College Kids Need A Hobby (Or, Boy, Does America Like Its Guns!)

(Fairfax, VA) The US Census Bureau announced impressionable young people are available in greater numbers than usual. Many failed to show up for a recent march on the headquarters of the National Rifle Association (NRA) in Fairfax Saturday afternoon.

These young people, who probably learned in school that they should get involved in important causes, apparently didn’t get their invitations, or weren’t certain what they were supposed to do at the NRA rally. Regardless, there’s more of them available, looking for a cause, so if you have old people that need meals delivered to them, work done around their houses or yard work, those are just some ideas. These kids are able-bodied and ready to go. They need a cause!

Some of them will do whatever you tell them to. In case you need a window broken, for example, some of them are good at that!

When I was younger, it was easier to find a cause. The shooters would set up in a tower right in the middle of a college campus. It was really easy to see the problem, when a person standing next to you is taken out by a sniper, and the National Guard is taking over your school.

These days it’s hard to find a cause. The kids will do anything; they’ll break windows first, get on TV, maybe ask questions later.

If you’re 20-something, gun laws are simple: They’re fundamental to American society, embraced by law enforcement organizations, and protected by the Constitution.

It wasn’t so long ago, you longed for your driver’s licence, another privilege you enjoy without thinking about it more than a nap between classes, so you could operate a deadly weapon, a motor vehicle, the same deadly weapon used in France to mow down crowds by haters, killing 86 people.

Your privilege assumes you’ll be responsible with the vehicle.

So, do so! … amen!

Today Fox news covered a group of a dozen or so protesters who had gotten the idea they should stand in the middle of the street. At a glance, it wasn’t clear what they were doing there, but they were near the NRA headquarters. There were no broken windows or injuries. But there were a lot of comments!

When I was younger, news was simpler. There was a guy named Country Joe McDonald, who represented liberal vociferousness.

He didn’t do it with violence, didn’t break any windows, didn’t insult anybody. He didn’t cause a senseless riot. He even made a big number one hit out of his song, the “I Feel Like I’m Fixing To Die Rag.” With lines like “Be the first one on your block to have your boy come home in a box,” Joe was protesting the Vietnam War … by making people laugh.

No-one hated anyone as a result of it. No-one felt their voice wasn’t heard, either. Maybe these kids should go to poetry class.

Here’s Country Joe on Vietnam, one of the most controversial, world-viewed, tender issues the US and its government has ever faced. It was something to see, and I don’t mean to disrespect those ladies and gentlemen who served diligently.

But look at how …

He’s not breaking windows. He’s not looking pitiful, to embarrass himself and his cause. He has a soapbox, and he’s not abusing it. He represents the hippies and he’s one of them, not like Jane Fonda or the actresses and snotty suit-wearing Deniros who have no political experience, and have probably never even tried to break a window!

After the video, I’ll list comments that came after Fox posted on Facebook about today’s poorly-attended event.

Comments following mine poured in at a rate of 4,000 an hour … There’s a lot of gun rights advocates out there!

Salute! Country Joe, my friend!

At ease, kids!



The Facebook Fox Post

Post text: “In an event dubbed “March on NRA” the National Organization of Change, March for Our Lives, and other student gun control organizations plan to shut down the street in front of NRA headquarters.”

About 5-hours after the post, there were 20K Comments, 1.6K Shares, 441K Views. Mine was one of the first comments. It seemed like it was actually the first one, but I can’t confirm that, because Facebook shows everything differently to everyone!

The following list is partial – it is not possible to easily extract comments from Facebook, but for the high value of entertainment for those who don’t log in to Facebook, for whom the link above won’t get them in, I’m posting a decent, unedited chunk of the list.

The commenters like their guns!

Note, according to the Fox story, those gathered are “student gun control organizations.” Despite not being well organized, I’m sure the commenters actually like students in general – but maybe not ones who look lost, on camera, carrying banners that disrespect the same country that protects them and provides them the right to protest!

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Read on my friends!

Comments (A Partial, But Dizzying, List):

– begin list –

Mark Urso · 0:00 Is there a purpose, or are they just marching for general causeness … should I bring things to break windows?
I’m in favor of 2A, and I am renewing my NRA membership today. Thanks for reminding me!

Tommy D Man · 2:02 Lifetime member here. They’d do more good spending the time volunteering at homeless shelter or humane society.

Michael McLaughlin · 6:13 how come these people can block the road but if i cross the road outside the crosswalk or against a red light i will get a ticket for jaywalking

Nick Reeves · 19:42 Kind of funny how I would rather be at the lake with my boat and grandkids. And that’s exactly what I’m doing..Pathetic they don’t have anything better to do.???
All they’re doing is wasting their time.????

Kimberly Robinson · 2:43 They should be protesting outside pharmaceutical companies!! More people die from legal prescriptions than guns

Curt A. Hodapp · 5:35 Again, they do realise that this is a Saturday, right? The only ones in the offices could be security guards and cleaning staff, behind locked doors.

Lance Collier · 10:56 Do you notice most of these people look like the could not start a lawn mower. Its sad these folks have nothing better to do

Kathy Meeks-Myers · 6:21 If they shut down the street they should be arrested!!! They do not have that right and it needs to stop !!!

Steven Smith · 8:36 Not a March, but a gathering. I’ve had more people over at a BBQ lol.

Ken Baker · 32:34 That’s never fed a homeless person or a hungry child why don’t they do something that actually beneficial for someone

Melissa Louise Drake · 3:25 Hey cool. It’s a road course. No one is going to prevent me from driving down a street. They’re obstructing traffic.

James MacMurray · 2:10 How about the kids do something useful….get a job…move out of the parent’s house, and be a PRODUCTIVE member of society.

Marilyn Clark · 14:09 pity if one of them gets run over… i believe blocking roads and impeding emergency vehicles is a offense there isnt it

Danny Hobbs · 4:12 Just imagine if freedom was protected by water filled balloons How many would be here protesting today Bunch of ❄

Eli Celnik · 21:40 Wait? Is this all of them? Roflol some of there people don’t look like they can walk and chew gum at the same time.

Jim Fawcus · 11:08 Rent a mob, i wonder do they all have the same bookings in their diaries for the year, do they car share,, do they annoy their neighbours, do they hope to be on the news. More questions than answers ?

Joseph Hooge · 23:01 Water cannons , tazers , then real bullets and road graders. That will definitely clear these FOOLS off of public roads quickly

Dave McReynolds · 19:50 Let the arrests begin! Keep watching, the vandalism and property damage by these groups will start shortly!

JJ Johnston · 12:25 i think i process more orders a week as a grocery cashier than there are people at that rally currently

Linda Finney · 10:00 Cheryl they’re retarded, they did it in chicago 2 times in the last month , on two major thorough fairs and at rush hr..smdh. should all be arrested for that.

Joseph Green · 20:37 Hopefully an ambulance doesn’t need through and the patient dies, then they’ll all be arrested and charged.

Stephanie Freedom · 35:29 I can’t take this PROOF of how the American Education System and PARENTS have failed their kids…especially since I’m an educator.

Joe Esequiel Torres · 5:09 This is totally not necessary. Yes we do have a few that cause evil thing with guns, but so do other things we do everyday. I don’t hear ban cars after a drunk driver kills people. We only do it with guns ???

David Spears · 25:03 Let’s not forget that in 1966 Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School…. Pathetic people

Chip Phillip Coil · 33:24 I’m going out and buy a new AR47 TODAY. It’s going to be fully semiautomatic with a 50 bullet clipazine!

Nancy Ryan Hulse · 7:07 What a joke! ? hope the police decide to stay at their station, let’s see how it goes with no protection ?

Seth Farland III · 23:57 I’ve never seen a car crash itself . That’s why we have regulations to make sure our streets are safe and dangerous drivers eventually get their license revoked..

Roselene Korkos · 35:15 Look at me. Look at me. Look at all the attention I am getting Mommy ? never got all this attention in kindergarten ?

Raymond Brooks Jr. · 6:35 People do anything anymore like a lay on the couch on the Saturday and watch TV instead of going and protesting

Travis James Miller · 8:29 They are going after the wrong thing….geez let’s shut down all car manufatures because cars kill people.

Julie Ann Tumlin-Bledsoe · 3:00 My favorite pistol is right beside me behaving itself. I think I’ll be keeping it. It hasn’t ever shot anything but targets.

Tim Lee · 6:25 I wish I had the Pampers concession, because there are a lot of diaper changes needed at this event.

Robert Chambers · 13:20 Making it to where you force people t o stop and they can not proceed freely you have just committed kidnapping and can be prosecuted for this

Billy Bracken · 29:15 “Give a dog a rope long enough and it will hang itself.” What a collection of dumb chits

Claire Nadeau Hebert · 3:56 Anyobe who blocks traffic needs to be arrested. Soneone could die because an ambulance cant get thru. Arrest them all. Fools

Jacqueline Myers · 9:33 I keep my gun in my sealed metal container in my bedroom. It has yet to sneak out of it and go shoot anyone! I put a camera on it just to make sure! lol snowflakes ❄️

Cheryl Natriello · 20:54 Ok everybody huddle closer together so we look like we are a huge crowd. Why is this being covered? There are bigger crowds at a high school football game.


Ammy Bruno · 18:02 there are 1.3 million killed in car accidents each year are they going to want to ban cars next?

Marie Tomasini Henry · 12:54 All of these people should simply put on a shirt that say NVA,….National Victims Association

Roselene Korkos · 20:54 Make sure plenty of cameras are there. The useful idiots love cameras love so much attention like being in kindergarten. They never grew up.

John Cheek · 11:16 What ever happened to “impeeding the normal flow of traffic” law? Where are the cops? Get that riff raff out of there. Call in the “SCOOPS”!

Adam Jones · 9:08 OMG……. government protect my family because I’m not capable of doing it myself lol

Doug Deb Round · 35:11 Jonathan, we need to know what is going on.. Of course it needs coverage. How else will we know? Can we depend on regular news – it would spin this – for sure.

Vera Bell Collins · 24:01 Go to the range, fire off a few rounds, you’ll feel better and it’s a ton more fun than standing outside in the heat basically just looking at each other, lol lol

Chuck Erxleben · 7:33 This is a joke, there are a small group of people and half the other people are with news outlets like a picnic outing or something. People walking around like their lost at an amusement park. So Dumb, Go home People there’s no show here.

Selena Ervin · 3:56 There aren’t that many people there so why give them any attention ? I’m out. This is getting old.

Kevin Washington · 1:30 On a saturday.. when no one will be there or care. I guess these kids didnt wanna waste their summer vacation days..

Joann Rinear · 22:02 Let’s make it all look pretty for the cameras please. Pretty signs, now you stand here and you stand there. Get ready to turn over those orange signs.

Liza McCracken · 4:34 All I know is this….I feel sorry for the person/persons who decides to break into my house. I choose to shoot that criminal with my guns.

Pixy Moon Harmon · 6:24 Take away guns makes it easier to turn USA in to a failed socialist country…
Funny wonder how much violence will take place in their protest!

Chad Kennedy · 4:24 Lifetime member here – America will always be a 2nd amendment country. Plenty of antigun places youre welcome to reside in!

Judy Leighton · 4:01 Just shows you that our taxes go to support ignorant, lazy, worthless liberals who have no idea why they are protesting!

Marko Galbreath · 4:25 Would love to set of a firecracker in that group and just know their immediate thought would be, “where si the guy with a gun to save me?”

Kathy Meeks-Myers · 4:58 This should convince everyone with common sense to vote republican! Research the democrat history and see if you really want to be one

Revelyn Lonning · 7:53 They will all go home to their comfortable lives and feel really good about themselves,forgetting it is the Second Amendment and the Constitution that insures their comfortable lives.

Debbie Crutchfield · 29:01 Millions of babies have been killed by Planned Parenthood since abortion was legalized. Where is their outrage about that. The NRA hasn’t killed anyone. Outlaw guns and only criminals will have guns.

Rainbo Klein · 1:12:57 Not gonna happen. You can have MY gun when you pry it from my cold, dead, hands!! I’ll be the one laying on top of my Bible in a pool of brass shells.

Ernie Stewart · 1:38 Because protesting a gun SAFETY TRAINING organization makes sense ?

Davey Sims · 3:02 They say they don’t want guns, but how grateful they are when police show up with guns to defend them and our Military use guns to defend their freedoms!

Cornelius VanKempen · 4:24 I don’t see any “GUNS” walking around only a bunch of fruit loops that don’t even know how to properly handle guns. People Kill people.

Gwendolyn R Purifoy · 31:21 125 thousand unborn babies are killed in one day in the world! Do you dumbasses know how many people were killed today by guns?

Angela Wright · 10:23 NRA doesn’t endanger anyone’s life. Try protesting Planned Parenthood clinics where murder actually happens.

Chris Thomas · 18:17 So your protesting .. which is fine ..your free to … and where ever … but your doing in front of the NRA and we all know this Country was won by citizens being Armed with GUNS …. SMH….

Don Russell · 7:47 I see a protester with a sign tha says “American values are not the problem.” That’s very true. The right to keep and bear arms is definitely not the problem.

Tricia Arnold · 37:32 The ignorance of this feed! ?What a bunch of judgemental douchebags! It’s pretty bad that you care more about your guns than your kids shooting themselves or other.

Brenda Cook · 2:38 They need to be marching against those who purchase guns on the black market and then commit murder.

Amanda Dorrier · 2:57 I joined for the first time this year. Husband and son are life members. They aren’t going broke. They are actually having a surge in membership so keep on marching on NRA it is benefiting them greatly!!

Diane Brattain · 1:41 There are way more of us than the naysayers. Protect the 2nd amendment

Donald Sherman · 12:17 What a joke, this act is getting real tired. We get it you hate the second amendment. No one is listening to your bs anymore. Even the 9th circuit is siding with us!

Chris Royal · 7:20 The event today is proudly (yet discretely) brought to you by the Open Society Foundation. George Soros will be mailing your checks within the next 7 days

Jenny Surber Smith · 31:22 Proud Texas NRA Member and promises to recruit more members even if I have to pay their membership fees.

Tony L. Cummings · 12:29 What do you want to bet, that the police are there (with their guns) to make sure the event doesn’t get out of hand….

Sherry Varnes · 7:48 Sorry your upset maybe you should return back to your safezone! My second amendment rights doesnt need your permission!

Cecil Paul Lockhart · 6:58 That’s not a march. It’s just a gathering of poor misguided Fools. Wonder what fool organized and paid for it ? ?

Marion S Frank · 2:45 When you people figure out how to take guns out of the hands of criminals, I will be with you. Until then, go away.

John Isbell · 7:30 Apparently these people don’t believe in the right to self protection. It’s not too surprising considering that most people in this country no longer believe in the right to life.

