, until admins turned off commenting completely.

Comments criticizing them for not listening.

What follows is a reprint of the article, and the comments.

Because the Internet is forever.

This article’s history points to someone named Alessandro Siani from the University of Portsmouth as its possible author. The site, while filled with lots of important-sounding words, is all fluffy pieces, Continue reading “Turning Laziness into Blame for Vaccine Jabs, While Mastering Ignorance”

It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Genocide

I didn’t make this video, and don’t have much to say about it. It’s a funny video that focuses on a deadly issue. Comedy about illness.

That may sound bad, but it’s not.

As social creatures, humans listen gladly to jokes, and often derive meaning from them. It can be a way to really send home a message. This video, “It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Genocide,” is the modern version of a radio hit from the 60’s, the “I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-to-Die Rag,” which protested the war in Vietnam with lines like “Be the first one on the block to have your boy come home in a box!” Continue reading “It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Genocide”

Following the Fiddler to the Voting Booth

The overturning of Roe vs. Wade has had a powerful effect on elections held since, with stubborn,  naive voters isolating an issue they don’t understand, posing as virtuous, in favor of “women’s rights.”

Imagine, had the federal government, instead of giving up authority (as was appropriate), decided to impose strict limits on abortion nationwide, the public posers on this issue would have less freedom, less rights and less accessibility to change what they disagree with. With states being in charge, if a state imposed limits you disagree with, you have much better accessibility and voice to express your feelings and effect change. This is basic to all legislation in the US that doesn’t deal with international matters – it was simply an oddball Roe existed in the first place, and it was appropriate to change Continue reading “Following the Fiddler to the Voting Booth”

The Monster That Is Government Spending

I don’t think people really absorb the concept of 1.7 trillion dollars. It’s way too much for helping other countries while we have plenty of real issues at home. Congress this week passed a four-THOUSAND-page, $1,700,000,000,000.00 bill that one congressman voting “yay” admitted he didn’t read, and many said they weren’t given time to read, as it was purposefully pushed through too quickly by Nancy Pelosi as a deliberate swan song “crunch” in the few remaining days before Christmas. Despite there is no accountability, no logic, and we can not afford it. Whatever it is. At four-thousand pages, it would take weeks to scrutinize. Congress no longer bothers. They have interns read these novels, then fill them in.

US government is spending to support border security in countries on the other side of the globe, while millions of illegal aliens have entered unhindered through our southern border, an “issue” that either doesn’t exist (depending on how gullible you are), or is “under control,” Continue reading “The Monster That Is Government Spending”

The Blindness

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What would a liberal do if the US government took away everyone’s guns, but the criminals all kept their illegal guns, and crime went on a surge? After all, it makes perfect sense.

Do people live in logical blindness?

It’s human nature to ignore, deflect and deny. Missing ingredients that would promote better logical thinking include open-minded discussion and less wishful thinking gone wild. In a world where everyone gets a trophy, wishful thinking and logic are on a collision course!

Breitbart News: “3 People, Including 2 Officers, Shot Dead in Stringently Gun-Controlled Australia” – an article which explains how difficult it is Continue reading “The Blindness”

The New Twitter: Who are the Real Losers?

Have Republican voters been disenfranchised?

Many observers of races in Pennsylvania and Arizona would say yes, suspecting widespread organized cheating by Democrat government officials. If Democrats are cheating, one might say Republican voters have been ripped off, some standing in line for hours to vote for Kari Lake, only to finally give up when they were told all the machines were broken and they had to wait MORE hours. Votes that disappear while you’re watching the count – happens only to the GOP candidate, a phenomenon that started with the Biden vs. Trump election.

The come-from-behind-win after days, even weeks of “counting” never goes to a Republican.

Disappearing votes seems to be a clear ripoff, and the opposite of the traditional election-season advice “every vote counts!” They’ll tell us a single vote could make a difference, then in Arizona officials admitted Continue reading “The New Twitter: Who are the Real Losers?”

Compassion for Tradition

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If all the other kids decided to jump in a lake, would you?

This question has a new life. A new beginning!

It’s a pertinent question amidst today’s language confusion. While rogue citizens continually make adjustments to our language, and we politely follow along, what they’re changing isn’t random at all.

The most glaringly obvious example: Sex.

Sex is a biological attribute. One definition: “two main categories (male and female) into which humans and most other living things are divided.” The Canadian Institutes of Health Research tells us “‘sex’ and ‘gender’ are often used interchangeably, despite having different meanings.” But for some reason, starting 10-15 years-ago, schools and teachers began to adopt new rules, as if afraid of the word “sex.” Continue reading “Compassion for Tradition”