Would You Rather Be a Bunny (a poem)

Would you rather be a bunny
Just sniffin’ all around
Hoppin’ and chompin’
Listenin’ to the sounds

Just so soft and fluffy
You don’t even need to try
I can never tell
If you’re lookin’ me in the eye!

Would you rather be a fluffy bunny
Sittin’ in the breeze
Nibblin my grass
Chillin’ by the trees

I think I threw that bread out
This morning for the birds
But at sundown I got bunnies
Think I’m gonna get a herd

Would you rather be a bunny
Maybe have a little friend
And together as you nibble
You can wiggle your rear ends

I don’t know where happiness hides
Or if you gotta be smart
But sometimes when the sun goes down
I have a heavy heart

And then I think about my friends
Whoever they may be
The ones that never say a word
Are just fine with me

Will I be reincarnated
Will I come back at all
Can I just be a quiet little
Grass nibbling fluff ball?

I could hang out with the cat
And hop around the room
I could learn to make omelettes
With capers and mushrooms

I just want to have a use
Been sittin’ here all day
I got a cat but she’s aloof
She stays out of the way!

I think a bunny would be cool
They’re not very smart
I don’t need stimulation for my brain
But I could share my heart

Then again, and to be fair
These bunnies seem to come in pairs
I think I’ll get a couple then
You can’t have enough wigglin’ rear ends


Mark Urso

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