The Forest Is Bleeding (America 2020 101)

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A Good Look At Where We Are So Far

I could keep tossing out bits and pieces of evidence, fact, video, articles and insightful commentary, but it might be more helpful to talk about everything in perspective. The state of the union, by me.

America 2020 101

We’ve clearly divided into two camps so far.

I’ve discovered this by observing. While I comment on current affairs a lot, I observe ten times more. As a trained news reporter for 25-years, I find it natural to look for both sides of every story, and when I comment, I promise to Continue reading “The Forest Is Bleeding (America 2020 101)”

Twitter is The New News Media

Twitter offers, you might say, a lens into culture, personalities and current affairs. Most of your favorite people are on there, and most of the big players in current news stories have something to say, sometimes a lot!

There are articles, videos and opinions on Twitter you won’t see anywhere else! And, with President Trump leading the way, government officials would be negligent not to use the platform. While there are rules, there are few Continue reading “Twitter is The New News Media”

The Things I Learned In Life

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I’ve been very lucky to have a great family.

Most of who I am is based on the examples set, good times laughing about Monty Python, getting far too interested in who everyone’s dentist is, beaching it all day, all summer as kids, dinner every night at home with the whole family, the smiles and smirks, raised eyebrows and such …

It all adds up to a person!

I was lucky to be raised well. Sounds a bit like bragging; maybe that’s why people are reluctant to talk about how Continue reading “The Things I Learned In Life”

History 101: The Missing Pieces

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(the opportunity of America: to burn city hall)

Donald Trump represents America. What it is, what it’s been built into, it’s purpose, slogans, essence. His most awkward moves and missteps of the past reinforce what America represents; opportunity.

You think you know what opportunity is? Fairness? Freedom?

I challenge you to look at the whole picture. The world isn’t even hiding its prisons of innocents. In China, where we send all our hard-earned money, if you say something Continue reading “History 101: The Missing Pieces”

Jack Brewer Video – ‘YOU ARE A LIAR” Black NFL player SLAMs Dems for using blacks as “PROPS”

Jack Brewer (born January 8, 1979) is a former American football safety who played professionally in the National Football League (NFL) for the Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and the Arizona Cardinals. He attended Grapevine High School in Grapevine, Texas Continue reading “Jack Brewer Video – ‘YOU ARE A LIAR” Black NFL player SLAMs Dems for using blacks as “PROPS””

Joe Biden Gives “Class” a New Bottom

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It’s one thing to be at the bottom of your class.

It’s another to be at the bottom of your class and lie about it.

Joe Biden ran for president in 1988. Many may have forgotten, because he dropped out, because he lied too much.

And no, this is not a lie! That’s the entirety of comic relief I’ll provide; Joe can take it from here.

“The 1988 presidential campaign of Joe Biden, the longtime Democratic U.S. Senator from Delaware, began in June 1987. He was considered one of the potentially strongest candidates in the field. However, in September 1987, newspaper stories stated he had plagiarized a speech Continue reading “Joe Biden Gives “Class” a New Bottom”