“A Pound Of Al-Anon Recovery” Audio Recording Bundle


These CDs are A-stock and would make a very special gift that will last for many years! The most highly-regarded Al-Anon speakers, recorded at local anniversaries and state and international conventions. I did all of the recording myself and can attest to the quality (I was a radio professional for 23 years)!


A BIG AFG bundle!

Great for commuting and gift giving!

For AFG, Al-Anon, Alateen, caregivers, Alcoholics Anonymous members and anyone else interested!

Not available elsewhere – I recorded these at conventions around North America and used pro gear all around; I even, unless I had to fly, provided the PA system, and when I didn’t provide the PA I always ended up operating it.

In short, I can assure you the quality is fantastic – forget about hum and buzz and generation-loss – I started my career as a convention recorder during the dawn of compact discs and avoided making cassette recordings because the quality suffers when they are duplicated.

These are fully digital, with perfect digital reproduction – yours sounds as perfect as the original.

Years ago, I had to order hundreds of CDs to get good duplication. I remember when the minimum went down for Nationwide Disc, where I used to have CDs produced, and they only required 75. These days I can order a single CD professionally-duplicated by Kunaki, and it’s still affordable; it’s quite amazing.

Well, that left me with many “spindled” piles of CDs. Since they don’t sell very fast, I created a multi-pack. This is a bundle of (approximately) 15 CDs, intended to be just under 16 ounces, allowing shipping First Class, which saves you money! Please share with your friends!

There’s also an AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) bundle.


Titles (approximate) – Rhode Island AFG Workshop (Annual Event) 2009, 2-CD Set; RI AFG Workshop 2008 Complete, 1-CD; Tiverton, RI “There Is Hope” 18th Anniversary; New Hampshire AFG 2009 State Convention (Area 43) Full 4-CD Set, includes Al-Anon and Alateen; Maine 2008 Camp Mechuwana State Convention, Complete, 2-CD Set; New Hampshire State AFG Convention 2006, Complete, 5-CD Set; Beverly B., Sobriety Under The Sun, Mexico 2009.

Peace and Gratitude!

  • Mark Urso


Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 3 in