Loaf of Bread

free poem

Loaf of Bread
(a poem)

Sliced bread ain’t that great
Certainly not the best thing I ever ate
Please allow me to elucidate
I know somethin’ better!

When she walks in the room I turn to butter
Better than just about anything ever
No loaf of bread could come near looking better
Especially when she’s in her white sweater

So she’s out in the sun and she’s perfectly toasted
And if I had some jelly and some coffee I roasted
We could clean up the cupboards and toss out the rotted
And we could run on the beach ’till we’re totally wasted Continue reading “Loaf of Bread”

We Got Your Back (A Poem For 2021)

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We Got Your Back

The capitol’s surrounded by eight foot fences
But nobody’s sure what they’re defendin’
My mama taught me to double check my sources
I got all day and I’m gonna dance on the tension

This world’s spinning in a field of black holes
Up high in the mountains it’s as perfect as gold
The view on my horse and that settin’ sun
My freedom’s the glimmer off the side of my gun

We love you nature, yea, we got your back
All them fossil fuels coming out our smokestacks
Some people say we’re gonna stop spinnin’ soon!
I got all day and I’m just gonna try and be cool Continue reading “We Got Your Back (A Poem For 2021)”

I’m White! (a poem)

just words

A Lovely Poem
about being who I am

This won’t take too long!

White, heterosexual, Catholic and skinny!

It’s an ongoing project!

I’m white.
Stop telling me that’s bad.

I’m heterosexual.
Stop telling me I have a choice!

I’m Catholic.
Stop telling me lies about my own faith!

I’m skinny.
I eat anything I want.

So there.


… to be continued …

Mark Urso

I’m Worried About Terry! (Gun Control in America and The Right To Defend Yourself)

Gun Control In America and
How To Aim Too Far Left

I’m worried about Terry. I don’t know her, but I’ve heard about her, and I may have even played a role in what I think could become a problem for her! She doesn’t know about it, which is good. For now.

Proud to be Crazy

What happened was, Terry (born Thresa Meza, 71 y-o) is a Texas Democratic State Rep. … Say that three times fast … “Thresa Meza, Thresa Meza, Thresa Meza” … maybe that’s one of her problems. In any case, she does seem to have a problem on her hands. She’s concerned about burglars.

Terry (don’t make fun of her name anymore!) is an outstanding American. She’s concerned about burglars, not at her own home, but at YOUR home. She’s SO thoughtful, she’s not even concerned about YOU, in the event of a burglary, but she just wants to make sure the burglars are not hurt.

So she’s super nice, and virtuous.

Thresa Meza
Lezza biana thesbiana
You are my champiana …
Thraisey you hazy lazy daisy … Continue reading “I’m Worried About Terry! (Gun Control in America and The Right To Defend Yourself)”

Simple Guitar Tabs – Hurricane (Dylan)

I’ve greatly simplified this without changing any of the chords. This is intended for guitarists and other musicians, so it’s easy to glance at the music and see what you need to see, without any clutter.  I also re-align the word wraps, because the “poetic” pacing, the lyrics written in rhythm, are usually done incorrectly on the popular chord website “Ultimate Guitar,” making it much more difficult a task to play the song.

When I tried to submit chords for the Bob Dylan song “Isis” Continue reading “Simple Guitar Tabs – Hurricane (Dylan)”

Rollin’ (Newman) – Mark Urso

Rollin ‘                                       Newman                    Capo 2

I never drink in the afternoon                            D A7 D
I never drink alone                                                   D E A7
But I sure do like a drink or two                        D – F# Bm
When I get home!                                                     E A7 D Continue reading “Rollin’ (Newman) – Mark Urso”