In Memory of Elizabeth Reed, The Troublemakers

In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
The Troublemakers
Mystic, CT, July 5, 2020

This band proves trouble can be a lot of fun! The biggest trouble is caused near the end, when a hell of a slick red, white and blue double-drummer double-solo pops up out of nowhere! This song has its own soul, I think, living in so many of us from our younger years. It was always my favorite from the ABB. This music video should be all the trouble you need today!

Canon XA-30 video camera

Rode on-camera Videomic X microphone

Ronnie Lewis – “Red White” Drums, Vocal
Don “DC” Culp – “And Blue” Drums
Bill Light – Guitar
Mike Palazzolo – Bass
Paul Sauvageau – Keys

Have a wonderful day!


Mark Urso

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