Playing With Death Counts, Mainstream Media’s Love For Lies

Donald Trump’s clear prevention of the COVID-19 crisis was upended by “mainstream media.” In April, 2020, Trump said HCQ was a cure. At the time, HCQ was an FDA-approved cure since 2019. It’s clear from published information, if people had simply listened to the President of the United States, in April, 2020, when he said HCQ was a cure, the whole thing would have been all over.

(Originally published on Quora (today) by Mark Urso.)

The Question

Why do certain groups of republicans reject medical science? What would they gain by lying about COVID-19?

I think the premise is faulty, although some people might reject medical science, regardless of their political preference.

I sometimes feel like I’m repeating the basics. I apologize, as this is never the reader’s fault. There is misdirection being actively used by mainstream media. They are not to be trusted. This is easy to confirm by simply veering off of mainstream media.

I’ll help you if you want to give it a try.

The Background

I was a reporter for 25-years. Today’s journalists at CBS, ABC, NBC and all the trusted sources (New York Times is a great example) have destroyed their own reputations. If it’s not easy to see now, it will become easier as time goes by. The hardest part of answering a question when it deals with the news is, I end up looking like the crazy person, because what’s going on is crazy.

Mostly, msm (mainstream media) is ignoring and deflecting, not outright lying. I’ll give you an EASY pathway to starting to see the truth, because it’s not laid out, it’s a mess. I’ll share a couple articles, which include links and references, and my blog is filled with over 500 articles, many about recent events. I try to see the whole story.

The Game

To answer your question, it’s not about republicans, not about liberals, not about partisan politics, nor can the current situation be put in any container. The end game is a long game and a long shot, but Continue reading “Playing With Death Counts, Mainstream Media’s Love For Lies”

Rand Paul vs George Stephanopoulos, The Zombie/Human Cage Match You’ve Been Waiting For, on ABC

From ABC News – Election Fraud is the Topic

Somehow ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos feels compelled to disagree with US Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), despite opposition from the majority of citizens. The number of US citizens who doubt the election was legitimate will inevitably only increase from this point forward, as the Biden administration continues to show its cards, falling on false promises, placing poorly-credentialed people (some real weirdos) in staff positions, flubbing in public and lying.

There are some people, like Biden’s own wife, who may be less invested (or maybe I’m wrong, I know!); some people in peripheral places who’ve been tagging along but aren’t passionate about the current situation … but the more invested people like Stephanopoulos get as time rolls by, the deeper he’ll get into this mud. He’s clearly driving the car. This is not normal journalism. But it is major mainstream media, ABC news, and it’s not pretty.

Paul: “Where you make a mistake … you immediately say everything’s a lie, instead of saying there’s two sides to everything. Historically what would happen is, if I said that I thought there was fraud, you would interview someone else who said there wasn’t; but now you insert yourself into the middle, and say the absolute fact is that everything I’m saying is a lie.” Continue reading “Rand Paul vs George Stephanopoulos, The Zombie/Human Cage Match You’ve Been Waiting For, on ABC”

The Future Is Bright, as I Head for a Nap

Yes, friends, the future is bright!

Please feel free to share this truth! It is as true as you want it to be. Despite the world around us, those who call us nuts, Iran, China and the aliens. More on universe-affairs in another post.

This is just a quick note, a reminder of what’s real.

Here. This is real!

“Never underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up.”
– Barack Obama

I’m looking forward to the short-term future.



Mark Urso

Make The World Go Away! How Joe Biden Will Always Win! By Cheating!

“Hey mom! What’s on TV!”

“The President!”

“Wow, great!”

“Well, make-believe son or daughter, don’t get TOO excited!
He’s fast asleep.”


“Yes, I’m afraid so, dear son or daughter. I’m sorry. But at least he’s not being cruel to the troops or lying to the world about chinavirus.”

“That’s true, mommy or daddy. I almost forgot.
The world is different now.”

Note: That video, above, appears to be a mock-up. That’s what someone told me on Twitter, and I think it’s true. It’s a fake. Isn’t it weird I had to check?

But the stuff below is, unfortunately, very real. Real real!

… And while make-believe families struggle to make sense of make-believe Presidents who are actually real-life dictators, Joe Biden gave another (different) speech while mostly awake. It was broadcast on YouTube. It got so many more downvotes versus upvotes YouTube has spent all day today Continue reading “Make The World Go Away! How Joe Biden Will Always Win! By Cheating!”

The Not So Distant Future Has Arrived, As We Fall With The New World Order

It used to be we had a little time before the future arrived.
But now, it’s too late!

The future still exists, but it’s anybody’s call, anybody’s game!

If Bonnie and Clyde were alive today (hey, why not?) they’d probably just go ahead and storm the Capitol and take over.

It’s easy! They let you right in!

So, it’ll be cowboys and Indians, sort of a combination of Dances With Wolves and Little House on the Prairie, with everyone and anyone making laws, breaking things … eh, whatever … OR a total dictatorship, more like the bad guys on Star Wars, but with a strong emphasis on questionable fashion choices, like The Hunger Games.