RC Cusick · 25:23 Sending much love out to the NRA for helping us keep our rights! ? We all need to get money sent out to the NRA Institute for Legislative Action to help them out!

Shawn Bostock · 9:37 Follow the money 10 to one that goes to George Soros and isn’t the National Association for change the group that Barack Obama Started I’m not sure but I believe it is

Matt Amidan · 14:26 If you are calling for guns to be taken away because they kill people but you support planned parenthood you might be a libtard

Drew Walts · 18:04 I rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6! These people don’t understand that in most states they are protected not only by the police but by CCP gun owners.

Peter Celiberti · 23:28 Every protest against the NRA leads to more NRA members. Thanks protestors, for you help in recruiting for the NRA.

Lori Watkins · 18:27 The only thing that disrupting traffic shows is how stupid they are. If you want to make a difference try acting like a responsible member of society .. more people would listen to your message. Guess its not in you to use your brain because you don’t have one.

Jeanny McCracken Gilpin · 13:52 You can match all you want to, but you’re not taking away our 2nd amendment right and the NRA never killed one person- but a bunch of left leaning nut jobs have!

Vicky Conner Craig · 21:35 They will march to try to take away our 2nd. amendment but won’t march against planned parenthood who murder thousands of babies everyday . how confused they are .

Chloe Beth Acosta · 32:17 While you all are marching to take my guns away, I’ll be here at home cleaning my guns so if y’all whackos wanna come get them I’ll give you the best of luck to try.

Mark Honeycutt · 10:31 I’m a NRA lifetime member. I’m also a veteran. So we should sling arms our rifles and march with them. It’s not against the law. See what they think about that.

Annis Howard Davis · 20:29 GO SEE the movie DEATH of a NATION and see how Hitler’s plan to confiscate guns led to the death and labor camps for 6 million Jews and others the Nazi’s deemed “unworthy”.

Kevin Murphy · 6:29 No other Generations in the history of the United States has fought this hard to have it’s constitutional rights stripped and it’s sad

Marsha Rose Mota Anderson · 0:41 DON’T GIVE THEM CAMERA TIME

Steve Lunceford · 3:23 Big deal. Pfft.
Half of these goofballs have no idea what “NRA” stands for.
Or who the Vice President is.

Dale Foreman · 26:07 Put em all on a plane and take them to London or Germany and let them see first hand what happens when you have no means of protecting themselves. You want mine, try and come get them!

Andrew Campbell · 6:08 Hahaha good luck with that. America will be in a civil war over this gun issue. Glad I’m on the side with guns!! I wish anyone would try to take mine.

Lance Chow · 8:28 NRA does not kill people with guns people kill people ! Are going to march for life against drunk drivers which kill more people than guns and protest in front of the Budwiser Beer Headquarters ?

Steven Honse · 2:07 If Hillary Clinton was president, we wouldn’t need the 2nd Amendment because peace would guide the planets and love would steer at the stars

Angela Fye · 19:37 This is disgusting! I am a proud member of the NRA! These are some very blind people who need to wake up

Sean Mikel · 28:31 I stand for my right to protect my family by any means necessary. And I stand against anyone who would limit my ability to do so.

Troy Vail · 31:00 What a joke. These people are only making themselves look more pathetic. Sad turnout. I would be embarrassed.

Pat Waldoch Flor · 3:12 What a bunch of F**king NO MINDS..without the second ammendment most of there idiots would be gone and not able to March ..

Jimmy L. McGarity · 14:17 If they’re so concerned about people being killed they should march..on the baby killers at planned parenthood

Rob Murray · 2:54 No better way to get people supporting your cause than to block their streets. It is against the law but I don’t suppose that matters.

Katie Quade · 3:09 I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the USA owns 40% of the guns in the world …. and has the highest murder and mass shooting record.

Michael Raymond · 30:25 I stand with the NRA , for a safer America . You Fake snowflakes don’t know what you are talking about ! You just repeat what someone else tell’s you to say not a original thought in your head.

Rick Brown · 29:51 Thanks – you all just reminded me to put my NRA Renewal Membership in the mail……thanks for the reminder…. 🙂

Carolyn Winship · 55:33 Theses people have chosen to exercise theirs rights to free speech and I’m exercising mine to own a gun and be an NRA member for life!
God Bless America! ????????

Kevin Gregory · 3:20 Total waste of time that will not change anything….only result will be a huge trash mess that taxpayers will pay for to clean up

L Tom Manley · 26:01 A bunch of Brain washed people that believe the Dumbacratics BS and a lot of who are paid by George Soros henchman. Get out of the dam street..

Carl Hill · 15:30 Why are they not in front of Planned Parenthood which takes more lives every year than any guns around the world what about that for a second bunch of fake phony freaking idiots

Barry Montgomery · 5:29 You know everyone there protesting, if they were in danger they would all be calling for someone with a gun to protect them.

Cindy Daniel · 11:32 Ruth Hibbett Uhls. Quite the opposite. The left and their HATE is WHY I joined the NRA AND bought more guns. They are the ones spitting, egging and throwing piss on people.

Steve Hughes · 11:18 This is part of the game plan to disarm all Americans before they turn America into being a Socialist country

Sandra Morrison Burdette · 10:13 I love the NRA! PROTESTERS, protest abortion, the killing of unborn humans, not life saving guns! You have it all wrong.

Patrick Hill · 16:32 Hmmm…why don’t they march on the FBI who could’ve prevented the Stoneman Douglas shooting if they had done their job?

Diana McArdle · 8:12 And their purpose is?…….. Soros funded. Sheeple. How about protesting in Chicago where hundreds are killed with illegal guns. Guns do Not kill, people kill.

Michelle R Hodge · 30:29 Hey snowflakes….guess what…NRA ISNT GOING ANYWHERE….so go back to your safe spaces and hot chocolate! #protectthe2ndamendment

Chip Phillip Coil · 38:32 If you’re not already a NRA member, call RIGHT NOW AND JOIN. These people are the biggest reason EVERYONE should be members.

Bret Barbara Vincent · 1:08:37 Come on folks, please get in the here and now. Gun control, like socialism, has in every instance it has been implemented, failed. Check the data yourself.

Tidak Lupa · 10:40 Why do they think they have the right to shut down any roadway? This type of anarchy is why we need the 2A in the first place. Morons.

Ruth Hibbett Uhls · 8:07 Everyone supporting guns sound so filled with hate for others. Maybe the people are there out of fear for the lives of there children even though other stuff kills too.

Bonita Sergent · 40:27 Look at Chicago’s gun laws….WORSE CRIME RATE STILL!!!!! So eliminating GUNS does not STOP the crime or murders….DUH!!!!

Ted Taylor · 9:04 We’ve become a country of marchers. I’m sure many of them get paid and all they do is piss people off who they inconvenience with their protests du jour.

Brad Kickner · 22:25 Little do these retards know that it’s all of their crazy left kind of shot people up over the years. Not once has ever one member of the NRA been involved in a murder.

Kimberly Ann · 38:09 I love the lie that you’re all living! Guns don’t kill people people kill people… And gun free zones are the biggest fail in human history! #DumbStuff

Doris Wix · 39:07 When you so concerned about killing children. How about marching in the Pro-Life marches that are against killing children; unborn children.!!!

Diane Dodge · 16:53 How about your “March for the crazy people” that get their hands on the guns that shoot innocent people? why don’t you blame the person behind the gun instead of the gun? smh #ISupportThe2nd

Robert Myers · 10:09 Libtards are only 16 % of the population so why are we letting them control our future? Get out and vote ” We The People”!!!!

Anthony Gunther · 24:12 I think it’s pretty funny, when you consider the NRA doesn’t make laws, can’t change laws, and can’t enforce or ignore laws. Only Government can do that. Perhaps they’re protesting in the wrong place!

Jason Jarman · 59:28 Wow!!! Blaming the NRA is like blaming Ford for getting into an accident! You caused the accident but it was Ford’s fault! These people are something! Just think these are our future leaders!!

Sandra Mohler · 30:41 This is the United States of America. We have a constitution. Take your protest to the Supreme court. This childishness, with your nursery rhyme level chants does nothing.

Steve Abel · 31:50 Please forgive me I forgot the report of the last person the NRA killed I must have been watching a program with the list of people kilary rubbed out or had rubbed out

Byron Scott Argo · 25:30 This demonstration just proves these misguided people are what is wrong with this Country. It’s a mass group of Confusion!

Chip Phillip Coil · 59:29 Sorry your daughter was killed by someone like the people you’re surrounded by right now, but the NRA had nothing to do with it.

Anthony Robert · 6:22 What a bunch of liberal idiots I don’t consider myself as a the smartest person in the world, but I look like a rocket scientist compared to them.

Rodney Smith · 19:13 GO to the M13 gangs in California! Reason with them…tell them how wrong it is to kill people…show them the advantages of turning in ILLEGAL guns.

Brenda Thorne Veazey · 26:45 It looks like the press is blocking just as much of the road as the protestors. If they have a permit…protest away. If they are just being obnoxious, bring in the 18 wheelers to move them.

Paul Hoffman · 16:15 I wonder how many of these people own firearms and would use them to protect their family?? Maybe they just hope someone threatening them or their family will just sit down and discuss the situation??

Barb Henry McCallin · 12:47 Watched the movie ‘Death of a Nation’ last night. It was so good! These morons need to go see it and learn they are on the side of fascism in their twisted minds.

Robert William Hendrick · 20:50 Waiting for the list of mass murdering NRA members…oh there aren’t any but why not blame them anyway. It’s a liberal thing to do.

Bruce Whitfield · 34:25 If you abolish the NRA immediately, guns will still exist and people will continue to own and defend themselves with guns, so you are wasting your time.

Kristi Hill Aadland · 14:01 They blame the guns …..that way the person dont have to take responsibility for their own behavior. That is the whole problem in a nut shell.

Paula Marx · 59:12 This unnecessary! NRA does not sell guns!! They support us gun owners and help protect our rights to own a gun.

Brian Parker · 26:12 Snowflakes you ain’t gonna change nothing. Go away. We are not a democracyWe are a Republic. NRA kills nobody. Bad people with guns do. So SHUT YOUR PIE HOLES.

Justin Duran · 42:46 If you want to save lives, go protest on behalf of babies lives in front of abortion clinics?, uniformed kids, Guns are the reason you are here alive in a free country✌?

John W Kirkbride · 41:46 Thanks for the reminder, I need to renew my NRA membership….see your protest did result in some good ?

Wally Davenport · 28:55 Put this group on the front lines in Afganistan. Bet they change their minds. At least they would be of some use.

Lisa Komorowski · 1:35 Maybe instead of blocking streets they should get off of MSM and go see what the NRA really does to HELP Americans!!

Coy Crapo · 12:28 Why do we even give them media coverage? It just spreads more discontent and hate. Media is to blame for so much of the problems we have

Ed Reagle · 24:39 So did the NRA kill a bunch of people again? Go home it is a nice day enjoy the kids there is nothing to see here. MAGA deplorable in Va USMC Retired.

RB Vito Cruz · 23:49 Paid fools. They are more likely to shoot someone than NRA members because of HATE????. We will never stop standing for our 2nd amendment!!!!MAGA

Becky Lynn · 9:48 I say every one who owns a gun and all those who are LTC start walking amongst them. Oh and I’ll be they are protected by people with guns. Ignorant hypocrites

Dave DeLoy · 19:33 Your ILLEGAL GUN LAWS, have done nothing but make Chicago, DC, Detroit, & Baltimore havens for murderers and gangbangers! Your gun laws DO NOTHING TO SAVE LIVES!

Cheryl Jeswald Rego · 24:26 Taking law abiding citizen’s guns away, so the law abiding citizen can be a sitting duck, for criminals who illegally get their hands on guns, is not how the 2nd amendment works.

Chris Veronie · 11:10 These people would spend their time better getting educated about guns than what they are doing now, wasting time & pretending…NRA ????

Daniel Loring · 18:48 The Clintons are running the FBI and you trust the government to take your guns away? Did I mention I have a bridge for sale? IM me

Melissa Reynolds · 13:08 This IS the ONLY thing these people know how to do is protest & half are clueless followers…they think it’s a chance to get on camera! ? You have to admit, they are very entertaining! ???

Valene Rounsville-Fuentez · 15:05 Why pick on the NRA when it’s the criminals with bad intentions who murder ? Criminals don’t even belong to the NRA. Stupid people need to get a clue.

Norm Lyons · 30:49 LOL LOL LOL LOL ON a Saturday when no ones around lol. Sorry people were going no where thanks to the last POTUS our membership has almost doubled so keep it up or numbers are climbing

Lisa Zajacs · 26:28 Is Hogg going to speak or is he busy packing his clear plastic back pack for the first day of school?

Nancy Cockerell · 1:43 A shame they don’t really look into the NRA and all they have done for gun safety

Gloria Vante Thomas · 22:27 What a bunch of fools. When MS13 shows up at their doorstep or school it won’t be just a shooting spree. These people obviously don’t have anything else to do on a Saturday.

Sonda Lawson · 16:21 Its not the Gun its the Criminals who have Guns! Can’t stop them so we need Ours to Protect Our Families its Our Rights an your not taking my are Others Rights Away! 2nd Admendment gives US that RIGHT

Nancy Owens · 47:39 That girl comes from a country that lives to kill people. So why doesn’t she go back to her country and tell them to give up their guns?

Bugsy Davis · 30:21 planned parenthood is a legal language designed to soften the blows of murder of unborn babies that are discarded in garbage can labeled bio hazard waste afterwards

Candy Frizzell · 21:09 As the Constitution states my right to bear arms shall not be infringed upon! By the government or a bunch of snowflakes who think they run the country!

William Wade · 17:31 Here’s a group of people who think DT is a “dictator” yet they want to give up the only thing you can fight a corrupt government.

John English · 7:19 All the Dems do is protest and tell everyone how offended they are. All negative…. nothing positive like recent job growth numbers.

Scott Lawson · 7:34 Silly Snowflakes!! Not a busy street, Not a work day. No impact on anything. Looks like 20 different agendas. No focus.

Judy Hawkins · 1:03:07 SHUT UP! WE HAVE A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS! Sorry about your daughter, but that is your situation, not mine! My Dad taught me to handle all firearms the proper way!

Joe Capobianco · 27:52 They do know it’s Saturday and the the NRA building is closed right? Nice day for the 10’s who showed up though

Samantha Hague · 47:01 The NRA donated less to politicians in 10 years than planned parenthood donated to one of the candidates in one election cycle.

Wayne Roger Tomlinson · 34:49 Any Resistance at all just makes people buy more guns. Gun Sales Soared when Obama was President. I know because I hauled guns & Ammo in a Semi Truck.

