A Song is Born (Songwriting Session)

Here is a song being born. I’ll do something more with this melody. We came up with three parts (that I can derive from this workout), and I’m sure I’ve got some lyrics lying around somewhere!

I usually write songs words-first, so it’s fun to just play with melodies and come up with fun-sounding things, musically, first, then deal with the words.

This video happened after our drummer left and Continue reading “A Song is Born (Songwriting Session)”

Testing: Rode Stereo Videomic X

It’s probably best to listen to the video below with headphones or big speakers to get an idea of the Videomic X’s sound; out of small speakers the mix sounds thin – I did not add any compression to the file – this is a raw video file out of a Canon XA-30 camcorder with a a Rode stereo “Videomic X” via XLR to mini-XLR cables.

Camera audio inputs are set to “auto.” Next test with drums I’ll use the manual setting, which, on this camera still provides some Auto Gain Control but I imagine might sound less severe. Continue reading “Testing: Rode Stereo Videomic X”