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Sugar Esker 2022
Recorded Thursday, July 28, 2022, Groton, CT

Two new songs – full set coming soon!

This is Sugar Band playing the annual Esker Point Beach concert in Groton, CT, with sand, kids, boats and dogs!

First up, a cover of Harry Styles’ popular “Watermelon Sugar.”
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Pop Star Casual Takes The Beach, Sugar at Esker Point, Groton, CT, 2022

I guarantee this will be the most fun you have today! Esker Point Beach, courtesy of the City of Groton, and this year it didn’t rain and Rickie showed up in her pajamas!

It’s what’s known in the industry as pop star casual. I like it.

I thought …

This day couldn’t get better!

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Rhode Island Energy Encourages Customers to Prepare Now for Significantly Higher Winter Electricity Supply Prices

The following press release from Rhode Island Energy proposes, from the horse’s mouth, your electricity and natural gas prices are going up in the next six months! It’s unusual for a utility company to make an announcement like that, which sounds like a warning.

Below the press release you can learn more about the option mentioned in the release, “choosing a supplier that’s right for you.” For businesses of any size, savings can be substantial, and I can lead you through the simple process. I have access to a wide matrix of different suppliers who are licensed to broker and contract prices in states throughout the country, and there’s no obligation or cost to get a list of quotes.

Despite summer rates being the lowest in years, escalating costs of natural gas will have major impact on electricity supply prices starting October 1

PROVIDENCE, RI (July 21, 2022) – While most Rhode Islanders use less electricity in the winter months, they likely won’t see a decrease in their monthly electric bills this winter as they may have noticed in the past. That’s because there are several ongoing market conditions that are impacting most sectors of the economy, including the rising cost of natural gas and other global economic events, which are driving up the price of electricity supply.

Rhode Island Energy delivers electricity to customers, but it doesn’t own the power plants where that electricity is generated. Customers can shop around and choose the electricity supplier that is right for them. If a customer chooses not to shop around for electricity supply, the company secures the energy supply customers need to power their homes and businesses and passes it on to customers at cost without any profit. That rate is called the Last Resort Service (LRS) rate.

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Save on Electricity and Natural Gas

High costs for fuel and electricity may be here for a long time.

This article will focus on one of my specialties, electricity pricing! It’s a business I got involved with a dozen years-ago. Today I’m focused only on commercial  accounts. Savings can be substantial.

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Enya EA-X4 Pro Carbon Fiber Guitar

Enya EA-X4 Pro Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitar

This review (w/video) of the EA-X4 Pro Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitar is intended for people somewhat familiar with the instrument. Still, I’ll go over the basic functions and features for those just hearing about this new product. I receive no compensation for my review. I picked this guitar up a couple weeks ago. It arrived from a USA origin within 4 days in very good shape. I changed the strings to Thomastik 10s, but otherwise it’s out of the box, requiring no adjustment.

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