Nancy Canup Gravitt · 23:22 Giving them media attention is what they are after. STOP IT!! When the media stops giving attention to these morons the protesting will stop. That is what they do it for!!

Ron Knowlton · 27:01 Lol…ohhhhhhh boy. That’s really gonna make me change my mind about the beautiful weapons that I own ???

Bob Wilkins · 7:11 Take away their guns and what kills people really? Let’s see people with bombs knives ink pins anything can be used as a weapon. People are so ignorant

Laura Lynn Jones · 35:30 Go home cry babies..lets see how u feel if when u may need help one day and the only thing that saves your life is a gun…screw all of u..U will never take away my second amendment

Bob Wilkins · 10:13 These people just need to leave our country if you don’t like our laws btw people who want legally owned guns out number the snowflakes who don’t want them

Louis G Joy · 39:14 The NRA is not responsible for disturbed individuals and criminals who have no respect for life and are willing to kill.
Disturbed people will kill with whatever means is at their disposal.

Ben Hoshor · 27:34 A more apt protest would be in front of NEA headquarters for failure of the educational system in the last 40 years. The majority of this small crowd would not be nearly so stupid.

Savino J Panella · 7:18 At least they have the freedom to do this,when all there freedom rights are taken away they’ll be looking for a gun.

Brian Scala · 23:43 Saturdays are for sleeping in, big breakfasts and chilling out with your family and friends. These people are the least happy people on the planet. Pity them.

Iris Crawford · 25:19 These weak indoctrinated minds of these people can be controlled … they’ll be crying like little babies if the ever get their way!!!

Sean Stewart · 1:00:47 If my baby was killed by a psychopath, I would’t want less guns, Id want a more brutal death penalty. Why punish the ones that didnt break the law.

Vera Bell Collins · 21:41 Let’s go find their individual places of business and shut down their streets so no one can get to them, see how they like that!

Steve Casey · 24:24 They have no clue as to how much their plea for more gun regulations promotes the sale of guns, I wish I had stock in a gum company, Liberals would be making me rich.

Ed Lamoureaux · 47:56 I love how the left holds up Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and the rest of those thugs as role models. They really don’t get it, do they?

Tracey Clark · 33:18 How about going after the gangs and drug cartels that are causing all the violence in cities instead of the NRA.

Wayne Noel · 12:39 What a bunch of good brainwashed sheep. Willing to march against their own rights. The government must be proud.

Martha K. Patterson · 28:25 They will just remind people that they need to join if they haven’t already. Great ad for the NRA and our second amendment.

Eddie Clark · 2:25 Easily led,and misled young people used as useful idiots by the well funded,and funds from Communist groups in the United States! the Democrat progressive,Marxists

Peggy Hundley · 41:40 I admire these young people for standing for what they believe. It’s their right just as its your right to have your guns. They will be voting age someday.

Eric Howard · 12:28 Supposedly the NRA has missed its members off so much with the bumpstock BS that filing for Chapter 11.

Shelly Graham · 7:29 Thank you to all the 2nd Amendment supporters that showed up! May we outnumber those that oppose our right to protect ourselves.

Pamela Trimble Flair · 1:08:48 If not guns they use clubs and knives or poison or cars or bombs or their bare hands so stop your stupid antigun socialist talk

Randy Miller · 17:23 Can you imagine what would happen to a nation with open borders and no way of defending themselves again their enemies?

Rodney Smith · 11:36 Fox is just their to reinforce and hope to see violence. NRA should ALL go home and have a day of Rest. Enjoy what looks to be a beautiful day, at the Beach.

C.J. Bonds · 39:17 Lmfao sign in the background says Vote out Guns! It’s going to take alot more than a Vote to get mine! ???

Dee Campbell · 52:36 You morons and RNA is not the problem people like you who have no life no jobs are on assistance probably illegally of the problem in this country

Suzanne Bateman Spizzirri · 25:23 I’m proud to be a member of the NRA. I am also certain that none of my guns have contributed in a single shooting other than at the gun range. The NRA hasn’t killed a single child you fools.

JJ Johnston · 20:04 im sure david hogg is sure to make an appearance somewhere or emma gonzalez who will justify her bullying because we dont know who she does

Lora Lothringer · 46:25 Everyone on here who believes in the 2nd amendment, if you haven’t already, should become a member of the NRA!!!

David Cassiere · 46:01 With people like you, I will be sure my wife and I will continue to support the NRA. You are are the problem.

Camille Harris · 52:40 THIS is even better than the freak show at the Circus!…..Oh Wait!
WHO wants to bet that the NRA memberships are increasing EVERY second these Clowns are flapping their lips in the wind?!

Jeff Booth · 17:45 Not the NRA”s fault ! Glad I’m not getting any younger, don’t want to live to see my country taken over by young brainwashed little socialist!

Nicole Obrien · 25:18 Love my President. Oh look another march.They are told where to stand for the cameras. makes me laugh.

Janice Eberly · 1:11:08 bunch of crazy, Start parenting and know what your kids are doing,this is a mental health problem starting with the Parents, and State representative ,you should be protesting Sanctuary city’s!

Sharida Cox · 15:24 The NRA has worked hard for our second amendment rights. This would be a nice time for a summer vaycay for all. Don’t even humor these idiots.

Phil Stewart · 11:27 Democrats at their best making trouble ..and they really dont care about the issue they just like kaos.

Diana Randolph Cain · 17:09 lets pan out to see how many people are really there.. they can march, they can throw snow flakes your not going to make a difference. my gosh it’s like heard of stupidity.

Kevin Barfield · 51:12 These kids have no clue. They are still shitting middle school cafeteria food and are trying to teach the real world what they think they know. Your brainwashed…get over it.

Elsie Trehus · 52:08 Barking up the wrong tree! No NRA member ever was a mass shooter. Its the mental illness, drug usage, and lack of Godliness that’s the problem.

Kathy Talbot · 4:45 Next week they will have a march for knives and after that phones then cars because they kill people too …..

Gregg Wallmuller · 17:30 Folks, make sure we tell everyone to get out and vote n mid-terms unless you want to start losing the rights we were given 🙁

Melissa Otts · 1:09:35 I have had a black police officer break my humerus bone, ribs n sever my nerves in arm while i was n handcuffs. I was arrezted for cussing inside of my own home. Good cops, bad cops

Tricia Stoakes-Pagel · 41:24 To shut down the NRA they are going to have to try protesting in front of every one of the millions and millions of NRA members homes across the USA. I wonder how that would work for them? ?

Bugsy Davis · 47:11 abortions kill more children than guns every second you can change that by voting dems out ,we’re not free if our unborn babies aren’t free to live

Beverly Hornaday · 17:56 Ha – an anti NRA!! Mindless people out there. If you have some trouble out there, sure hope the police stay far away and you guys deal with it on your own? Gahhhh – this is so stupid!

Dan Batik · 11:39 Not very big rally, i hope they realize if it gets violent the people they are protesting against are the ones with the guns. The pro gun counter protest looks bigger than the protest.

Debbi Atkins · 21:42 The right to protest doesn’t include shutting down public roadways unless they have a permit and traffic has been redirected/diverted.

Krista Lain Rosebury · 55:54 You can bet the communist soros is backing this. Ironic they sing about fighting yet want ti take protection away.

Letty Bromenschenkel · 4:32 did 1 of these vulgar haters show up to welcome home our brothers who were returned to t he USA after 65 years. theyare all frauds

Roger Van Muyden · 32:17 Good thing there are people around this crowd protecting them with weapons.. I don’t even think they realize that.

Iris Crawford · 25:55 ❤️ my POTUS & AMERICA ❤️???? sadly this little protest looks like the bullies in the schoolyard screaming to get their way !!

Maureen K Gates · 2:29 Are they in Fairfax, VG? These kids don’t even know how to abbreviate Virginia. In the mean time, Broward County refuses to put metal detectors in schools. They would rather improve their gym. Do they really care about our kids? I think not. So whe…See More

Duane Hostler · 45:06 This should send new NRA membership’s through the roof.
If they really want a better America, they could start by leaving it.

Beth Luckey · 3:52 The people that are at this rally probably have shot off some sort of gun in their lives and now they are scared and scared for life!!!! Guns are great!!!!!!

Alan Klasek · 36:02 The second amendment made it possible for them to exercise their first amendment rights. Too bad they blindly believe everything the msm feeds them.

Bugsy Davis · 27:41 we can honestly say we haven’t raised a hand to harm a child but can many of these protesters say that ! with their abortionist ?

Jeremy Mays · 52:06 Man we really have to start reaching out to our youth. These fools are so messed up. We have our education system to blame here.

Bugsy Davis · 18:14 if these protest get out of hand over people’s rights ,you all should be held responsible for any damages or deaths

Phil Ray · 26:41 Look kids, a bunch of blind sheep that would be put on the firing line by their own government after they gave up the government their right to defend themselves—to self preservation.

Charlie Brien · 10:48 6 million people at the range having fun feel sorry you don’t have a better hobby than being offended.

Dora Gonzales · 21:36 Gooo Home to Mamma and have her warm up some spaghetti o’s and eat it in your closet safe space Sheesh!! ????

Cookee Wood · 58:09 Omg ppl stop marching against everything, spend Saturday with your families and friends stop harassing ppl in the name of change. You are no better than a high school bully

Michelle Gotreaux Frey
Michelle Gotreaux Frey · 17:31 No one should have the right to shut down any street. Some ppl have to go to work!!!! Guns don’t kill ppl, ppl kill ppl.

Debbie Waters · 5:31 Hard to understand how folks can get so turned around, decieved and uneducated on subjects. They all look like they have good sense. Oh well, looks can be decieving. #NRA

Dorothy Manger Counts · 31:00 If the NRA failed to exist we’d still have law abiding private citizens owning guns…… they’re not responsible for the shootings

Frank Schimpf · 18:03 Remember this Conservatives! Make sure All OF US must vote Republican this mid-term in November. Every vote is critical! We cannot allow these idiots to be in charge.

Toni Sanborn · 40:10 Well I tell you what when someone comes and robs your house with a “GUN” don’t call the police cause they carry “GUNS”

Lou Acre · 1:09:01 Some of these anti-gun activists would be a lot more effective making their speeches in south Chicago to the Bloods and the Crips, rather than preaching to the choir in front of the NRA.

Karen Wester Green · 15:37 They are in the wrong place! The NRA didn’t implement the second Amendment, they just exercise and support the constitution! GOD BLESS AMERICA

Tracy Compton · 1:00:14 I’m sorry for the loss of your daughter. However, we can not risk the lives of ALL of America’s children by giving up our right to bear arms.

Dina Warren · 12:32 God bless our 2nd Amendment and the NRA!

Rachel Church · 1:05:57 Well, at least they’ll be safe in front of NRA headquarters. It’s the “loose cannon” liberals who cause all the violence.

Richard Miller · 53:04 This is stupid and I’m done watching! There’s about a hundred people there and I see there’s about 2, 000 watching and laughing!

Delia Campana · 8:28 they should be arrested….! a small angry group will not represent the American interests! They should not create inconvenient to most of the American people by blocking the street!

Bobby Headrick · 33:17 A friend of mine was killed several years ago in a hunting accident and the NRA paid his wife I pretty generous lump sum on his insurance they’re not only about gun rights.

Leslie Matthews · 16:34 He sick, sad, demented & deranged…U want gun control bcuz U say guns kill but turn a blind eye to millions of babies being murdered by abortion-it is murder & wrong is wrong!!! ???

Bruce Rice · 6:43 Poor, sad, lemmings… Lock them up if traffic is blocked… Great for NRA membership.. Think I’ll join again just to PO a few of them…

Umberto Spinillo · 50:39 More guns. Everyone needs to go out and support their local gun shops. Defend your rights!!! Defend you family!!!! Defend yourself!!!

Gordon Lincoln · 34:59 That reminds me – time renew my NRA membership, maybe send a little extra donation. Anything that gets these post-modern slime this upset – HAS to be good for America.

Kim Adamson · 1:07:15 Ummmm- of course you know that Chicago and Baltimore in California have the strictest gun control laws and the highest murder rates. Geez, I wonder why, oh it’s because all the bad guys have the guns .

Al Thompson · 10:50 And these are the people that fail history in school… one of the few civil liberty organizations that are left… get rid of guns and freedom no longer rings….

Gary Austin · 1:11:33 They hate individual rights for anyone!
The only right they believe in is their right to infringe upon our rights whenever, wherever, and however they choose!

Rick Rife · 26:22 Hey, hey, NRA , how mamy kids did you kill today? Evidental not enough by the looks of it. Gonna go buy another gun today. Thsnks for the encouragement to do so

Jody Rice · 37:36 If that was one of my kids I would probably spank them take all electronic devices away and lock them in their room and start homeschooling

Kelly Davis · 6:36 Have any of you that are upset about the 3D printing of guns ever actually researched what you say your sooo upset over? Lol

Maureen K Gates · 35:00 I am so sick of these kids that I just bought a three year membership to the NRA. Yup, they are the best advertising for the NRA. Ladies, the NRA has a special now. You can join for one year for only $30.00

Fred Hall · 10:31 It would be nice if everyone inside walked out carrying their firearms. there would be more feces left then in San Francisco.

Keith Beauchamp · 16:44 Do these yo-yos realize that they would have to attack an armed citizenry to accomplish what they represent? Hows that gonna work out for them? Idiots.

Roger Huggett Jr. · 9:09 Kind of ruins their point. If they were dangerous then this is extremely stupid. If they have armed protection they are extremely hypocritical.

Rich Mc Mahon · 22:13 Um? I don’t recall the NRA telling anyone to shoot anybody.
And what would this group that is against the right to bare arms met a group that was against the right to free speech?

Carla M Clem Holub · 22:36 I have never seen a gun aim and shoot it self. There has always been a person with his finger on the trigger

Brandon Jones · 17:00 Couple people in the street but your up against millions of gun owners. You just happen to get the attention thanks to the media.

Cathy Marrone · 1:12:04 Tell that to your homies in da hood. Act right, get jobs, raise your children with respect, care for your own community. Get rid of the gang mentality.

Tank Carr · 1:02:54 The right to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed upon! I’m sorry for your loss but I’m going to turn your loss into my loss!

Bill Schwartz · 33:32 Those who are taught to hate this great country will never stand up to defend it from invaders either, Let that sink in.

Lenny Arnoth · 16:11 Like it or not they are willing to fight for what they believe in? well they also want SOCIALISM. I will be voting to make sure that NEVER HAPPENS!! Gonna buy more reloading supplies!

