The Art of the Lie Revisited

There are many ways to lie, and each will kick you in the ass as time goes by.

If you’ve been following politics, deep enough to hear differing points of view, you might suspect the Democratic party in the United States has mounted a campaign around upcoming elections based on intentionally lying. Bold-faced, without explanation, as if the crowd were entirely zombies.

While extreme liberals have already begun changing the meaning of words Continue reading “The Art of the Lie Revisited”

What the Devil Hates

just words

Strategy Time

We should all do what the devil hates!  We’re at war!

He’s annoying us, worrying us, more and more each day … him … the one we’re at war against.

To begin to see what he’s doing to us, we need to open our minds, because it’s an unconventional war. And if we can see what he’s doing to us, then the methods, instruments and weapons are revealed.

Otherwise, we sit here thinking we have no army; we’re not prepared for an unconventional war against Satan, an enemy that plays by no rules; we don’t know where we stand or what to do!

Should we organize?

Should we give up?

Should we wait until the devil makes his next move, then, again, as happens too frequently, feel ineffective, not even knowing if his small victories, bombings, deaths, twisting perception with lies … will have effects Continue reading “What the Devil Hates”

Now’s The Time To Lock in a Lower Electric Rate – Here’s How …

Electricity prices are going way up!

For example, in Rhode Island, prices will rise to 17.9 cents per kilowatt hour for residential customers, compared to last year’s rate of 10.9!

Please visit this matrix (my portal with Mantis) to see what kind of alternate supplier pricing is available.

There’s tons of news articles about this rate hike.

Mantis is a multiple-quote generation system and costs nothing to use. You WILL be able to find a lower rate from multiple suppliers. It’s the same electricity and same “delivery,” with the same customer service from the power company.

This can be done in ANY STATE. Continue reading “Now’s The Time To Lock in a Lower Electric Rate – Here’s How …”