Until We Can’t (A Poem)

Life’s a critical condition
At least in my head
Wake up falling in the air
Until … or if …
Until we’re dead!

Baby trooper in midstorm
Better be quiet or be torn
The goal is to simply land
Until … or if …
We hit the sand!

Bad guys guns and bombs
I know better; I feel strong
I want to win; I know I can
Until … or if …
Here comes the storm!

Every atom of myself
Cries for validation
But my soul is invisible
Until … or if …
I serve my nation!

And I want to tell my friends
And to save the world
To be remembered in the end
Until … or if …
I am reborn!

dragon flyingLots of … time to think
Maybe so, maybe shan’t
Maybe even … to believe
Until … or if …
Until we can’t!

Mark Urso

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