Tari Martin · 5:39 Protest is allowed, even if it is for a disillusional/ misleading cause but interfering with traffic and entrances is not your right

Glen Braid · 8:42 These kids are so boomed and duke. You will bow to your knees to the shadows leading down a path of control. Good luck with your future kids, you have zero idea of the hell you shall be living in.

Joan Warnecke · 28:37 Nothing but a bunch of disrepectful Liberals who need to get on their knees and thank the Lord for being placed in a country where they are allowed to protest…………

Gloria Luna · 37:25 Actually guns can go off last week a cop was at a funeral for another cop and while he removed his jacket the gun went off injured 2 people but yeah!

Gregg Wallmuller · 18:30 Sad to see how the media and social media has brainwashed a good portion of the country over the years huh…these people cant think on their own…

Kevin Barfield · 52:20 Send them to the Middle East for about two week and let them see what would happen if we took away guns from law abiding citizens.

Scott Michaels · 8:46 Apply logic to this situation with freedom comes responsibility the NRA teaches gun safety. The framers has it right with respect to the 2nd Amendment

Gregg Wallmuller · 32:40 Im done, these chants are making me want to vomit lol. Have an amazing day everyone. Remember, get everyone you now out to vote in mid-terms, our constitutional rights are trying to be taken…

Selene-Douglas Brannin · 42:52 This is what happens when you dont keep score in T-Ball. We have raised a generation that can not protect themselves and cry. Try moving out of your moms basement.

Dale Foreman · 38:51 You know if the media like fox etal would stop covering this crap, they would just go away. The armed citizen in the United States will never surrender their arms without a fight!

Francis W. Pratt · 20:02 So sweet that they are essentially showing their support for thugs who do not follow laws, and forget firearm safety training — as the NRA has ALWAYS provided and promoted FOR EVERYONE.

Elsie Sack Fisher · 52:17 I’m going to the farmers market to get fresh veggies!! This is a waste of time!! But then again, I’m sure the majority are getting a paycheck for this! I sure wouldn’t waste a Saturday!! ????????

Barbara Ernst · 25:30 Good grief!! Don’t they know how many gun laws are already on the books? Tell them to go home and get jobs.

Nancy Owens · 11:38 You can tell them till you’re blue in your face and they still will not get that the NRA doesn’t sell guns. They just in force th

Joe Jackman · 16:03 Why don’t they march to stop bullying, stop illegal drugs, stop human trafficking? Because they have one understanding of really

Linda Brown Coatta · 9:25 they haven’t got a clue. Just listening to the left wing socialist that want to turn our country into 3rd world s*ithole.

Tommy Jennings · 6:56 If they want to know who to look at for gun safety they need to look ok in the mirror. It is not the maker it is the people that make them bad

Ron Nelson · 25:51 here is our misdirected youth once again thinking closing off access to a street and sit there and chant slogans does anything effective LOL

Kimberly White · 38:11 Brain washed but not on facts. They are Brainwashed by the media and ignorant teachings that these people haven’t even checked into. Oooh my Lord. Why are you so blinded?

Gloria Nix Bush · 43:14 Please…if you really want to make a positive difference, get involved in your local churches, schools and community services, protesting is a lazy way to accomplish Nothing…..

Jeff Mohr · 45:28 Oh let’s have another mass chant. Okay now let’s have a child stand up and recite copy composed by a Soros-funded operative. Disarm American any way possible. The New World Order depends upon it.

Renee Szefcyk · 25:49 How about you guys go to places like Chicago and make a real difference getting the attention of corrupt politicians who continue to do nothing about crime.

Mark Bowers · 21:02 Bring in 200 illegals and watch these kids call the ARMED POLICE to protect them. And they will arrive in 15 minutes. Long after Paco and Juan raped Judith.

Doris Wix · 27:01 Try just obeying the 10 Commandments would work.
Fear God & follow his way, that goes a long way to peace & safety.
NRA doesn’t kill children. People with evil hearts & intent kill children.

Marilyn Tasky · 1:08:00 Injustice started with the lack of parenting in your neighborhood. It has nothing to do with the NRA. Stop being stupid and don’t make us your agenda

Jason Loveland · 37:06 Someone gave this girl a participation trophy one too many times. They lied when they told her she had talent bwabababba

Maureen K Gates · 54:24 Dear Lord please make him stop singing!

Dan Kearney · 47:17 70 % single parent mother rate in minority community is a major contributor to violence. That’s the elephant in the room that these people don’t want to address or are not even informed

Dan Tanna · 37:10 millennials with backpacks. crayons and a poster. Like we are even paying attention anyways…Go back home and watch cartoons

Chad Feller · 16:07 They have no clue how important guns are. Maybe someone should teach them about history….oh yeah… they’re the same ones that want our historic monuments removed. Idiots

Sam L. Brewer · 32:26 Take guns from law abiding citizens, then you know what, the only ones left with guns are the criminals, and I have a feeling that Democrats would be ok with that.

Pam Nobles · 51:26 English, that is the language of our country. It’s not ur democracy if you don’t respect our country. We r Americans not Latino Americans or African Americans…we r Americans

Melissa Edmonds Sprague · 14:50 Didn’t Hillary say she didn’t have a problem with #PartialBirthAbortions‼️ a baby carried to full term murdered as its being borned‼️

Charles Dee Ivey · 34:56 Exercising their First Amendment right protesting the organization that helps protect the Second Amendment, which protects the other Constitutional rights. Brilliant!

Cheryl Hawryluk · 23:21 We need to Pray that these people wake up and see what’s really going on and how much we need our guns and our Constitutional Rights !

Debbie Pearson · 20:11 Look at chicago you nimrods ! citizens getting caught in the cross fire , criminals are all armed , that’s what happens when you try to unarm law abiding citizens

Kate Evans · 5:30 I know I have better things to do than watch children disrupt order. Cleaning bathrooms is more productive than this! Bye.

Darmon Gardiner · 31:32 Wtf do these people think the NRA has to do with anything, 90% of all murrders are committed by illegal guns in the hands of people illegally possessing them ? And that’s the NRA’s fault how?

Woolsey David · 58:53 Remember, communists can’t control populace so long as they have guns to defend themselves. They use the excuse that it’s for safety. They want our guns for only one reason, control.

Jo Ann Warner · 1:08:47 Sad but everyone in my neighborhood just about has guns and always have no one is shooting anyone , hoping you can find whoever is supplying the guns to your neighborhood and put them in jail .

Danielle Delaney · 20:31 What about gang violence ? What about people killing babies everyday ? Y’all don’t care about that ? Only to take away our rights

David Roach · 37:48 They don’t want guns, then they need to stand at our borders and throw rocks at the invaders when they come… my gun has never shot someone… gotta pull the trigger first.. stupid people…!!

Bill Crowley · 27:28 Ignorance is bliss. You would think these protesters would do some fact checking.. I hope the NRA feels threatened enough to call the police.

Steven Herrmann · 44:10 Just came home from Boy Scout Camp, 11 to 17 year old boys learning gun safety and shooting 22 cal. and 12 gauge shotguns! The future of the NRA. There is still hope for America!

Freddie Eugene Tyus · 1:08:12 What does Race have to do with gun violence! Why is it easier to get an abortion than it is to adopt a child?

Debbie Pendleton · 22:40 The NRA was there long before these people and it will still be here long after they are gone. They are protected by the 2nd Amendment.

Ernest Trujillo · 49:29 It is the shooter not the firearm that is responsible for gun related deaths. These organizations are a complete waste of time and resources. Left wing driven!

Raymond Martinez · 1:07:16 People who are agains’t the NRA & our 2nd amend. Are non-American communists ! Amazing …they are lucky we don’t protest them with our Guns !? They are threatening our Rights ?

Trudy Lewis · 20:36 If you don’t like the guns American citizens have the right to own, then move to a communist country where only the criminals and government have the guns!

John Sweeney · 43:34 Solidarity to the young brave pupils…the sooner your corrupt pro Zionist capitalist imperialist system is destroyed the safer the world will be…. Workers of the World Unite

Spencer M Jimerson · 3:25 In spite of the communist democrats and their media accomplices
Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN

Andee Jay · 24:22 I’m sorry to burst people’s bubble here. Every statement that is being posted on here is not gonna make a difference is just to make you feel better.

Joyce Palmer · 39:54 U probably don’t have enough knowledge about our 2nd amendment.. U still probably wear diapers or live in mommas basement… Oh go home and fix u some crybaby milk.

Donna Jean Hudson · 1:06:31 UK took people’s guns. Criminals still have them, but now they are using knives. Big problem! Now trying to ban knives. Guess next they will ban cars, etc.

Gwendolyn R Purifoy · 22:28 Never will you take my guns! You will have to take them out of my dead hands! I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees

Vicki Jarnagin Lindsey · 21:49 These are the real crazies. You’d think they’d be more mature but if rioting and protesting is their interest go for it. Maybe they’ll loose some weight. Btw- I just renewed my NRA membership??

Russ Mosher · 29:29 Don’t they realize that the majority of Americans support the “right to bear arms” as well as our law enforcement agencies!

Martha Lane · 1:02:45 Texting while driving kills more people. You gonna outlaw phones? Cars? Driving? Anything can be used as a weapon. These people are absolute idiots

Leo Bankowski Jr. · 5:46 I think instead of one, I’ll buy TWO more guns today. And maybe print one tomorrow

Shari C Greene · 20:09 Even if the NRA didn’t exist, the legal guns in my safe would, and the criminals would still attain theirs illegally. So you accomplish…?

Sheri Aronhalt Smith · 16:47 Alrighty NRA, time to grab your guns and and explain why we have the right to bare arms! Oh and that criminals get their guns illegally. I am sick of these idiots!!

Danielle Delaney · 38:07 This is unbelievable! We have men and women fighting for our rights every day! This is like a slap in the face .

Brian Yarbrough · 23:51 Protest all you want but shut down the street and you should go to jail. You can’t just break laws no matter how misguided you are.

Terry Thorn · 11:54 Like it or not, they’re willing to fight for what they believe in while we get on Fakebook and moan about it.

James Willson · 3:09 Why don’t you shut down Planned Parenthood ..They have killed over 80 million babies since inception of that cevil program ……..

Jenny Carroll Gerding · 50:37 Maybe you should go have rally in front of Rahm Emanuel’s office since he’s doing such a stellar job with his gun control!

Jo Sp · 42:58 They’ll be the first to have abortions and say it’s my privilege which is murder, but want to take guns away when and we haven’t committed a murder, but it’s our privilege?

Amanda Hall Holseberg · 25:06 How about they go to the victims families homes of gun violence and HELP these people instead of waisting everyone’s time. ?

Rick Brown · 54:48 Thanks for the reminder — I still had NRA membership until 2021 — but I signed up again anyway — another five years — thanks for the reminder ?

Ron Cormier · 58:37 It just doesn’t matter. The 2nd amendment gives us the right, not the NRA. Try to outlaw guns and all your creating is 100 million outlaws! And those 100 million own 300 million guns. Let that sink in!

Frank Szabo Jr. · 1:59 Can we just kill off these libturds once and for all. They hate our country so let’s consider them our enemy and just purge them from our society

Gary Bergenhagen · 46:22 Who’s going to save them when America is attacked? And it will be sooner or later. “Legal” gun owners aren’t the violators. And since when do KIDS make laws against adults?

Linda Aldrich · 48:34 Who paid for a permit for this protest/march? Cities don’t allow blocking streets & roads. They should go to the Capital & blast their mouths there.

Rick Brown · 33:09 You like your freedoms and Democracy……Thank a Law Abiding Gun Owning NRA Member and those Forefathers that would not turn in their Guns when the Colonial Government and King ordered them to do so….

Michael Arndt · 9:31 NRA is over 6,000,000 strong and growing under the leadership of LtCol Oliver North. Think about that; more than double our standing military and LE combined. We are silent but stronger than any of these groups.

Frank Santagata · 1:13:13 I am a Proud NRA Life Member…..The 2nd Amendment is just like the other Amendments and should be followed

Sherry Newman Hardwick · 1:05:17 Do any of these people have jobs? Most working Americans can’t drop everything and protest all the time! ? Soros funded ?!?

Charlene L. Webster · 1:12:28 Why don’t they do a March for Caring and go serve their communities; tutor children without two parents, etc. THAT would change the face of their communities in more ways than this “rhetoric”.

Elaine Flechtner · 23:57 same ones that want this to be a socialist country and now no guns…not good… be controlled by the government and no way to protect ourselves..

Cheryl Lynn · 32:53 They will need that gun someday fir protection , especially the way this world is going . These young ones are so brainwashed it’s sad

Nancy Owens · 27:08 I just realized something. If no one is there, then does that mean that they are protesting to the building?

Tracy Compton · 1:09:52 Now you bring up police brutality? So you want to disarm the police, too? Oh and abolish ICE too right? Give me a break! Your vote? You just said you are 17.

Donald Snyder · 28:40 its SATURDAY no ones working today just because these people dont know when its a workday should tell you some thing the biggest FOOLS are making them selfs known

Matthew X Heath · 56:32 They are so confused it’s not even funny. Giving away your Second Amendment rights will protect anyone.

Denise Winebrimmer · 5:41 When someone tries to kill these ppl at their homes they’ll wish they had guns to protect what is theirs. I think they should put something in their yards showing they have no guns at home.

Kimberly Boldt · 22:12 The local liberal government will let it happen as they stop commerce and trade along that road, and step on the freedoms of ordinary Americans from passing by freely.

Shannon Marie · 1:11:43 Funny how you say you will fight for every voice to be heard ! That is only if it’s your beliefs and agenda ! ???????

Michael Plecker · 15:54 LOL, I know the street well in front of the NRA building and they’re not shutting down much on a Saturday morning.

Mary Hutto · 33:27 These people have no senses!!! They are protesting against guns killing humans but I bet 85% believes a woman doesn’t want a baby they can go have it killed…

Todd Bark · 23:23 Keep trying!! Not gonna happen though. 30 million strong, will never stop protecting our family’s, with our rights to bear arms. #NEVERTAKEMYGUNSAWAY

Carrie Stewart · 54:36 It’s hypocritical that they want our right to bear arms gone because guns kill children but believe murdering unborn babies is a woman’s right.

Abigail Prestridge · 34:21 Hey hey the liberals have got to go! Seriously this doesn’t work at all! And here I am on the beach catching some good ole sunshine and enjoying the water! Have fun liberals!

Michael Kirk · 1:09:53 These morons are just radical communist Democrates trying to get rid of our 2nd amendment rights in order to take away the rest of them! Come and try to take them! You won’t like the outcome.

Don Schilling · 43:55 Bottom line, if you don’t like guns, don’t buy one. Please don’t try to keep me from protecting my family and possibly, you.

