Slow Liberal Poison Starting to Take Effect

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People all around the world are being poisoned.

The criminals are clever, but lazy and passive, with no sense of identity. They will poison us without directly intending to, without understanding their involvement, even blaming the wrong guy. But the criminals themselves will also be poisoned, and their disconnection from reality is apparent in the way they seem to participate willingly.

It’s a mind game. No-one invented it, no-one’s in charge, and there are no rules. You may have already noticed some of the symptoms in your own mind.

We are being taught to hate each other. And we don’t even need to have a single conversation.

Your opponent, the devil’s best tool in this game, will be the media; if he gets his way, you will no longer know reality. Starting to sound familiar? Run with it! This game is real!

Running in Shifting Sands

The world is a conception we see and trust.

We trust it will be “normal” tomorrow, and it usually is.

The modern damaging tactic used by progressive forces, seeming united by modern connectivity, is to try to change reality to their liking, as random as their liking may be to the rest of us. They are manipulating the minds of people watching television and on the Internet to create preconceptions. Preconceptions do not need to be based on fact, but if they’re hammered into Continue reading “Slow Liberal Poison Starting to Take Effect”

It’s Time To Play Let’s Be Psychopaths

The View. and Only The View

Some of the loveliest liars on television have started a new contest, and you’re invited to play! It’s called “Let’s be Psychopaths,” and today’s guest will be …

Oh wait, the guest cancelled.

We’ll start the game very soon, promise! It’s courtesy of Joy and Happy and Whoopi and Sunshine and all the sweet ladies on the open-minded, fact-filled TV show called “The View,” a modern version of the traditional “news” show, with much smarter and stronger hosts than Ted Koppel could ever dream of being. Their names say it all.

I can’t believe the stupid guest canceled. What a jerk. Doesn’t he know how hard the ladies worked Continue reading “It’s Time To Play Let’s Be Psychopaths”