About Me … Why Not? (or, Nothing Pun Going On Here!)

You might be better off not reading this.

It was written by an expert in reverse-psychology, and you, even the most staunch, ruthlessly-skeptical readers, will probably be easily swept in by his clever techniques. You’re probably not smart enough to keep up. Therefore, it is strongly recommended you stop reading here.

Let The Pun Begin

You might wonder why I call my blog “Nothing.”

I might say it’s a topic I’m deeply familiar with!

Nothing Explained (a Poem)

Now here’s something! A poem!
I wanted to point that out because it’s not very good!

Stop reading here if you don’t like poetry.
Personally, I wouldn’t read it.

I Think We’re Alone Now

As a publisher, if you’re surprised how tedious the processes of marketing and advertising are …

If you don’t want to waste your time, the odds have you, not reading, not even this far!

We beat the odds! Whew!

That Wasn’t Good At All

I think about the Steve Martin character in the movie “The Jerk,” a down-in-the-dumps-but-hopeful guy who celebrates by dancing when his name is published … in the phone book!  Before that, he was nobody!

It’s easy to be nobody!

Now Get Lost!

Nothing is the feeling of being K-invisible!

Many of the books flooding the Kindle catalog don’t belong in any store. Which might seem not-important …. except the junk acts like a deep, dark forest hiding the good stuff!

Nothing is everything, even good content, if it doesn’t have a wagon to ride to town on.

This is Going Nowhere

Mostly I named the site “Nothing” for the play on words, and the reverse-psychology opportunity! Do NOT tell anyone this information! There’s no reason to make a big fuss with all your friends about what amounts to Nothing! Keep it quiet!

These days all the good bait’s taken; but “nothing” was avaiable! I thought it could be a gold mine of deep, speculative thought and theory!

Nothing makes fun of “Everything Theory.” In the sense of “they say everything, I say nothing,” it’s my way of saying I’m a skeptic. One of the big things that’s part of everything theory is the black hole. It’s irresistable to me to view current everything theory as dominated by huge, powerful masses of nothing! Real or not, it’s “not” very satisfying!

“Nothing” is my way of asking, please  … If anyone ever asks “Hey, you didn’t read that article …” … promise you’ll mention you didn’t read this one!

I guess nothing is a lot of things!

It may be fabulously creative, or a flop, but it’s a little more than just a stab at reverse-psychology.



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  1. Mark:

    Thanks for your offer to look into helping me with Amazon,. I think I found a good fit but wanted to reach out and thank you and wish you a Happy New Year. Best regards and thanks again, mike

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