Dan Macdonald · 8:43 Khmer Rouge first thing the wonderful socailusts did was take away the guns. Then they killed millions

Arthur Houston · 5:32 No gun pulled the trigger itself. see no protest in front of Ford or GM today. 112 people will die is auto accidents today in the US alone.

Stan Dillard · 7:31 They would be “shouted down” and perhaps even “chased away” except that the decent folk who could and would do it all have jobs to be at.

Jeff Mohr · 40:47 Nothing exemplifies the heart of our “democratic” republic like a chanting mob. “This is what democracy looks like?” No it’s what brainwashing looks like.

Brian A. Clearwater · 25:01 Love watching the “Handlers” walking around helping with chants and picking who to put up front how to hold their signs….such fake outrage

Michael Bondi · 1:01:14 Good luck collecting 330 million guns! Even if 10% of gun owners resist they will fail with their gun control agenda! Such morons!!!

Wendy Ross Cappone · 32:10 I like NRA. They help protect our second amendment rights. I am now using my First amendment right. NRA has that right also as does these bozos.

Glenda Baer · 31:04 if you want to be a slave to your country through harsh laws, you can go anywhere else in the world. so leave!

Gregg Wallmuller · 26:14 a vote for dem in mid term is a vote against your constitutional rights, they want people unprotected in all aspects

Philip Ammerman · 27:49 I wonder which one of those kids will get their ignorant daddy’s gun and shoot up their school? You liberal nutjobs are responsible for most of the shootings. No NRA member has ever shot up any classroom.

Ed Lamoureaux · 44:06 This is the lamest rally I’ve ever seen. They have about 100 people there. This is like watching a grammar school play. They’re being told what to say, where to stand and how to act.

Corrine Yoho · 1:07:19 What part don’t you get the bad guys will always have guns! The Germans took all the guns away from the Jewish people and registered their names and then went back and had them put on boxcars.

Rocky Mitchell · 55:32 It’s funny not one mention of God! Maybe they should have a few moments to pray for our leader and country!

Jason Cartmill · 19:39 Lol no they aren’t marching for change in Chicago…this isn’t about change. This is a political mess.

Cherie Moss · 38:15 Protesting is the right of every American. Blocking access to any building or street or stopping anyone from speaking is not protesting it is illegal!

MK Moore · 19:08 So how come #MarchforOurLives isn’t marching in Chicago to stop the gun violence against minorities ? You always march against the NRA and the 2nd Amendment but never against the City and Mayor of Chicago

Rainbo Klein · 1:13:13 For the love of God, just move the hell out of our country into a socialist country already and be done with US!!

Maureen K Gates · 14:11 I wonder how many new members they just generated for the NRA today ???

Tl McRae · 50:37 Demand…demand all you want but it won’t stop nut jobs from using guns. Better demand better mental health…about as useful!

Natalie Mims Friese · 1:03:49 CRIMINALS don’t follow gun laws and get guns illegally anyway…especially with open borders to Mexico..

Joe Lazar · 30:19 What they don’t understand is that they are willing to give up there rights that protect their right to do this..smh,wtf!

George Wilkerson · 18:36 If some idiot showed up and started shooting at them they would sure want an armed trained citizen to protect them!!!!!

Tracy Compton · 53:34 Fighting for “the cause” of socialism and for the people not to be able to defend themselves against it? Ha! No thanks. ?

Dorothy Ann Chancey · 45:33 You will not make it better by getting rid of hat you gonna do when a gang kicks your door in & are carrying knives & machetes…Lehrer are more things that kill than just guns…idiots

Rose Silver Miller · 54:24 Doesn’t look like too many people are singing that song with him. Wonder what the song refers to when it says “take back what they stole from us”? What got stolen?

Dan Renear · 23:41 Hey Fox News pan out to a wide angle and get some shot of the cops and how many guns are protecting these sheep.

Buddy Dingler · 45:17 It’s not the guns, it’s the nuts that use them. You could ask some of them why they”re protesting. they wouldn’t know. Sad.

Noah Patrick Schmitt · 0:29 I support NRA I am a member

Donna Jean Hudson · 31:27 NRA is not the problem. Our Democrat Socialist Party and their minions of the Media are.

Bryan Wyckoff · 14:53 If not for the NRA fighting to protect their 2nd amendment rights, they would have lost their 1st amendment right of free speech long ago.

Charles Morton · 46:28 What a bunch of douch bags that have no clue. A gun has never killed anyone it’s just a tool. If they don’t respect our constitution leave the USA then

Cheryl Natriello · 14:32 Hahahahaha they have their signs and no one around to hold them up for. Most of them are just dragging them around. Lol

Lana Danforth · 37:23 Whatcha ya all going to do when the “ Police State” comes in to run your lives? You think rioting and singing is gonna stop them? Nuff said

Randy Venable · 36:23 EJECT! EJECT! OMG, they’ve got a Joan Baez wannabe singing, nice chatting with y’all, see you later, I’m gonna go cut the grass rather than listen to this shrew.

Mike Hawkins · 21:56 Their not hurting the NRA. THEIR INCONVENIENTSING anyone who might want to use the road. Its Saturday why aren’t they home with family, or at the beach???
Just a bunch of dum dums.

Jo Anninna · 1:04:56 There is a gun show down the road from me today… these people reminded me to go and buy my AR-15 now… I did! So beautiful… now going to the range… how a nice day!

Mildred Stewart · 24:01 A bunch of nuts. Would anyone of them turn down someone with a gun of it would save them or any family member from harm. Hypocrites go live in zen gland

David Tordosinsky · 1:10:00 She forgot say that the family unit in Black communities is at a bare minimum and THAT my dear just might be your biggest problem.

Larry W. Brassfield Sr. · 12:33 Their wanting attention that their mummies didn’t give them, they really have know idea what their out there other than what communist Dematards want them to know!

Gary Martin · 32:55 Basked by his Hollywood commies ! A pep rally with kids playing games ! Chant all you want childish ignorance will get You nowhere!

Mathew Bannister · 52:12 Safer society starts with getting back to the constitution. Get rid of unlawful gun laws. The second amendment shall not be infringed.

Rose Silver Miller · 58:42 Guns aren’t the problem in mass killings… it’s the reasons why they did it that’s the real problem. Now let’s fix the real problem! NRA and guns are nOt it!

Donna Shinton · 42:10 Think twice! You will never be protected by evil government like the Hilter. Go to the movie ? “Death of a Nation! …educational and historical.

April Stone Grady · 49:18 A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

RB Vito Cruz · 1:04:58 There must be something in that thick skull that can see that you are all being used by these anti 2nd amenrdent morons… WALKAWAY!!!!

Suzanne R Dover · 40:07 Take away hatchets, saws, knives, bats, cars from teenagers who text and drive and kill some innocent family. So why don’t y’all do something good.

Bruce Ayers · 1:06:33 Join the NRA, arm yourself, the foolish are trying to take away our 2nd amendment right to own and bear arms, they will never succede

Diane Danyluk Santucci · 1:01:43 Have anyone of these (mostly paid) protestors ever given their plan to take guns away from criminals and gangs? So far I haven’t heard of anyone with a plan for that!!!

Phil Stewart · 30:12 you should be the ones with shame but you are lost sheep being led by the obama shadow goverment and dont know it.

Billy Bracken · 33:30 Wow, this will accomplish so much. (Sarcasm). At least some other protest types loot and get something out of it. Disclaimer: I do not advice breaking the law!

Chris Cole · 25:36 March all you want. I have only joined 2 organizations in my life. My church and the NRA. And I will always be a member.

Sean Malone · 20:49 I see the NRA is having an open house to teach those who want to learn the history of the 2nd amendment. And why it’s needed.

Marcus X Garza · 31:16 How come Republicans don’t start major pro-America rallies by the thousands across America? Tired of just sitting on the sidelines and let these Democrats try to dictate our views.

Susan Moyer · 47:08 It’s not the gun that is the killer it’s the people that kill. So help the people and leave the gun alone. I will carry my guns until I die

Samantha Orlando · 1:03:24 The left create mass shootings to back the revocation of the 2 nd Amendment sorry about you loss but I’m keeping my fire extinguishers even though we have the fire department

Dustin Mitchell · 28:29 Every school needs a mandatory gun safety class where everyone must learn to shoot to graduate then maybe people wouldn’t be so ignorant about guns

Mike Missi · 40:45 If it wasn’t for the guns and ammo used in previous wars, they wouldn’t be standing here having the freedom to protest. In retrospect they should be appreciative for the blessings this country allows them.

Tyler Landshark Kazmierczak · 26:18 I hope they want to vote out all the other corporate special interests other than the gun guys. You dumb cunts, I wish you all die.

Parthena Draggett · 1:09:24 What’s happened to our society and culture? 25 years ago nobody thought of going into a school and killing kids! Something about people has changed for the worse.

Helena Roestenberg · 41:12 You pro gun nuts ,wait till it hits home.They ARE agains weapons not gun.Can you knockle heads tell the difference

Shane William Brunner · 50:18 Every citizen when your old enough by a Gun because your going to need it to protect your self from theses folks

Cheri Campbell · 3:11 Proudly sponsored by the NWO and communist/socialist elites and Dems. Saul Alinsky is smiling down on them.

Greg Kelley · 1:12:54 I wonder if she would cry for the young teen who was shot by another black person all because he wanted his bicycle in Atlanta.

John Novotny · 1:12 I’m donating to the NRA today.

Gwendolyn R Purifoy · 27:56 These people are kidding right!? They’re fine with killing unborn babies but mad at me for carrying a gun lol

Doris Wix · 56:15 Guess they don’t really feel your message!!???
Their pay didn’t include singing.
We agree Democrats can give up their guns, if they want.

Randy Venable · 24:37 What do we want? ATTENTION! When do we want it? On a day when there is little traffic and the businesses are closed!

John Adams · 29:20 NRA has been very nice about the whole situation, and for these people to be doing this NRA needs to put the Hammer down, and these people need to get a life

Douglas Turk · 23:17 American was killing each other under the Obama administration yet not one protest. 8 years of shootings and not a peep out of the left.

Shannon Fox · 48:48 We are also not free when you try to take the rights of law abiding citizens. Your victim card is only redeemable for one free visit to the psych. office.

Fly Vitro · 34:43 A bunch of braineless sheep….need to go to the edge of a cliff and maybe they all will go over the edge…MORONS

Allan Williams · 1:03:49 There are many that have lost loved ones to guns and they still support the 2nd amendment. People are to easy to blame gun manufacturers and the NRA instead of the lawbreaker.

Tracy Shotwell McGee · 1:11:19 demoncratic cities are where all these deaths are and they are not NRA people they are liberal bernie supporters killing people.

Mark Forsberg · 33:26 This what happens when people don’t have jobs. I feel bad for them really, could be the result of our education institution.

Lynn Askea · 1:10:22 Ust be obama Friends, obama was always scared of guns and walls. Guess what ‘WALK AWAY’ because obama has a BIG WALL and BIG GUNS behind it. he just don’t want you to have any… Walk Away Slowly…

Pam Malone · 1:04:41 Guns are going to save me from CRAZY socialist ! I’m keeping my guns and you will take them over my dead body !

Joe Cahoon · 5:40 What about the guns at stop mass shootings in school they’re not protesting that. You don’t see the market for gun rights because a communist. And besides they will never America’s guns.

Scott Phelps · 5:47 Well it’s national shooting sports month so I guess I’ll head to the range now n theses fools honor. Oh and make an NRA donation. Thanks for the morning motivation.

Scott Smith · 36:45 Why aren’t we marching on the Planned Parenthood facilitates.. They are more innocent life’s taken “murdered “there than at a NRA facility…

Karl Murray · 11:43 Let’s see if the crime rate in INDY stops next yr when the NRA Convention comes back. Wasnt any crime several yrs ago when it was in INDY. Safest town when the convention is there.

Gary N Martha Goodin · 18:56 The globalists know that they do not stand a chance unless they can disarm the citizens. That is their goal. Fortunately, people are waking up. May God bless and protect Israel and the USA.

Daniel O’Connor · 46:48 Many people have been seriously injured and or killed while they had a restraining order against somebody. Bet many of them wish they had a concealed carry carry now instead of a restraining order.

Micheal King · 41:34 Wow, haven’t got anything better to do. Maybe you all should go do some target practice on this fine saturday. Learn how to really protect yourself.

Nanette Gray · 14:05 These people are demon possesd through their hatred! Any one know the NRA does not sell guns or make the law. However they do train our police, soldiers and citizens how to use a gun safely! Fools!

Jody Harris · 14:01 Another waste march to get nothing done.
Yall need to March on the DNC headquarters to make your votes count

Danielle Delaney · 1:01:28 There’s a moving truck coming for you…. You don’t like our rights move to a country where you have none , a supressed country

Stacey Fredson · 1:08:18 You keep saying everyone is threatening you…. im not threatening you…. im not a criminal rather. Criminals don’t care they will find any way means if they want.

Jack Edmunds · 1:11:39 So, they shut the street down, what does that prove? Will anyone throw their gun away and surrender? Maybe a waste of Soros and Obama money!

Kevin Stockman · 36:27 Peaceful protest should not be in the form of shutting down. Public streets. This type of protest is only designed to engineer a filmable negative response.

Tonja Tyree · 38:19 If you are against guns then when someone is breaking into your home….just throw a lollipop at them! Don’t call the cops because they carry GUNS! JS! You folks are idiots! Go home!

Carlos G Colón · 46:37 What a waste of time come tomorrow and by next week it will be old news and nothing will change bunch of morons.

Johnny Delgado · 37:55 Every Government that disarmed society eventually became oppressive and resulted in millions loosing there lives. Its happening in Venezuela and Nicaragua as we speak. And these idiots are begging for it

Elaine Everest · 1:04:47 So, let’s see…If I disagree with anything that these DINGBATS support, all I need to do is collect a few dozen like minded friend and PROTEST ?

Robin Jones · 50:48 Russian funded NRA? I don’t care what Color your skin is I’ll respect and listen and call you a liar when that’s what you are doing.

Kimberly Robinson · 10:13 If I remember correctly over 3000 people lost their lives because of airplanes! Maybe they should protest airports

Lisa Morgan · 1:08:13 Wow this has really spun out of control…. guns bad….. police bad…… socialism for everybody…. we are screwed with the new millennials

Amy Barr · 9:16 I’m laughing as I watch this. And really, it’s the weekend! I would assume the NRA is closed. Why don’t y’all just go to a shooting range and make your point there! Oh wait, that would be to scary!

Jonathan May · 35:05 Seriously though when is law an order going to be restored in this country. Arrest them, charge them. Put them in jail. Set examples. Jesus.

