Get To The Garden (a poem)

I finally made it!
Here I am!
I wrote this song
In advance!

Been planning this move
Perfecting my groove
And I got so good
It’s all gonna go smooth

At the garden!
If it’s the last thing I do
At the garden
I want to serenade you

I can only imagine
The lights and the crowd
But I want so badly
For you to be proud

At the garden!
I’m finally here!
At the garden!
Couldn’t be better prepared!

There you are with that
Look in your eyes
There I am
And it’s no surprise!

I’ve done everything
I needed to do
Listened to songs
Gone shopping for shoes

At the garden!
I can stay up on stage
At the garden
‘Till the end of the dream!

Gonna be so good!
We’re gonna groove
With my excellent moves
Let me show you smooth!

We’ll go on a date
And I’ll ask you to wait
Then show up on the stage
Turn it into a rage!

At the garden!
It’s the end of the road
At the garden
The ultimate show!


Mark Urso

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