Save on Electricity and Natural Gas

High costs for fuel and electricity may be here for a long time.

This article will focus on one of my specialties, electricity pricing! It’s a business I got involved with a dozen years-ago. Today I’m focused only on commercial  accounts. Savings can be substantial.

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If you don’t currently have an energy supplier (or even if you do), please consider having me get you some (multiple) competitive quotes for electricity and natural gas. I have a matrix of suppliers licensed in almost every US state. There’s no cost or obligation. Now seems like a great time to look at options.

It’s a one step process to submit your bill information into the system and start getting multiple quotes. You won’t get contacted by ANYONE else but me. I’ve helped large accounts (factories) save thousands every month off the default electric supply rate. I work through Mantis (formerly Emex) with pros who understand electricity pricing, contracting and forecasting as well as very technical specifics for large facilities. We also price natural gas.

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We will see if there’s a savings, and compare. The tradeoff is usually length of contract against price. Contracts are typically for 1-3 years. Usually contracts offer immediate savings, and (typically) default rates (“rate to compare”) are changed only once every six months. Let me know if I can be of assistance!

Most businesses the size of a factory have been pricing electricity for many years. It’s only become more available and talked-about as states have opened residential pricing to competitive suppliers, but the savings is most impressive with high-usage accounts. Large companies like Google and Wal-Mart actually have a division that’s their very own energy supplier; they’re licensed to buy and sell directly from the ticker! It’s a forecasting game like the traditional stock market, and contracts for future electricity are bought and sold.

While I was, at one time, an agent with many different companies, toured their facilities and got very involved, now I work exclusively with Mantis, which is a clearinghouse for pricing from multiple suppliers, so I don’t need to learn all the paperwork and meet all the players at a dozen companies; but I can have access to anyone I need, at any time, for the contracts I’m working on!

Great examples of high electricity users:

  • Manufacturing, factories
  • Heating-, lighting-, refrigeration-heavy companies
  • Hot yoga studios, pottery, auto service, marinas
  • Restaurants and fast food, retail
  • Stadiums and entertainment, hotels, ski resorts
  • Business campuses and hi-rises
  • Radio and television stations
  • High schools and colleges
  • 24-hour businesses
  • Health care and all-inclusive facilities
  • Municipal/public places, battery-charging facilities
  • Large hadron colliders, particle accelerators
  • Spaceship construction and planetary domination

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