Jazzy Jam 02

This is what it sounds like when Brandon Raimondo and I play together. It happens often! This is totally ad-libbed. You’ll see Brandon at the beginning, then I just put the camera on my guitar and left it …

Brandon has great instincts, and most of the time I think he’s trying to figure out what I’m doing, and you’ll hear him invent really cool accompaniment on the spot. It’s really impressive, and makes me try to keep the momentum going!

This is unedited. Samsung smartphone, Beatbuddy drum pedal. 16:48
Brandon’s playing a Westerly, RI Guild D-25C (EAE amp); I’m playing an Enya X4 (Positive Grid amp).

You will hear the dog sing at some point. It’s impossible to avoid in a real, professional studio like mine! This is Pearl the Portuguese Water Dog’s debut!

Recorded May 21, 2023 at River Song Music, Westerly, RI

Below is the longer version, which I much prefer. I also suggest turning the volume up. Without compression this sounds very dynamic!

Have a wonderful day, friends!


Mark Urso

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