Tailor Made (A Poem)

I left my frisbee in your bushes, I’ll be back another time
I’ve been cruising somewhere near the Saratoga line
From my understanding, you’ll be doing fine
And I’ll always have my hometown memories in my mind

Pretty sure you had a big bash, I could see it from the sky
For just a little girl I’m not sure I understand why
You’re going to need an entourage, everywhere you go!
I dropped everything you know!

You haven’t exactly been accessible
And your appetite’s insatiable
Your mansion is historical
But you are still untouchable

Tailor made, I’ll call your bluff!
You don’t really look so tough
Give me a buzz if you find that disc
I know you’re really not that busy

I was standing on the roof and I saw the biggest storm
The waves were crashing down, on the seawall
A little boy and his dad running from the sea
In my memory your big house still belongs to me

I remember taking Billy’s Supra for a spin
And Emmet’s orange Pinto; The cops are still looking for him!
Sitting on the deck at the Narragansett Inn
You wouldn’t remember; you were just a glimmer

For me it’s all so clear!
The town’s doing well I hear
And it isn’t such a mystery
When I look at my history

Ice cream shops in sandals
People all around
See you at the carousel
Welcome to my town!

The hill is tailor-made for me
My little village on the sea
And if you could remember, please
I’m still looking for my lost frisbee

Mark Urso


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