Bitter Isn’t Better

Bitter isn’t better.

When you’re bitter, it takes twice as much energy to rise out of it, than to stay in it. I made that up. But it sounds good enough that I feel comfortable announcing I’m working on not one, but two new albums. These will follow-up my debut, Share the Moon, which got rave reviews from  oh, I don’t know who, but that sounds good, too! Frankly, the record showcases my singing, songwriting and guitar skills, but it’s a little bitter.

So, two scoops of fresh air and a little attitude adjustment later, here I am, announcing two records that are quite different, even from each other. I have really enjoyed writing some of the verse, and some of these don’t have music yet. I’m very fast, though, finishing. (Um, that didn’t sound good!) I mean these will get done!

Okay. So I have different moods. I try and sense what you like, and feel like I’m doing well with my newer stuff. I’ll do a video of Electric Iguana, freakin’ straight up disco, within the next few days. I’ve got some really good lyrics to accompany crazy thrashing, or deeply sexy and jazzy, but certainly funky, music. I’ve started to use drum backing as much as possible (in my newer videos) because it’s just so much better.

If you’ve ever tried to present a thing you’ve created, I’d like to suggest you put it in the absolutely most wonderful packaging you possibly can. It’s the approach to a beautiful creation, the driveway where lots of heavy opinions are tussling around in the minds of the interested fans approaching. I’ve improved my recordings, and even performing the same material, I’ve found a great song is simply lost in a bad recording.

So I’ll put my best microphone forward and leap into these projects with as much confidence as I can muster!

It might take more energy than my average recent output, averaged over time, me and my cat pouring through virtually dusty old text files, wanting to go dance (she’s very good!). So I’ll make it worth the energy by focusing on danceable tracks! I’ve assembled two records, a meaningful, all-acoustic one in the planning for awhile (Globe of Time); and the other is where I’ve been having tons of fun – songs with bells and whistles, drums and lots of energy (Electric Iguana)! The first, Globe of Time, will be my second CD, and is nearly complete.

Please feel free to comment. Here’s the workout so far. I’ll probably end up with 12-15 tracks on each CD.

And be that much better for it!

Peace out!

Globe of Time

Antique Blues
Bottles in the Air
Break and Bend
Globe of Time
My Cat
Hey Up There!
Fat Fish
Tangled Up In Blue – (cover)
Diamond Rare
C’mon To The Store
Fishin’ For a Kissin’
Half a Muffin
Little Miss Hagstrom
Fly To The Sun
Make it Linger

Electric Iguana

Love Song – (cover)
Rain King- (cover)
Electric Iguana
Don’t Squeeze Me That Way
Never Be as Cute
Doo Wop City
Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters- (cover)
Part of the Plan
Spaghetti Already
Bully Love
Field of Freedom
I’m Invisible
Philip Morris
Indian Sunset – (cover)
My Feet and My Mind
Learned to be a Man
New Song
Rumi Song
Green Grass Grows
Until We Can’t


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