Quick Video of a Trump Rally

This is Bullhead City, Arizona, today, Oct. 28, 2020

The President has 87-million followers on Twitter, and continues to actively use the service. When he posted the video below, it was easy to see Democrats have latched onto his account, to issue their opinions. The repetition was nearly offensive, as post after post of active yet unimaginative Twitter users, all cleverly ignoring violence Continue reading “Quick Video of a Trump Rally”

Maria Bartiromo Biden Family Scandal Video Primer With Congressman Jim Jordan

Maria Bartiromo

Fox News Oct 25, 2020 – Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan regarding emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop:

“They’re as real as they can be. We have the eyewitness, Mr. Bobulinski, who said these are authentic, these are real. The big guy in one of these emails does in fact mean Joe Biden, and he himself had spoke to former Vice President Continue reading “Maria Bartiromo Biden Family Scandal Video Primer With Congressman Jim Jordan”

Lockdowns: The American Economic System is Collapsing

just words

America’s economy is balancing on lockdowns and civil unrest, dangerously leaning toward more civil unrest and a world economy run by Russia and China. That’s according to a recent post by economist Martin Armstrong (Armstrong Economics), who runs a predictive technology software system nicknamed “Socrates.”

Researching The Past to Predict The Future

Socrates, whose realm is world economics, not international relations or civil rights, is warning there’s clearly a risk of rising civil unrest and Continue reading “Lockdowns: The American Economic System is Collapsing”

Trump Biden Debate Full Review

NASHVILLE, TN – There were actual players, saying honest things without cheap shots. The US Presidential debate went well tonight!

Who won? Not sure, but Biden did well, relatively speaking. I’d have to say Trump won, because he simply doesn’t keep repeating things, understands business, is sympathetic to patriotism and supports law and order, some of which subjects were not discussed tonight. But Trump was confident, and lowered his posture to any degree needed to keep everything cool. He breaks new ground in public impression-making every time he speaks. He learns quickly.

But is he the best man for the job? Continue reading “Trump Biden Debate Full Review”

Fighting Fluff With Fluff – Breaking News on Trump’s Colorful Past REVEALED

Does it seem unfair to you that the media has been writing scathing, bitter and even sometimes unfair articles (and especially headlines) on the topic of Donald Trump, while ignoring stories and presenting nothing but fluff when it comes to Joe Biden?

Coke is canceling 200 drink brands, according to CNN! Eh … not going to read that one … Oh, here! Google News lists all the important stuff, right? Here on the top – CBS is criticizing Trump for cutting an interview short! Well that makes him look like he’s evading reporters! Cool! Another at the top of the list from the Washington Post’s lavatory cleaning crew, who also write stories at night, telling us “Why Trump’s Endgame is to Rage at Lesley Stahl.” Eh, not going to read that one either, you have to log into this dirty rag and I just washed my hands, besides, who the hell is Lesley Stahl?

I don’t like the Washington Post. It’s mean. The paper is very biased against the President. If you’re interested in what’s wrong with journalism, the Washington Post is the BEST place to start. But they got two of the top headlines on Google News this morning, out of five in the top headlines box. Two others were from CNN, a tough competitor in the race for justice in reporting, using it’s powerful engine room of twisted zombies to flesh out the worst in daily hatred. One says Trump is Continue reading “Fighting Fluff With Fluff – Breaking News on Trump’s Colorful Past REVEALED”