Patti Thomas · 47:34 Try to be kind to each other, don’t bully others ! That can stop murder in schools! Every school shooting came about because the shooter was angry, bullied and nuts

Lance Arianna · 16:52 lol bunch of clueless idiots who know nothing about guns or safety marching for a political reason only…

Mark Lambert · 39:28 Yeah because interfering with the daily routine of others always raises awareness of ignorance. I hope there’s not an ambulance with a heart attack patient today.

Rusty Reed · 1:06:55 Soooo this happened because these people weren’t raised right. They don’t respect a gun, and they don’t respect human life.

Ed Grub Edmondson · 44:23 Let’s see,I need a new pistol,some ammo,ear plugs,shooting glasses,targets,spotting scope,that’s about it I guess!

Richard Allen Broseman · 2:27 I go to that NRA range. I actually may even go there today

Stephanie Freedom · 43:08 I don’t get why our youth & even people my age are ACTIVELY fighting for the GOVERNMENT to take away their freedoms. WOW ?

Henry Galligan · 1:10:27 Maybe people of color obey the laws that the rest of the country obey. Stop blaming other people for your trouble’s OBEY THE LAW.

Michelle Cherie Kunkle Veloni · 31:32 Soros is behind this, interesting, because Soros has more armed guards at his beck and call each and every hour of his day…Why are not these people protesting crime all over our great nation?

David Rudick · 24:00 I joined the NRA this year because of crap like this! If us 2nd ammendment folks were there with our weapons on they would all cry and run away! They come from a long line of losers! ???????

Susan Moyer · 1:12:46 I carried a gun in my pickup and went to school and know one said a dam thing about it and it didn’t come out until I got out of school to hunting

Don Schilling · 53:51 These people are the exact reason that we should be armed. They are like whirling dervishes. One sided zealots spewing anti-American rhetoric. Oh, wait…that’s Maxine Waters…

Tl McRae · 52:01 Again…I understand the fear, but the NRA is not at fault. Mentally ill individuals should be the issue and good luck controlling that.

Stephen Tzarphati Bailey · 39:19 The words I would say to these dweebs are too sensitive for their millennial ears….they would have to run to their safe space & have a blankie cry-time….

Robert Noel Sheffield Jr. · 29:15 Yea cause they are real busy working through the week. Had to do it on a Saturday. How dumb of whoever organized this clown event. Your way of thinking is way more dangerous than any gun.

Susan Peters · 1:12:28 Not the guns!! It is the people behind them!! Wake up liberals!! The only people that will have guns are the ones we don’t want them too.

Kenny Ruby · 16:25 I’m sure these people lay their head down at night and feel like they’ve accomplished something. The brain functionality in most of these humans is subpar at best. It’s entertaining to watch those ?

Rocky Mitchell · 45:20 Safety? They look pretty safe to me! I’ve been watching like 15minutes and not one person was hurt shot or threaten!

Nancy Owens · 40:34 I wander why they didn’t protest during the week days. When the NRA building was full of working people?

Carol Knudsen · 45:08 I might be sympathetic to their cause if the NRA was responsible for gun violence, but they aren’t. This is like protesting GENERAL Motors for drunk driver related deaths.

Theresa Peeples · 30:26 Not one of my guns have walked out of my house and killed or harmed someone! It’s evil people that kill. The adults leading this protest should be ashame of yourself!

Brenda Murphy Corcoran · 1:05:32 Yeah and we are to believe a liberal telling a story any kind of story…Why didn’t you play the actually recording..Your little group of people have no power and you are wasting your time..

Demidont Suzanne · 1:02:55 Where was the chant of “Vote Them Out” when the school shootings happened during Clinton (Columbine) And Obumma (Newtown, Ft Hood, Florida, CA, NYC, Dallas)

Sherrill Gandolfi Bergeron · 39:15 Didn’t know it was legal to shut a street down? If this is illegal Police do your jobs and fill those jail cells up..

Scott Reedy · 1:06:07 Vote whom ever out that you feel necessary. The government or any person will never take my guns away ❤️??

Joe Hage · 1:06:50 Why is no one marching or protesting against the psych drugs each one of these shooters were on? No protests outside of pharmaceutical companies you are wrong targeting!

Dorothy Ann Chancey · 58:58 Babies aborted, murdered every day, kids killed in car wrecks every day, kids die from over dose of drugs every day…………& you want to act like the only reason someone dies is because they get shot…

Tina Thies Koenck · 29:26 I keep saying if you go online you can get the recipe for itching powder and all the little crybabies will disperse. This is to funny it just happens to sound like a German or some foreigner starting the chant! Too funny.

Robert Misfeldt · 31:54 So what group believes they are above the law? clue it is not the NRA. why are they punishing innocent people who are just trying to get to work or cary on with their day. These people are maroons…

Jane Blotevogel · 29:07 We keep our Amendments to our Constitution… “ right to bear arms” how many deaths are due to “cars” should we ban all and Walk? ( nothing wrong with exercise)

Raymond Lichniak · 49:26 Is it legal what they’re planning to do? If not, arrest them, fine them and use the money to support local schools with non-teaching liberal agendas. Win-Win!

Karen Nelson Yost · 27:49 I can’t believe adults acting like this. What are they going to do about criminals who get guns illegally and kill people. What if they had to protect their family from a killer????

Charles Upton · 45:37 Telling the NRA to go away is like telling the Democrats to go away and your serving George Soros and the NRA helps stop 2.5 million every year with them there would be 2.5 million more deaths

Daniel M. Laurin · 26:24 The left wants to dismantle the NRA and ICE, so that more crime and illegal immigrants can destroy our country!

Mark Stahlbaum · 1:01:11 These people set up “Fish in a Barrel” situations and when what you expect to happen happens they want to cry about it.

Patricia La Franchi-Smylie · 26:19 It’s not the guns, it’s the mental ill who get weapons and the gangs who are the ones killing, they are the ones who need to be watched.

Dottie Laughlin Chavez · 1:07:25 I’m sorry for your loss but all you will do is take away the right to defend from law-abiding citizens. Criminals DO NOT obey laws. Put armed marshals in schools.

Doris Wix · 18:57 Do they not have anything better to do with their lives. Looking for a cause or something to protest, I guess.

Stephen Lee Terry · 1:14 History tells you what happens to Socialists. They want all you have with no other reason than to have what you have.

Perry Jones · 15:15 We should have a law that says drivers only have to honk twice at a group of idiots in the road and then it’s legal to drive through them. It would be like bowling for snowflakes.

Frank Schimpf · 19:50 Conservatives make sure you vote Republican this November! It’s urgent to stop these socialists from destroying our country.

Diana Kemp · 8:45 How come when you google this organization nothing comes up. Kind of shady. I like seeing who their donors are, I.e. open society foundation etc.

Susan Carter · 7:29 Oh geez, here they go again! Beautiful day so let’s go protest …. some folks need to find a better hobby.

Al Davis · 59:28 Stupid people “It’s better to have—then need—and don’t have” Just like Chicago, Detroit, St.Louis and other control Democrat states and cities.

Marissa Ness · 6:42 Oh yes because we’re all going to sit here and listen to a bunch of hormonal teenagers. Shouldn’t you be busy going back to school shopping?

Danie Jones · 55:52 BIG MONEY….you are right. THIS is a MONEY grabbing campaign. These people are getting checks, Currency, and this video generates revenue; vitriol means CA$H to the Marxist Nazis.

Scott Meisner · 42:29 Why don’t these f****** people find something constructive to do if they got in my way I would run them down

Stephanie Adams Hampton · 17:50 “If you are a member of the audience get behind the lecturn so we can get some crowd shots.” LOL Get a clue, if you have to organize your “crowd shots,” you probably don’t have a crowd. LOL

Jannae Gardy · 20:18 Here is an idea. Shutting down the NRA will open up the options for these guys who want to make 3D printer untracac

Richard Riehl · 21:31 Bob Lowry, if you’re going to choose to use a big word like “anarchy” please have the decency and sense to spell it correctly so the rest of us don’t look like rubes, ok..?

Randy Venable · 33:20 Looks like all the 2020 presidential candidates and 2018 mid-term Congress candidates already had a full calendar when this was scheduled.

Michele Moore Barnhill · 22:40 Criminals will still buy guns rather you take our rights away or not. I would like to see you protest where there is shootings and guns are not allowed. Go back to your safe place.

Rex Kowalewski · 53:57 This guy should get a haircut, a job, a life. Lord help us if his likes have to defend our country and freedom…

Linda Farris Rouk · 8:05 I have visited the NRA headquarters a couple of times. It has a great museum and shooting range. God bless America and God bless our second amendment right to bear arms!

Tracy A. Yeakley-Gaylor · 35:25 not working!! you think your little chants are going to be listened too I mean really?you are acting like teens would act whining

Austin Robert Nathaniel Ellis · 1:11:18 Keep hollering. We 2A supporters hear you… Jk. Please shut up. You’re not getting my guns. I have a right to defend myself from any unwarranted threat.

Terry Mecca · 24:50 These people can march , protest!! I am the NRA! No more gun laws ever!! It is over for these people!!

Gloria Luna · 48:54 If you think it’s funny for people to protest this let them everyone who are NRA members see so sure that guns are not going anywhere then let them speak

Peggy Rennick · 20:57 It’s the weekend probably nobody is there. Your little March is a waste of your time and everybody else’s. All you socialist need to go home to a country far far away!!!!!!!!!

David Thoreson · 38:10 Disgusting element…. Pathetic know nothings who DO what their friends do just because… Misery loves company and here are streets full of it!

Barbara Butschky · 44:53 Are any of them protesting all the murders that go on every single day in the cities…such as Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit and do ANY of them do anything at all to help stop that violence????

Melinda Tayman · 32:25 Wake up snowflakes Guns don’t kill ppl ppl do and what about your ideas on abortion that can be considered murder, plus it’s not anything to do with the NRA so go home snowflakes !

Thomas Raseta Sr. · 45:54 Moron demonstrating where lots of people own guns and know how to use them. IF they get out of hand, it’s a target rich environment.

Judy Mc Guire Parish · 59:31 Guns kill, but the holder pulls the trigger. If you love your guns so much, move to an area where no humans live.

James Kleinheider · 1:07:40 Why aren.t you protesting abortions. Go do something about those murdered babies. What about their right to life.

Nancy Dingley · 36:48 Maybe go to work, join the armed forces, and protect our country instead of trying to take away my 2nd!

Douglas Black · 19:46 Even if the the NRA collapses we the American people will still have the right to own and bear arms and will continue to do so

De Anna Tucker · 1:03:01 Go after the one who shot your daughter , very sorry for your loss. It’s not the gun, it’s the person. Don’t try and take my rights away to protect myself from other crazies

Dan Kearney · 38:35 Protest a sanctuary city, crimes are derived from them ..not law abiding NRA members . nice song by the way is that Sonny and Big Cher

Robert Armentrout · 13:15 what gives ANY group the right to block an public street? If the city/police allow this then they should all be fired and replaced with people who will actually DO THEIR JOB

Chris Roso · 56:53 This whole subject is being blown out of proportion!!! It’s not about “taking all guns”, no. It’s about better, tighter restrictions on buying guns! Better, tighter background checks!!!

Michele Maldonado · 1:03:36 Remember that God is coming to Judge your hearts. We must have a more stricter gun laws. Plus we need more mental health funding.

Ed Lamoureaux · 53:41 How can a young socialist be such a capitalist in pitching his album for sale? Hypocrite. (And he sings out of tune).

Jean Blackwell · 43:46 Very sad that these people do not know America’s history. Shame on our schools that prefer to teach their own point of view instead of real history. They need to learn the Constitution. So sad

Melinda Johnson · 42:44 Who has the NRA ever killed? Just wondering since there’s millions of gun owners who have never killed anyone. Now Planned Parenthood they kill thousands of tiny humans everyday.

Danielle Delaney · 1:11:38 When someone breaks In ur house what are you going to do say ” stop” when they are going to attack you? Do you think they will?

Steve Keen · 7:47 Never seen so many people so willing to give up their rights to the government… Wow!! I’ve heard about radical anti-America people like this before.. just not like this.. interesting and sad

Mark Warneka · 37:08 Keep attacking 2nd amendment and we will dig in deeper and deeper. Your wrong and you know it quit being MSM’s puppets!!

Lynn Marie Hall · 9:29 it’s great to see this group is allowed to gather peacefully for their cause. It’s the United States, everyone is allowed to have their own peaceful opinions..

Frank Stager · 4:48 anti Americans i bet they can not even quote the constitution or even explain what is says or dose for ALL Americans. Let alone the damage it would cause to the free world with out it.

MJ Lee · 41:16 More powerful than this is to integrate yourself in the lives of children from broken homes and come alongside to support and mentor the next generation and keep your own family together!

Brian Lane · 1:10:28 You know, if you have a problem with this, you could use your Democratic right to peaceful protest this protest. Or you could fill the comment section with uninformed hateful speech

Carmen Nick Cericalo · 1:08:47 The home little girl you don’t know what you’re talking about you haven’t lived long enough to understand what is going on

Juanita Spencer · 33:52 I have a gun and have never shot anyone But would protect myself and my family if needed. No one is getting my gun.

Shawna Rae Dunn · 41:05 I think we should also band words and all forms of speech. Apparently those things can lead to death if used by the wrong people. ??‍♀️

Jan Thomas · 8:36 If you want to surrender your guns…do so, but leave the rest of us to make our own decision. Protestors and protesting mean nothing to we law-abiding citizens.

Nick Martin · 1:04:58 That criminal took your child, not law abiding American gun owners, your not taking my rights away!!!

Norma Slagle Carroll · 10:25 God bless America the land we can protect ourselves like the People that are protesting! They know their liberal leaders have body guards etc!

Pete Rumsey · 30:37 Ms. Matthews, where did you get your information? From the democrats that have been in the Russians pocket for the last 10 years that i know of. Check your facts before putting mouth in gear.

Adrian Fields · 14:57 If you live in the area and have a fire arm head down and form a line of deffence for the building .to keep the libtards from doing damage .show them the reason to bare arms without protesting !!!

Steven Gray · 25:18 Take our guns away .then they want to run us out of any business ,then harass us ,there trying to scare us to turn there way but I tell ya I’m keeping my gun and all my freedoms #freetobefree

Wallace Whitlow · 46:53 What fools, protesting to give away their Second Amendment rights. The NRA is made up of real people, not like these little snowflakes.

Allen Patterson · 15:57 Hopefully they will get arrested ! You can lead a horse to water but when the horse is stupid, he doesn’t know that he is thirsty and will protest your help!

Gina Dawkins Rosier · 27:10 You have the right to NOT carry a Gun, but I will protect my Right to protect MY family from someone who wants to bring harm. Guns don’t kill people, ignorance does.

