News Interruption!

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News reporting is like customer service; sometimes good things happen, but no-one says anything. There’s good reasons why.

Even more likely; bad things are avoided or solved, and with the solution the impact and newsiness of the story fades away, either no longer interesting, a story that never developed, or a dog with a missing tail.

The dog’s tail disappears easily in the world of customer service. When I was a customer service manager Continue reading “News Interruption!”

Murso’s Maxim

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Say “Goodbye” to “Moore’s Law” … and “Hello!” to “Murso’s Maxim!”

Moore predicted, back in the 60s and 70s, computers and small chips would grow stronger at an alarming rate, which has proven true … but it couldn’t go on forever.

We’re at a plateau with high quality computer and electronics Continue reading “Murso’s Maxim”