Everything They Told You Was A Lie

There’s no easy way to say it.

It’s impossible for me to sound credible.

I have the entire US government against me.

Well, at least they’re sloppy, inconsistent and easy to disprove.

Donald Trump took office as US President in 2017. Soon he would hear about COVID, which would be “discovered” in the US in 2019, named and studied. The FDA would issue an “Emergency Use Authorization” for HCQ, officially recommending HCQ as a treatment for COVID, in 2019.  No problem.  Everything’s cool.

Trump stepped up to a podium in 2020 and told Americans HCQ was a possible treatment. At the time it was approved with an “EUA” by the FDA. He was right. The newspaper headline read “He’s not a doctor! He’s going to kill us all!”  I remember it like it was yesterday.

Fast forward to 2023. The lies are unraveling.

The FDA would cancel its EUA for HCQ only TWO MONTHS after Trump recommended it, with no explanation Continue reading “Everything They Told You Was A Lie”

Joe Biden is a Criminal

just words

Good morning!

And what a beautiful new day it is! Today’s article comes from my answers on the site Quora. The topic was why do people hate Donald Trump, an eternal question that could be asked and answered in many forms, which I couldn’t resist. I’m a big Trump fan.

So here we go, into Quora land … see you on the other side!

Original question: People say the U.S. Government has brainwashed the public against Trump, others say that Trump has brainwashed the public against the U.S. Government. Both sides of the spectrum are highly polarized. My question is where is the middle ground?

Good question!

Democrats took out the middle ground when they embraced communism, explicitly in college settings to trickle down over the years, when they installed, especially during Obama’s administration, judges, DAs and AGs throughout the country who were not only Democrats but who were controllable, agreeable and willing to be corrupt, and when they created censorship through “partisan” “friendships” with major corporations and major online players like YouTube. Through the money-fueled corporate channel, often with taxpayer dollars, the Democratic party convinced many major news media outlets Continue reading “Joe Biden is a Criminal”