Barb Barnett Adams · 1:03:24 When the guns are taken, as you are fighting for, do not expect US to protect you…you will be stabbed or shot by a criminal that does not obey laws and couldn’t care less about your rights. Wake Up!

Rhett Green · 21:53 Why cant we have a march to end citezens united if we get the money out of politics we could have nice things and then we would get rid of fake leaders who just are in it for the money

Leslie Jean Cutright-Bolton · 32:53 I actually have something to say! If u don’t like guns? The don’t? F*ckin’ have Them! I’m sorry, but if u have ? guns! Then be real protect your rights! Guns don’t kill people,People kill people!?

Greg Kelley · 53:22 Hot sunny day there. A lot of thirsty people there. Some might be hungry. Wished I had a ice cream an cold water stand set up there. Would be making the money.

Danie Jones · 1:02:52 Sorrow turned to activism with Marxist progressivism, poor guy. IF he could see the world without GUNS. If only he could see what his world have been like with NO guns since 2003.

Joe Capobianco · 45:51 No dear, truth is that nothing will change…nothing…So chant away and feel better about yourselves.

Pam Malone · 54:17 Is this a BAD concert or a gun protest ???

PC Crate · 15:42 Talk about taking guns people go buy them. Dems unknowingly are the biggest sponsor of the NRA and gun sales.

Carolyn Patton Gardner · 20:08 This is plain stupid just something for these people to riot against you watch it’s not going to be comb they have to hurt someone that’s the way these people are they can’t help them selves

Gary N Martha Goodin · 16:55 Water cannons, a bulldozer to clear the path, maybe. Anything in the road is nothing but a speedbump…if you have the right vehicle.

Christie Robinson · 6:42 Standing on enemy lines throwing rocks versus using a firearm for protection…Hmmmm….I know who the dummies are here, smdh. Leave our guns alone!!!!

Linda Finney · 20:49 MSN will let the little tards sleek but nobody else, Watch. And I’m not seeing anything about the Utah GUN Exchange there, or the fact THERE ARE NO NRA MEMBERS OUT THERE…

Kristi Coney Lee · 31:28 Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, part of the United States Bill of Rights, protecting the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

Roy Parker · 1:07:13 I am a life member and, thanks to crap like this, I intend to sign up 4 family members as annual members. The more members, the more clout we’ll have on weak kneed politicians.

Sandra Mohler · 28:02 Pretty soon we’re going to pass laws against protesting for more than four hours in one location to reduce the amount of GARBAGE left behind..

Randel Blankenship · 4:26 Not very bright because without the second amendment and groups like the NRA who defend it the right they are demonstrating ( free speech) wouldn’t exist.

Eileen McLaughlin · 1:00:27 I will not going to mobiles kill more people every year than guns do in a decade should we band all automobile okay turn in your automobiles people

Cheryl Swafford Fagan · 8:07 Take away guns no stopping them from coming into your home and robbing you at gun point or ever worse!

Chris Vander Velden · 35:25 This is all about a spot light. The chanting is completely stupid and you can hear then slowly droning on and then it’s like the lone kid trying to be cool. Lol.

Iris Crawford · 39:21 Reminds me of my hippy days in the 60’s except back then it was “peace & Love “ … not the “hatred “ for anyone that disagrees with their agenda that we all see now!!!

Ryan Johnson · 1:13:13 Time for hardworking college kids to walkaway from the Democratic party and join the GOP. GREAT OLD PEOPLE (and cool young smart people, too. Like me. ; ) ).

Robert Bennett · 49:42 So they’re closing down a street in front of NRA headquarters. It’s a Saturday, I doubt anyone’s at work. Well thought out plan! ????

Dave Bayus · 1:09:48 Look at the Oregon incident where the government murdered a law abiding citizen who was exercising his rights and the government got away with murder. We need firearms now more than ever.

Sue McNabb · 2:26 You will NEVER take my guns…I mind the laws….why do these zombies always blame the good guys and stick up for criminals? Everything is back asswards!

Evan Raymond Arguello · 14:59 Such sissified, pansy looking white boys at Democrat gatherings. Indoctrination is not a pretty sight, is it?

Amy Barr · 12:36 I wish I could post pics here. Like me at the shooting range with my shirt that says, “Shove Gun Control Up Your…” w/a pic of a donkey! Carry on!

Dorina Kramer · 45:19 I need to see a view from higher up to gauge if there are many people or not. Mostly kids and the organizers adults. Bunch of croc.

Sherrye Morgan Calderon · 11:07 Planned parenthood murders more human beings than any organization AND profit by selling baby organs!!!

Randy Harrell · 1:10:38 A Gun can’t shoot by it self someone have load up the gun then it still won’t shoot by it self someone have pull the trigger then

Melisa Ann Schow · 0:49 NRA membership will be on the rise today

Lisa Egan · 1:06:55 Sorry but, all those neighbors of yours you’re talking about, their guns are ILLEGAL!! Try protesting the right people for a change! Idiots!

Paula-Gary Gagnon · 1:04:23 Turn in YOUR arms, I’ll keep mine. You just remember……every Tyrant took the guns, controlled the food, then the freedom of the people. You are treading on

David English · 1:02:33 Banning an individual tool won’t stop someone who is determined to do great harm, they will just find a different tool… your eyes total ignorance

Ken Davis · 18:09 Asking people to stand behind the lectern so it looks like a bigger crowd. So glad the kid that ran the a/v squad in school is setting up the sound check?

Robert O’Leary · 22:19 wen a robber storms ur house and u coulda had a gun to protect urself and then u won’t then u’ll be begging for ur life

Terry Spicer · 39:38 So you want to vote politicians out who accept money from NRA but vote in those who accept from Planned Parenthood, who actually killed babies? Right will be wrong,and wrong will be right.

David Black · 1:10:47 You want “change”…enforce the laws we have and stop trying to strip citizens of their rights to self defense, when enforcing the laws fails and our only hope is ourselves.

Carla M Clem Holub · 9:09 I HAVE had to use my gun to protect myself from a rapist. Keep that in mind when you bash these people who are standing up for my right to still be alive

Billy Guthrie · 50:05 then arrest them an fine them all if they block the street. they have a right to assemble but not a right to block traffic.

Ivan Price · 52:14 Build the wall. If you vote be sure you are a citizen. Enjoy your freedoms and allow me to enjoy mine.

Chrissie Ciocca Warner · 1:06:31 Let anyone come & try to take my guns; it’s our RIGHT & these rights shall NOT be infringed upon. Uh, hey idiot, it’s criminals with illegal guns committing the crimes.

Chuck Liss · 20:25 Right to protest. I’m all for it. I don’t agree with their agenda, but I can understand how the media has twisted their perspective on this.

Bonnie Simmons · 35:56 Would be willing to bet everyone of these people have a least one gun in their household. Of course them.or their parents will never admit it.

Jennifer Bass · 43:28 Do they think this building is the nra? ? 6 million or more legal gun owners are the NRA you dummies!

Pam Finney · 41:32 Lets see how they protect themselves if guns are taken away and they abolish ICE…..what and where are the brains of these people????YOU ain’t taken my right away……PERIOD!

Brent Borgman · 15:54 Endowment Life member here going to become Patron member for NRA…for those individuals with tree hugging children remember the your will.

Ken Davis · 22:30 Isn’t it funny that they only protest where they know they are safe by being protected by legal gun owners? Never in “gun free zones”…how ironic

Corey Dickey · 11:31 NRA only exist bc of its membership. That building could be gone and we’d still keep rolling…5 million + and growing bc of idiots like these.

Norma Berger · 53:30 George Soros continues to fund these hate groups. Why is he not silenced and his money used for the good of America…not destroy this country. Why is this guy hawking his music???????

Brenda Hales · 24:37 They no not what they do! Too bad they have no knowledge of history and what happens to people that give up their right to protect themselves!

DonnaAnd Rene Steiner · 42:56 Life lessons are where there is very strict gun control like Chicago , there is more crime. Taking away my rights because others have criminally done wrong is insane thinking.

Geri Payne · 46:42 go a head idiots. If you are ever in a mass shotting, you are going to wish some one shows up with a gun and not a sign

Tim Chesterton · 9:17 By all means have your guns, but put restrictions in place and limit what you can buy. After Hungerford in the 80s and Dunblane in the 90s in the UK restrictions put in place and work.

Matt Moyer · 18:37 That will teach that mean ole nra. Just because of that I’m gonna cancel my membership and give up my guns. Said no one ever

Steve Livermore · 2:52 If they would do things right and legally people might listen to their garbage…but all they want to do is come down town and tear things up and leave it a mess…what a shame…

Adrian Fields · 19:43 It is a school issue. And youth issue. The libral school system will not admitt to bulling !! There for the victom has had enough .get a clue !!! Libtards

Lauren Sackman · 36:46 LOL I love my NRA and we’re proud members.. Little protestors wont change our minds.. FYI its Saturday and that building is probably empty BAHAHAH idiots

Juanita Edwards Bellerose · 43:52 They play right into the Soros schemes, are ignorant of the truth, and don’t believe they are being used! Pray for enlightenment.

Trent Satterfield · 43:32 I’ll bet there’s not a hundred people there all bunched up to make it seem bigger. But if it were that large the camera would have panned to get everyone in the shot.

Cheryl Swafford Fagan · 18:40 You know When something goes down and they can’t defend themselves their gonna come running for help looking for someone that has a gun to help them!

Barb Lewis · 4:54 Bla bla blaaaa, we need more gun shows!!! NRA, thank you for helping us with our 2nd amendment!! God and guns!!!! Bless our country!!! Liberals shut up and go home!!!!!!

Kathy Davis · 1:08:29 If Obama’s promise initiative had not been in place the shooter, obvious troubled, would probably have gotten more attention BEFORE the shooting.

Kevin Pelton · 28:17 ?- where is there March for the high murder rate in city’s like, Chicago, Baltimore and others where kids die every weekend? oh- that’s right, there all run by democrats.

Susan Rose Wetzel · 25:14 ‘SAFE HAVEN’ sign holder take you DA home ….there’s your safe haven…what is up with the idiot in the blue shirt he wants to make sure he gets on TV possible for modeling position (I’m being PC)

Kay Stout · 41:56 “Let’s have a party”, someone shouted and here we are! They are blocking a street because Mom and Dad are home and the house isn’t big enough for all of them.

Thelma Austin · 13:39 When are they going to get smart enough to realize that the problem is not the guns. It is the shoot em up video game and movies that is planting evil thoughts in sick people’s minds.

Debbie Pendleton · 16:59 I hope those from the Farmers Market file a grievance report to the Down Town Board and against the approval of this event, due to loss of money.

Ann Williams · 1:06:08 Criminals will find a gun and you won’t have one to protect yourself. Probably can’t call on your neighbor because they won’t have one either.

Donna Long · 3:30 It should be disbanded if they are blocking access to the street or into buildings. Protest all they want on the sidewalk and be peaceful!

Jeff Gee · 19:07 Christine Matthews, you are the reason we have so many issues in this country. Please delete yourself

Michelle Solimini · 50:31 If they didnt live here, they woukdnt know what freedom was. Keep this stuff and you will not be a free people sadly…none of us will

Gerry Lee Handley Gruber · 30:25 Control family members while they are in diapers and don’t keep a gun in your house. Take control and I will control my family and my own guns.

Tracy Fee · 9:27 Man there’s so much protesting going on now days that I don’t even pay attention to what they have to say.. it’s become a broken record.. blah blah blah blah blah blah..

Wanda Berryhill · 30:28 List every name here and find out Who Paid them to be here!!!! Look at their background and you will see ignorance and stupidity.

Mike Johnson · 19:42 Commie organizers!!!That can’t even get the sound system working…The same group would be burning draft cards if we had to go war..

Charlotte Tarver · 17:46 They want peace and the only way to keep peace is to protect yourself. Sorry. Hope your parents have guns to protect you

Tammy Gail · 40:04 Whats even funnier is that this group of 80 ppl cant even pull their protest together ….very poorly organized…on a saturday when business office is closed at that.

Cheryl Horn · 7:02 why is shutting down the street and stopping traffic the intent? protest away, that’s one of the benefits of this country, but why inconvenience innocent ppl?

Diana Randolph Cain · 43:29 enough is enough.. unless it’s chocolate cake and then there is never enough.. I can’t wait to see the democratic party implode ……. morons

Rick Brown · 1:03:10 @Brian Worthy – those words weren’t mine — those words were repeated and questioning the lyrics to that silly sing song lyrical bloviator….

Valorie Hosch · 5:02 Brilliant plan because we know the NRA can’t get inside any other way if they are even open on Saturdays. Good job, snowflakes.

Brenda Lunsford Russell · 12:16 As long as they are peaceful, they can protest all day. They are being ridiculous, but I guess they’ve got nothing better to do!

Steve Humphrey · 15:58 Get a real cause to protest, this is getting old. NRA isn’t your enemy idiots that can’t survive in this world normally are your problem.

David Rudick · 33:10 I wonder if they know today is Saturday and no one there. Oh that’s right, everyday is Saturday for them so they can’t keep track of the days! LOL!

Leroy Cook · 19:13 Don’t confuse these people with concerned citizens. They are paid by MSM to do what the media directs them to do. The media is staging them as you watch.

Randy Bomer · 46:51 Amen enough is enough. When are these uninformed, weird nerds going to stop impersonating real protesters that know what they’re talking about?

Mary Rusher Aikman · 4:56 The little whimps are at it again, huh? When are they going to grow up? It is the criminals we need to go after, not NRA members..

Michael Inhulsen · 1:03:21 They don’t make ar15s…. only one company did and they aren’t around anymore.. the similar looking guns are nothing more than a rifle… get an education first!

Bob Gannon · 45:18 Actual hand made signs? Don’t they have sponsors who get them professionally printed signs, like the other “grassroots” movements?

Brett Petillo · 43:22 To have no knowledge of why we have the second amendment is a condemnation of our school system. Listening to these children is the equivalent of me letting my sixteen year old run the house.

Chasity Yeater · 44:42 Everyone has the right to do what they feel is best but, I don’t agree with them! I support my second amendment and always will!

Kenneth R. Seidner · 13:40 No clue idiots with to much time on their hands. It hasn’t occurred to them to spend the energy down something worthwhile!!

Jt Swindle · 15:34 Been a member f the NRA for years, and I can guarantee you this doesn’t do anything except to remind me to seen them a little extra this month !!!

Steven Herrmann · 47:58 Maybe if the police and ICE could enforce the laws we wouldn’t have so many criminals and illegals with UNLICENCED guns. Don’t take AMERICAN rights away!