And this isn’t satire!

This might well be the most real news story you read today!

Getting Hungry?

Though Hunger Games, is technically a trilogy, there’s a little-known fourth episode the studios are currently fawning over, in which we follow the flight of a Mockingjay all the way from Iraq to Washington DC, where it’s captured and returned to Iraq, and subsequently set on fire, interweaving elements from the previous three episodes with Continue reading “The Not So Distant Future Has Arrived, As We Fall With The New World Order”

Propaganda Wins – A Deep Look at The New Swamp Creature

Welcome to the New World Order. It’s scheduled to be made official today. We’re all anxiously awaiting an event most Americans have come to doubt, if not shudder thinking about, if not despise … and it’s today! Justice is still waiting in the wings, and all day millions of American patriots who’ve been stolen from will be wondering if she can come out and play.

Maybe a surprise appearance.

It would have to be a very broad, clean sweep. A total washdown. This swamp is getting deeper Continue reading “Propaganda Wins – A Deep Look at The New Swamp Creature”

Melania Speaks – The Most Beautiful Post You’ll Ever See on My Blog

“Violence is never the answer, and will never be justified!”

“I have seen the faces of brave, young soldiers, who have told me with their pride in their eyes how much they love serving this country. To every service member, and to our incredible military families, you are heroes, and you will always be in my thoughts and prayers.”

The First Lady of the United States, the honorable Melania Trump, sent the world a message via video today.

Official Portrait

She talked about “Be Best,” Continue reading “Melania Speaks – The Most Beautiful Post You’ll Ever See on My Blog”

The King of News Speaks the Truth, Posting 2017 Inauguration Violence Footage

BLM and Antifa Violence in the Streets

This should kick some memories in.

While you’re watching, be careful if you’re leaning to the left.

This’ll make you fall over.

The whole “King of News” post from YouTube, including “read more” details and video footage, is below. It highlights the energy in 2017, which was freely allowed. Many who were arrested during this event and over the past four years, were protected and released by police. The treatment of the entire group of leftists, violent protesters, antifa and BLM scum has been the polar opposite of the treatment of conservative voters and protesters.

Today’s inauguration prep in Washington DC looks like a dictatorship. All we’d need is unfair treatment of the opposition and secretive behavior by the media.

Welcome to YouTube Mister King, and we wish you a long and fruitful Continue reading “The King of News Speaks the Truth, Posting 2017 Inauguration Violence Footage”

Attempted Coup Details Reveal Bad Actors

The Bad Coup

Remember in Austin Powers, how Doctor Evil pretended to be evil, but he was sort of a pushover? He loved his cat more than he wanted to really take over anything. And he enjoyed being in the limelight!

That happened in Washington, DC, for real!

It was earlier this month at the Capitol! But the violent insurrection went wildly wrong when some behind-the-scenes footage was released on the dangerous information-sharing venue known as “Twitter.” The platform’s irresponsible management has once again dropped the ball, letting this Continue reading “Attempted Coup Details Reveal Bad Actors”

The World in a Nutshell, as Gracefully as Possible

just words

The New Way to Read and Write

I write most days and read every day, to keep up with things.

But what are those things? At this point, I’m not sure at all. And I’m becoming less sure every morning, one day at a time. Why?

Because of reality!

No-one knows what it is any more! It’s a matter of how confident you are your interpretation of reality is accurate. We’re being consistently misdirected. A good citizen is a rat in an impossible maze.

Here’s some material we have to work with, Continue reading “The World in a Nutshell, as Gracefully as Possible”

Blackmail, Bring It All Back, Bring Me Your Cup (Music Videos)

The Bring It All Back Session

This was basically a practice session. Three songs I’m working on: Robert Palmer’s “Blackmail,” from Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley (debut, 1974), S Club’sBring it All Back (Debut, 1999) and UB40’s “Bring Me Your Cup” from 1993’s standout “Promises and Lies.

I was twelve when the Robert Palmer album came out! I was always an early adopter of cool stuff! The song “Blackmail” was written by Palmer and Lowell George; George would become one of my musical heroes! It was down and dirty disco rock, unabashed, surrounded by girls in short dresses – Continue reading “Blackmail, Bring It All Back, Bring Me Your Cup (Music Videos)”

What’s a King Doing in a Lion’s Den? Trump Roasts Hillary in 2016 in the Best Rerun of the Decade

Fire, Lions and Truth

President Donald Trump, while campaigning, was brutal in a 2016 roast of Hillary Clinton. His primary weapon was not humor. It was truth.

How have the relationships shifted? What colors have been shown in four years? Other than Maria Bartiromo, who appears in a slightly-too-“red” dress behind Trump, he’s surrounded by people who will betray him like snakes.

But Trump made the best of the night, as you’ll see in the video.

He digs in, saying Hillary is sitting here “pretending not to hate Catholics!”

“She knows the jokes, and all of the jokes were given to her in advance Continue reading “What’s a King Doing in a Lion’s Den? Trump Roasts Hillary in 2016 in the Best Rerun of the Decade”