Buy a Shotgun, Joe Biden (Music Video)

A Beautiful Song About Guns
by Glee’s Darrin Criss
and Make Believe President Joe Biden

Buy A Shotgun Song – ft. Biden & Darren Criss
901,529 views – Jun 30, 2020

Jimmy Fallon Also Made a Video

Our fact-checkers were almost spoofed by this next one, from the Fallon show on late night television. It looked so real! We were happy when we realized it was just a spoof, and not too bad, considering the quality of these spoof videos is increasing exponentially as comedians toss out their best bits before probably being jailed.

Finally, Time for a Slushy

After seeing these great fake videos, this day wouldn’t come to an end without me finding just one fun video that was just normal, real stuff. Something entertaining that’s real. Wouldn’t you know it! How about this video of a dragon shopping in a Thai 7-Eleven?

Not the kind of thing you see every day!

It’s titled “He just wanted some slushy, Giant monitor Lizard goes shopping at Thailand 7-11 store.”

1,702 views • Apr 8, 2021

EDIT – I saw this video missing (above) and found it was re-posted:

From the description: “On the eve of 6th April, Facebook user Jejene Narumpa shared a video of a large monitor lizard entering a 7-Eleven store in Bangkok to “shop” for milk, according to Amarin TV. The reptile was seen casually crawling towards the back of the store to where the packages of milk were stored on shelves, making people think that it was looking to add calcium to their diet. Turns out, after seeing the lizard clawing its way up to the top just to plop down and ignoring all the milk boxes falling to the floor, people concluded that the not-so-little troublemaker was simply trying to find a place to cool off from the summer heat.


Mark Urso


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