Pop Star Casual Takes The Beach, Sugar at Esker Point, Groton, CT, 2022

I guarantee this will be the most fun you have today! Esker Point Beach, courtesy of the City of Groton, and this year it didn’t rain and Rickie showed up in her pajamas!

It’s what’s known in the industry as pop star casual. I like it.

I thought …

This day couldn’t get better!

But as you’ll see, it did!

It got better, and better, and after the hour which I recorded, the sun started to set and the temps settled to perfection … and it got even better.

Then it was over.

But no!

Sugar capped off the sunset show with an evocative, multi-layered encore that little by little just got …

better and better!

UGH. Uptown Funk! Da Doo Wa Da Doo Wa …


Pop star casual blends well with the sunset, on the beach of a thousand friends. Generations together, as the stage became overcrowded, in a good way, with people of all shapes and sizes. I saw mile-wide smiles on the little girls’ faces as they bounced toward heaven, waving their arms as if to say “this ain’t near from over!”


Thanks to MY friends :), Marcy, Rickie, Izzy and the amazing band, for showing up today for me. This was one of the greatest musical experiences I’ve ever had … and today I thought that more than once!

Much respect.


Mark Urso
Canon XA30 camera
Sound by SES Audio
PA provided by Jim Moulton
Rode Videomic Pro X

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