Three Originals by Mark

Three originals by Mark Urso
(just some fun stuff from me!)
Lyrics are below also

Like A Top
Love From a Distance
Burnt Bridge

Like a Top – Mark Urso

She still spins around!
Like she’s gonna be comin’ off the ground
Like a top in a world of sound
Can’t stop can’t flop can’t drop be bop

She goes ’round like a wheel
Spinnin’ like the world is on her heel Continue reading “Three Originals by Mark”

Fetterman Speaks

Pennsylvania, please know you did have another candidate on the ballot, a man many voted for, named Mehmet Oz. And yeah, compared to the man who apparently won the seat in the US Senate, one of the most powerful positions in the world, Oz was a total, wicked wizard!

It will now become normal for politicians in the highest offices to wear whatever rags and dirty sweats they happen to have on when appearing with, for example, the (apparent) President of the United States. Normal for those stricken with serious mental illnesses Continue reading “Fetterman Speaks”

Governor McKee Can Still Suck My D!ck

just words

It appears I’m permanently suspended from Twitter.

Just in time for mainstream media to blitz American voters with lies and disinformation about pornography, voting and ethics. Just in time for them to drag President Trump, who’s loved by hundreds of millions of Americans, through deeper and deeper mud. Just in time for them to use the Trump nonsense to overshadow the reality, which is that Joe Biden has been definitively proven to be a traitor to the United States.

Your children are free to find books in their school libraries that show distinct pictures of oral sex, complete with all the body parts, and instructions Continue reading “Governor McKee Can Still Suck My D!ck”