Following the Fiddler to the Voting Booth

The overturning of Roe vs. Wade has had a powerful effect on elections held since, with stubborn,  naive voters isolating an issue they don’t understand, posing as virtuous, in favor of “women’s rights.”

Imagine, had the federal government, instead of giving up authority (as was appropriate), decided to impose strict limits on abortion nationwide, the public posers on this issue would have less freedom, less rights and less accessibility to change what they disagree with. With states being in charge, if a state imposed limits you disagree with, you have much better accessibility and voice to express your feelings and effect change. This is basic to all legislation in the US that doesn’t deal with international matters – it was simply an oddball Roe existed in the first place, and it was appropriate to change decision-making, to give it entirely to individual states.

Assuming “rights have been lost” is assuming the federal government is a better place for laws about abortion, which is very probably false. If a state disallows a provision for abortion for a health emergency (now that they technically could) that would be extreme, and people would simply use normal avenues to appeal to the state, complaining as loud as they wish, having a very good chance of being heard, and changes made. Better than going through Congress!

“Rights have been lost” incorrectly assumes US Senator Big Shot will get on the phone with you as easily as Brian, your local State Rep. you see around town. It’s not going to happen. State government works, and is the right place for a vast bulk of within-US-borders-law.

Although these truths add up to “no big deal” on the dismissal of the oddball Roe, vast, promoted, virtue-posing, non-intellectual, propagandized, intentional misunderstanding of killing Roe resulted in ignorance acting like a drug dealer for the drama-inclined armchair quarterback to proudly claim to her fans she voted for the party that protects women’s rights.

This decision, made by liberal, well-meaning, trusting but naive woman nationwide, effects the other half of the population (150-million men), who will have to submit to being governed on manufacturing, education, other health issues and basically every law they live by, by Democrats. With emotional, shallow hordes of really nice people voting blindly for Democrats, at this point it’s whether you like it or not!

Ya get Democrats. For everything.

“I voted Democrat because that’s the party that honors women’s rights” is not only untrue, but sinfully irresponsible.

It’s like following a fiddler when you don’t realize the song is luring you to act thoughtlessly and irresponsibly, not understanding the song at all, then, in a rush of posing indulgence, doubling down and deciding this song is important to 300-million other people. Some of you are not understanding you didn’t lose any rights. Except, in some states, the “right” to be extremely promiscuous and substitute abortion for birth control. Borderline murder. That’s not most women; it’s very few; it’s not you (and you would probably gladly admit that)! States are now able to respond (where they couldn’t before) if clearly inappropriate statistics suggest some change is needed.

Are you following the fiddler? Consider being the fiddler yourself!

Most women may use birth control, but are probably not unwaveringly averse to deal with consequences if they get pregnant, having a baby (whether they keep it or give it to a caring family)!  In the US white Americans are the racial and ethnic majority, with non-Hispanic whites representing 57.8% of the population,” according to Wikipedia. Also, Christianity is the most prevalent religion in the United States. … of the entire US population about 63% is Christian (210 million).” The behavior of these groups of voting adult women does not support they are promiscuous!  Nevertheless, they vote for general governance, on all matters on all levels, based on not women’s rights, but tastelessly irreverent rights that (mostly) only effect the promiscuous and irresponsible. It really isn’t you!

Ultimately the issue, in many people’s eyes, may not be about women’s rights; but rather about murder. Late term abortions can be legislated (now, on a state level) and many people, both male and female, might feel this is a good thing. States have all the control.

All of us having avoided being aborted ourselves, arriving naturally and fully alive for a few spins around the sun, should we be stubborn in favor of a self-imagined “right” to casually commit abortion, dramatizing it and taking it personally if the “right” is slightly scrutinized? Is this our purview?

You don’t have to be religious to understand life is a miracle. Is the abortion question about women’s rights, or respect for nature and life? Believe in Him or not, you’ll probably wake up again tomorrow morning. Make a note, that wasn’t up to you!

Believe in Him or not, you are not Him!

Living in the US, imagine the entire world, and consider how much freedom you have, compared to many other nations, as a woman! Most laws (almost all made by state legislatures in the US) are not restrictive to your rights as a woman, but rather are generous, and promote fairness. Women have laws, imposed by the state, which increase their visibility, credibility and fair opportunity to compete in any field, often giving advantages exclusively to women. In a world with a one-world mentality, it would be like intentionally living in a vacuum to ignore the world view. You girls got it made.

It was never the trustworthy, predictable federal government giving you rights and protecting you from anything; that’s bubble thinking. It was a universally-heard-and-agreed consensus by citizens of the United States. It matters not if those same citizens vote in a state or federal election on issues concerning abortion; they’d vote the same way, wouldn’t they? They’d have similar abilities to have an effective voice; but the state level scenario can easily be viewed as offering much better opportunity to get access and effect change.

Truly, nothing is much different, except in some states you can’t be promiscuous and abort babies unless there’s a medical need, an “emergency.” States will legislate weeks-into-pregnancy regarding abortion. But there’s truly nothing for the normal, average woman, women who are not irresponsible extreme hormone sluts, that will change. There are easily available preventative pills and gadgets, even a pill you can take the “next morning.”

If a woman doesn’t want her baby, for example after a sexual assault, there are alternatives to abortion.

Exactly what rights have been taken away?

Mine. I’m a male. I have to listen to people who have no idea what they’re talking about, but who have soapboxes, tell me they’re voting Democrat because, though they’re merely well-meaning and not promiscuous, they’re certain the best candidate is the Democrat. That’s dangerous thinking, and I’m being kind. Any rights I may enjoy are now decided by Democrats. Does that make any sense? The non-thinking voter is taking away real freedom.

You are the engineer of your own virtue train following the fiddler, and we all have to live with the result. You don’t respect how lucky you are to be living in the US or how laws are managed in your own country; in favor of stubbornly taking a precious personal (but vapid) pose, you completely ignore the broad picture, the scope of what you’re talking about. Your train gets new members who also make no effort to understand any of it, because it “sounds good.”

It’s nice you have the freedom to vote, women! Please consider it more than posing. We all live here. There’s no reason to think you lost any freedoms; you should appreciate the strides we have made, and that you have the “right” to vote in general elections which are much bigger than one issue, and which can never be defined strictly upon party lines. If you think that way, you don’t even understand the freedoms and rights you already have, nor your responsibilities, and probably shouldn’t be expected to cast a thoughtful vote.

Your freedom requires some homework.

Don’t be afraid to change your tune if everyone else has the lyrics wrong. You’re not voting on a fiddler; you’re voting for an entire government. It’s not virtuous picking a Democrat because of Roe.

Be your own fiddler. Think for yourself. Be responsible.

Which leads me to a mostly logical final question …
“One can dream, can’t he?”


Mark Urso

Mark Urso is a former hippie who sees ideology today is divided not by political party or leaning, but by right versus wrong. A 1984 graduate of Boston College, Urso wrote news daily for 25-years, contributing stories regularly to AP, and hosted a live one-hour radio show with daily guests ranging from the annual cat show organizer to senators and celebrities. He can be found at Quora (3.8m views) and

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