Then There Were the Blueberries

Jimmy B, Ellen O’C
We were living on the beach …
Sea, sand, walks so sweet and
Of course, the blueberries

You can throw a frisbee hard as you want
Into the wind
Like a boomerang it will float
Into your hand

But some things don’t come back to me
They can be hard won
You have to put in the effort
And that can be just as much fun

One day Jimmy says to me
I know this lady’s property …
We crawled there on our hands and knees
And then there were the blueberries

Funny the things in my memory
Life was so easy, but it’s hard to see
There’s a few things that jump out at me
The jukebox, my mom, the Preston Dairy

I remember when she said to me
As she handed me a nickel
You can pick any song you want
I had a burger and a pickle

But the best times in my life
Weren’t handed to me
Somehow it tastes a little bit better
When you steal the blueberries!


– Mark Urso

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