Family Man (a poem)

Family Man

As I sat on the train
I met an interesting man
Both on the same journey
To some exciting new land

I told him the story
Of how I grew up
Back roads and back woods
Where we ran with our pups

We were just getting started
On an adventurous roam
I was just getting started
At missing my home

I’ll tell ya straight out
Best I can
It’s my family, man!

There’s too much talkin’ ’bout drugs and war
Battling at home in our houses of straw
Grind some powder; make me my medicine
So I no longer feel like I just don’t fit in

The prairie dog’s pullin’ his very own tail
And the train master’s pulling hard on the wheel
We go spinnin’ in an ethereal world
The ticket is free and the scenery’s real

But the dog is a wild one he’s got no class
After all he’s just chasing his own ass
The alarm goes off as the train rounds the bend
We’re gaining-on passing-by home once again

I’ll tell you, my friend
So you understand
It’s my family, man!

Children in cages all day while we work
Molly’s writing an essay today about church
Out the window an owl cries on her perch
The train is far off in a continuous lurch

The conductor pulls harder the train starts on fire
We’re surrounded by wolves; the situation is dire!
The coyotes and the hyenas conspire
She’s really in trouble now, ridin’ a wire

Somebody tell me, please, where I can go
Which way is home, and all the people I know?
This free ticket doesn’t seem to go anywhere
And the prairie dog tells us we’re already here

I’ll tell you once more
My entire plan
It’s my family, man!

Smoke’s pouring out the belly of the beast
We don’t think it’s ever going to reach
We’re fit for walkin’ or whatever comes
Is there someone who knows which direction to go?

Circumference is never-ending
You’ll be walking ’till you’re dead
But you’d be cramped up with the kids and spouse
If you’d never left the house

It’s time to pause and take a breath
The tale is done, you failed the test
The train came to a crossroads, son
But you should never have gotten on

There’s only one rock
On which we can stand
You can choose to trust
In your fellow man

At the end of the day
It’s all mud and clay
While the train rumbles on
Through a prairie of sand

And the dirt in your yard
Feels so real in your hands
Always on my way home
So I can be with my clan

It’s my family, man!


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