Not For Sale!

I’m so glad we found each other! You have navigated well!

This is the shop, where elves produce products to please you.

You can redeem the love you have collected so far by exchanging American dollars through the built-in “Christmas-accredited” system of recognition and value (the commerce plug-in, created by more elves). At this time, the shop accepts payments through Paypal, which gladly works with any credit card, regardless of race, creed, religion, geography, favorite TV shows, or Paypal membership. Just click on things. You’ll get it.

By the way, thank you. The site is designed to make your experience seamless, while you still appear to bystanders to simply be reading a blog. You can shop in stealth mode for no extra cost for as long as you like!

Just pick a product or three, and off you go! 🙂