Kitty Tossing Contest

a cat in a bowl shaped like a fish with an apple

The 2023 Kitty Tossing Contest Rules have been released!

Welcome | Willkommen | Bienvenue

Welcome to the 2023 Kitty Tossing Contest! We strive to entertain and provide a forum for kitties and their humans to show off their skills!

The Kitty Tossing Board of Directors has proposed the following rules. The board has established a “kitty kitty,” whereby winnings are held in escrow until Continue reading “Kitty Tossing Contest”

Three Originals by Mark

Three originals by Mark Urso
(just some fun stuff from me!)
Lyrics are below also

Like A Top
Love From a Distance
Burnt Bridge

Like a Top – Mark Urso

She still spins around!
Like she’s gonna be comin’ off the ground
Like a top in a world of sound
Can’t stop can’t flop can’t drop be bop

She goes ’round like a wheel
Spinnin’ like the world is on her heel Continue reading “Three Originals by Mark”

Mark Urso Releases “Stardust” on Friday!

Announcement time!

I’m proud to release my second CD, “Stardust,” a nice assortment of guitar-focused music, covering the usual suspects with a fresh approach; the Dead, Dylan, Patty Smyth, Randy Newman, Lowell George, and of course Hoagy Carmichael and Mitchell Parish!

Thanks to the inimitable Salvatore Fontana and guitar hero Brandon Raimondo, who join me for a couple trance inducing jazzy original compositions. I renovated Stardust, Continue reading “Mark Urso Releases “Stardust” on Friday!”

More Sugar

Sugar Esker 2022
Recorded Thursday, July 28, 2022, Groton, CT

Two new songs – full set coming soon!

This is Sugar Band playing the annual Esker Point Beach concert in Groton, CT, with sand, kids, boats and dogs!

First up, a cover of Harry Styles’ popular “Watermelon Sugar.”
Continue reading “More Sugar”

Pop Star Casual Takes The Beach, Sugar at Esker Point, Groton, CT, 2022

I guarantee this will be the most fun you have today! Esker Point Beach, courtesy of the City of Groton, and this year it didn’t rain and Rickie showed up in her pajamas!

It’s what’s known in the industry as pop star casual. I like it.

I thought …

This day couldn’t get better!

But as you’ll see, it did! Continue reading “Pop Star Casual Takes The Beach, Sugar at Esker Point, Groton, CT, 2022”

Enya EA-X4 Pro Carbon Fiber Guitar

Enya EA-X4 Pro Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitar

This review (w/video) of the EA-X4 Pro Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitar is intended for people somewhat familiar with the instrument. Still, I’ll go over the basic functions and features for those just hearing about this new product. I receive no compensation for my review. I picked this guitar up a couple weeks ago. It arrived from a USA origin within 4 days in very good shape. I changed the strings to Thomastik 10s, but otherwise it’s out of the box, requiring no adjustment.

A full video review is below. Continue reading “Enya EA-X4 Pro Carbon Fiber Guitar”