Good New Article

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I’ve learned something about troubled young people. I spend more time these days on Quora, where I have an established audience for my mental health preachings. Before I speak in layman’s-statistics-style, I’ll be general.

Quora is a place anyone can ask a question, and anyone, showing their credentials, can answer. I spend time in the mental health section trying to help people. I’m 56, well experienced and self published, and I find it gratifying thinking I might help someone.

Quora, though, isn’t a cross section of young people, even though there are a lot of Continue reading “Good New Article”

Facebook’s Slow Death, and “YouEntertainment!”

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My friend got a call the other day. The guy said “Hi, I’m from Facebook, the advertising department.”
My friend was watching TV, but was intrigued, he said, so he muted the TV.

“Listen,” the Facebook guy said, “there’s a guy in Fredericton Maryland, named Jimmy Johnson … Jimmy needs you to look at his thing.”

“What?” my friend said … Continue reading “Facebook’s Slow Death, and “YouEntertainment!””

Cigarettes, Bipolar and Hunger Theory

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Cigarettes are clearly a hunger-related addiction, just like chocolate, coffee, sugar and salt. While this may sound, in the true style of addiction, like not a very big deal, messing with your “hunger system” is a big reason cigarettes earn the top of addiction’s totem pole.

The mind-bend doesn’t stop there, by far. The 4000 additives in cigarettes include Carbon Monoxide, Ammonia, Arsenic and Formaldehyde, and studies have shown smoking doubles your risk of depression. Continue reading “Cigarettes, Bipolar and Hunger Theory”