“A Pound Of AA Recovery” Audio Recording Bundle


These CDs are A-stock and would make a great gift that will last for many years! The most highly-regarded AA speakers, recorded at anniversaries and state and international conventions. I did all of the recording myself and can attest to the quality (I was a radio professional for 23 years)!


Another BIG bundle!

For Alcoholics Anonymous – those interested, members, caregivers, AFG and related interests – a great CD bundle here!

Not available elsewhere – I recorded these at conventions around North America and used pro gear all around; I even, unless I had to fly, provided the PA system, and when I didn’t provide the PA I always ended up operating it.

In short, I can assure you the quality is fantastic – forget about hum and buzz and generation-loss – I started my career as a convention recorder during the dawn of compact discs and avoided making cassette recordings because the quality suffers when they are duplicated.

These are fully digital, with perfect digital reproduction – yours sounds as perfect as the original.

Years ago, I had to order hundreds of CDs to get good duplication. I remember when the minimum went down for Nationwide Disc, where I used to have CDs produced, and they only required 75. These days I can order a single CD professionally-duplicated by Kunaki, and it’s still affordable; it’s quite amazing.

Well, that left me with many “spindled” piles of CDs. Since they don’t sell very fast, I created a multi-pack. This is a bundle of (approximately) 15 CDs, intended to be just under 16 ounces, allowing shipping First Class, which saves you money! Please share with your friends!

There’s also an Al-Anon (AFG and Alateen) bundle.


Titles (approximate): Jack C., 2005; “Living Sober,” Richmond RI 2008; Mystic Monday Night CT 2009; Enders Island Mystic CT 2008; Fr. Tom W., Oakland, CA, Keynote, Mexico, 2010; NH 2008 Area 43 State Convention All 4 CDs, Complete; Ellen C., Al-Anon at AA Mexico, 2010; “Sobriety Under The Sun” Entire 2008 Event, 4-CDs; and Silver City Group, Taunton, MA 2005.

Peace and Gratitude!


Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 3 in