Loaf of Bread

Loaf of Bread
(a poem)

Sliced bread ain’t that great
Certainly not the best thing I ever ate
Please allow me to elucidate
I know somethin’ better!

When she walks in the room I turn to butter
Better than just about anything ever
No loaf of bread could come near looking better
Especially when she’s in her white sweater

So she’s out in the sun and she’s perfectly toasted
And if I had some jelly and some coffee I roasted
We could clean up the cupboards and toss out the rotted
We could run on the beach ’till we’re totally wasted

A slice of sushi maybe can
A jar of pickles might sooth a fan
But a slice of bread pales in comparison
I just know there’s somethin’ better!

Even the sunset, just me and my girl
Like watching the wheels of a wagon whirl
As the night comes around we’ll silently twirl
Thinking about when I met her

There is no loaf so fluffy
Nor a knife so sharp
We may be overstating things
A slice of life will win my heart

Fluffernutter peanut butter
A grilled cheese of perfection
It’s still a waste of time for me
When I’m goin’ in another direction

No friends, sliced bread ain’t what’s it’s made out to be
It’s just a big conspiracy
So come along and see it my way
We’ll find the best things in life every day!


Mark Urso

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