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mark urso
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“Share The Moon” – The novel, Episode One, Aina’s Dreams

“Share The Moon” – The novel, Episode Two, Esteban Escobar (forthcoming)

me and a sealion
Her name is Erika.

“Nothing” – Everything Theory with a dose of honesty, this book questions Einstein to Trumps hunting elephants. (forthcoming)

“Share The Moon” – The companion music CD, featuring 15 songs, including 11 original compositions, performed by the author.

“Globe Of Time” – Another CD performed by the author. (forthcoming)

“A Candle Lit, Deconstructing Alcoholism” – Non-fiction, 248 pages. A modern and eye-opening therapeutic approach to alcoholism rehabilitation, with focus on accountability, curability and common experience.

picture of book“A Candle Lit” the audiobook, via iTunes, Amazon, Audible

ReXark Archival Recordings” – A 10-year project to create high-quality audio recordings of self-help convention podium speakers throughout North America.

Podium Perfection: Public Address Systems Demystified” – 100 pages. Avoid feedback, and the basics of how to run a PA system trouble-free. (Also available as a full-length DVD, “PA Systems For Small Groups.”)

Also see “Day One, The Beginning of Nothing” and “Shop.”

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