Kathleen Murphy Griffin · 1:09:36 With all these marches and protests we know its got to be every issue. Protest march against everything. We need to protest voter fraud. Insist for voter ID and paper ballot.

Chris Douglas · 14:36 These people are idiots and don’t have a clue about life. They want their agenda pushed when half of them don’t even know what the agenda is. #prolife #progun #proAmerica

Steve Henna · 17:57 ….some gun control changes that help children stay alive in their schools is a good thing….and yes I am a multiple gun owner….

Scott Kirby · 45:13 It should be listed as a hate crime for people to do stuff like this to people who only what to keep their rights … these people need to be labeled as home grown terrorist… Not the gun owners

Carl Lanore · 25:36 They’re planning a march on the automobile club of America. Next week calling for an end to car accident fatalities …. witless lemmings

Paige Shaneyfelt · 50:38 We the people are sick of morons that don’t have jobs so they cause probs for decent people. Get s life! U will never shut down the NRA!!

Ernie Bott · 26:08 If the NRA is the evil terrorist organization that they say it is, wouldn’t they ahve to worry about being shot? Just sayin!

TJ Hambright · 3:49 More proof of America’s failed education system. They’ve been indoctrinated, not taught anything at all! Mob mentality, and libs are mentally impaired!

Tommy D Man · 27:45 I feel sorry for those people. So clueless. They need a big government to run their lives because thinking for themselves is scary.

Mary Susan Vescio Holinka · 35:34 Maybe they should focus on not ostracizing other people, or if they really are mad, take cars away from teenagers!!! More deaths from that!

George R Jones · 40:37 Do these people know what camping and fishing is all about. It seems like a very boring life just to protest every week end.

Lawrence Larry Weigel II · 32:53 Where is the drone shot to see the actual numbers, it doesn’t look like many people! And where are the busses that brought them in?

Patti Eisenhauer Pontbriand · 33:17 Seriously, what do any of these protests accomplish except getting certain people riled up to do damage to property or innocent bystanders? Just wondered.

Daymon Michaud · 1:02:59 Then they all need to be arrested for jaywalking and whatever else law enforcement can charge them with. Lawlessness should never be allowed.

Grady Griffin · 9:50 I have had guns every since I was a kid and never hurt anyone. When are these people going to realize the guns don’t fire by themselves?

Lori Timmons Crofutt · 33:47 Guns dont kill, people(criminals) do, if someone kills someone with a baseball bat are the going to ask for a ban on baseball bats

Pam Sletten · 21:22 Driving and texting/talking kill more people than guns. I wonder how many of them would be willing to give up their cell phones?

Ray Hoopes · 38:58 ANYONE wanting to SAVE while joining the group that promotes gun safety. You can use this link.

Michael Ciaramella · 9:29 It’s not a retail store. Who cares. Gives these retards with no life something to do on a Saturday. If they misbehave, teach them some manners.

Sara Keith · 1:12:12 Wow…she just mentioned not to get rid of history….they are tearing down history and removing it from history books

Chris Dilg · 3:13 The great news is that these people are all whining and no money. Scream your lungs out! NRA and the majority of Americans will always defeat your cause (and whining):

Craig Soifer · 50:26 We have Freedom ,stop using We The People you and those fool out there is not what the country is made up of

Ray Moreno · 8:15 Obviuosly these protesters have no idea how many lives are saved everyday because of legally owned guns. So what rights are they willing to give?

John Skeen · 58:01 Stupid young people who just listen to the liberals. Guns don’t kill people do! Now try to do something productive and solve the people problem!

Ed Cose · 53:01 More people are killed texting while driving, so let’s get rid of cell phones. Guns don’t kill people pulling the trigger do.

Marilyn Robinson · 1:03:53 You people are so ignorant! If it were not for people who own guns you would not be able to hold your rally and speak and live in a FREE country!

Steve Oldfield · 7:37 Boy that’s a big crowd not looks like a Hillary rally if y’all want to do something just start the civil war so we can show you why there’s a Second amendment

Alex Wytas · 5:57 In a bitter twist of irony one of them will have a heart attack and the ambulance won’t be able to get to them in time because they’re blocking the road. Go march off a cliff.

John Labas · 36:39 Is there anything more pitiful than a group of Americans actively rallying to give up their freedoms. What is wrong with these people?

Linda Falke · 26:02 Wow! People chanting and holding signs, and making it difficult for people to travel to wherever it is they need to be. I’m impressed. NOT!!!

John Randall · 29:30 Yeah, dumbo’s, maybe you like being accosted in your own home by a bunch of punks and unable to protect yourselves, not me!

Janet Wilber · 3:03 Such STUPIDITY on their part. The NRA teaches people how to be responsible gun owners. The ones who shoot people just for the joy don’t know how to ace responsibly with a gun.

Roger Thestrup · 36:11 These people simply have nothing better to do, same crew at different protests it’s like a place to meet other flacks!! By the way get a better singer!!

Laurie Fullerton · 29:34 The NRA has not killed anyone and is not blood money. Those that are unstable are & will use anything to kill even a stick. Ohhh van sticks.

Thomas E. Hubbard II · 24:42 If they’re that afraid of the NRA, then more people should join. Make a donation or join today!

Linda Johnson Piel · 36:37 If they are blocking streets they are breaking the law – These so called law abiding citizens – that doesn’t want law abiding citizens to own a gun.

Carmen Nick Cericalo · 1:10:26 Take guns away from law-abiding citizens and criminals will always have glands and you’ll have no way in the world to protect yourself wake up

Clinton Clark · 3:04 These people are so delusional !!!! The left is really getting crazy with all these “protests”. I guess Soros is paying for them.

Steve Stander · 15:45 NYT called for anarchy today, go for it, but I will exercise my 2nd Amendment rights of you dare threaten me or my family in any way!

Paul Lombard · 37:49 Useless people the only reason they Still have the right to protest is because of the Second Amendment !!!!

F Lee Ruark · 11:06 Like a toddler…., ignore them and they will get bored and think of something else…. Until then ridicule, point, and laugh.

Marie Leiker · 34:31 this isn’t even a March they are just standing their yelling chants from high school that changed and put NRA in place of a rival high school lmao

Juan Caldera · 1:10:47 I can’t wait until they pass the law to ban guns. So we can see the lines of criminals that live in the hood all nicely lined up to turn in their guns. ?

Gwendolyn R Purifoy · 28:15 I’m going to buy MORE GUNS and AMMO now!

Ronald C Trimble Jr. · 58:34 Dumb! The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a Basic Human Right, and Essential to Maintaining Freedom and Sovereignty. Without it, Tyrants Rule. ?

Sherry Lynn Weitzel · 38:05 So ridiculous! Rather than waste time protesting why not use your time to do something productive that actually matters and will make a meaningful difference?

Joshua Vick · 37:59 You can really see who knows what they are talking about, and who only watch cnn and get their info from liberal media and democrats. What a joke.

Sandi Buckert · 34:53 Children….. not even legal to vote yet because their brains aren’t developed fully and they think they have answers….. stupidity at its best

Ed McCay · 17:48 The first Amendment protects their right to protest. The second Amendment protects to first and all our rights. Shame schools don’t teach the Constitution anymore.

Jim Gardner · 1:06:40 Guns aren’t the problem, it’s the individuals who have issues that shouldn’t ever had one. Law abiding citizens aren’t the ones who are doing this. Wake up!

Thelma Russell · 8:50 This is not freedom of speech, I call this disturbing the peace, loitering, and trashing public and business properties. We will see what they leave behind.

Thomas Haupt · 1:03:39 Fight against my constitutional right to keep and bear arms?? You are not talking on my behalf. Sry for your loss but don’t tread on me for your need of a safe place.

Corey Lyons · 53:34 youre going to protest and shut down, breaking the law, in front of an organization that is dedicated to protecting the 2nd Amendment of this country…….

Gregg Sparks · 32:06 That is so funny their chanting get rid of the nra, yet their also chanting kill the leader. You all have such double standards.

Frances Fitzpatrick-Ashmore · 7:16 Good grief stop your nonsense. Criminals will always find guns on the street, black market. I have the right to protect myself.

Carolyn Patton Gardner · 23:01 Funny how they think guns killed people on there own no one held them they just shoot how dumb can you get blame a gun how about the criminal

Helen Ras · 42:43 Someone pays them to protest we have rights to have guns the same people support planned parenthood and abortion. Support the new the criminals always have illegal guns

Meg Vaughan · 41:22 More guns – need more in the schools to protect kids! Arm the admin/teachers who want to be armed. Vote those against the NRA out!

Jesse Ables · 31:14 What would happen if all pro-gun people in the area showed up peacefully and outnumbered all these people 20:1 and started to out chant them?

Judy Rhea Carrier · 47:38 Just now joined the NRA. Have never belonged before, but I do want to stand up to these idiots and fight for my right to bear arms.

Greg De · 44:33 You people are a bunch of misinformed, misguided, sh*tty music playing, fools. Do something more constructive with your time!!

Randy Plunkett · 58:23 Misguided and uninformed people can be dangerous. Read the data and you’ll find that preventing law abiding citizens from protecting themselves is not the answer.

Bradley King · 56:37 This last 5 minutes of watching this nonsense is 5 minutes of my life I will never get back… what was I thinking? I know… entertainment.

Candy Patrick Stull · 7:16 oh great….another mess to clean up… dumped plastic water bottles, food waste and what ever else they decide to trash…like every other liberal protest..

Keri Bellach · 59:44 Thinking of target practicing today. Sorry for your loss but guns don’t kill people do just like there are drunk drivers.

Dennis J. Mark · 2:19 Maybe if those left wing lunatics were out looking for jobs instead of always marching they would improve their lives….

Karen Morlan · 18:38 Why are people protesting in our strays it’s not our problem you need to take to a place that matters

David Lawrence · 24:08 I wonder if these people thing the NRA is a government function? Do they know the NRA is just an organization supporting the 2nd amendment??

Joel Martino · 1:00:57 If they really wanted to impact change, they’d go to every ‘hood in every liberal city where the most amounts of killings are occurring. But, they won’t.

Lisa Collins · 36:30 guns dont kill people its the person pulling the trigger….duh. NRA & 2nd Amendment is going nowhere.

Victor R. van Houten · 1:01:06 How about putting the blame where it belongs , they had a chance to put this boy away many times and didn’t do it the school the sheriff’s department social worker didn’t do their jobs

Tim Ramey · 27:50 75 people maybe? Wow I am so impressed what a way for them to spend that government check they just received, wasting their time looking so ignorant..

Ali Elkins · 50:18 I bet there are people there protecting this event(cops or sherriff..marshall units..), take them away let’s see how they feel about guns then

Sherry Borlabi · 9:21 Think of what good these people could do if they protested planned parenthood to stop the killing of babies that kills more child yearly then guns.

Patrick Keenehan · 34:58 Everyone who is not a member of the NRA sign up. It’s not expensive and they even give you a free gift. It would send a message if everyone became a member. It’s a great organization.

Karen Carmody League · 1:04:37 Guns are not the problem…..a hateful , Godless society is the problem . Change that and you will not need to worry about who owns a gun…

Don Howard · 3:15 Are Soros, obama & HILLARY the head of the 3 headed snake attempting the Coup D’etat. Investigate Mueller do a real job.

Selene-Douglas Brannin · 29:39 Be vary carful what you ask for, you just might get it! As a student of history this is just what happened right before the last civil war.

Marc Knapp · 9:09 You can also show your support for downloading gun schematics, here:

Gerry Klepfer · 10:17 March on gangs and drug dens and stop them from shooting each other u don’t have the first with out the second fools

Debbie Reagan McGreggor · 59:52 Why aren’t they protesting the incompetent sheriff and the FBI for poor follow up. Proud NRA member…you’re not taking my gun.

Judy Matott · 1:06:36 Big money paying for all this distraction as Dems have no REAL issues to run on … just chaos & divisiveness… brainlessness

George Beebe · 26:22 They are what they are. They are not smart enough to know there are gun laws. Childish chants will get them nothing but laughed at.

Loretta Jones Callahan · 6:06 Our family works every day and we don’t have time to protest nothing, we don’t want to take our day off that we spend with our family too walk and stand in the heat.

Christopher Harmel · 20:28 More like “March of Ignorance” . Their feeble little minds have been programmed by those pushing for total government control of our lives.

Ruben Radar Rodriguez · 21:24 I guess when they’re done they’re going to march in front of the DEA headquarters to protest drug overdose? Or march in front of the Womens’ Shelter to protest Wife Beatings?

Debbie Mc Colery Farmer · 1:47 How about a protest against gangs …. March in their neighborhoods and make them give up their illegal weapons and behave like good citizens

Eleanor Garner Penland · 5:27 Re cleanup. The city should require a clean up policy of 25,000$ when the issue the permit. Refundable if they clean up their mess,

Iris Garcia Cotto · 1:03:17 Oh please! Y’all are not solving anything by protesting. Nobody is giving up their guns or their freedom to carry, so…moving on..

Conny Dom Treuberg · 58:25 I am the voice of my 14 year old daughter that got killed…..and the voices all cheered. What is wrong with that picture…

Bill Tice · 55:13 I agree they shouldn’t block safe traffic flow, each person needs identified and charged in the event an emergency person or vehicle is prevented from performing their duties.

Judy L Sample · 48:23 Let just one of these idiots get attached by a criminal. Next they would cry because the police were not on the scene immediately to help them.

Lance N Amber Powell · 30:41 There isn’t even that many people there! They made them bow out to take up more space and look bigger……. hahahhahahaha idiots

Rick Gibbs · 0:00 Protest…yes..they have that right…to block roads, inhibit commerce, generally harass the neighborhood…NO…NOT OK

John P. Orr · 9:21 More people that not only don’t like America, they want to make it a totally new country
Move…….and take the NFL and NBA with you.

Ed Dixon · 54:23 don’t quit your day job you probably don’t have none but don’t sweat it if you did cuz you’re sad brother God bless America

Mathew Bannister · 1:03:33 Still want to see a reasonable interpretation of the second amendment that includes shall not be infringed that doesn’t have infringements.

Brandon Vinyard · 32:29 Accomplishing nothing but bringing in more money for the NRA. It’s a Saturday, how much business do they think they are effecting?

Priscilla Parker Riley · 23:57 It’s funny why do they all was want to take guns away from law abiding citizens but never said or attempt to take them away from all the gang members

David Chubbuck Jr · 30:53 Give up your guns and then we will become helpless against our own government! Guns don’t kill people…people kill people!!

Stephanie Freedom · 36:47 These fools don’t want the rights their parents and grandparents and great grandparents died for…even singing HORRIBLE SONGS to end their rights.

Alan Millard · 44:57 Our country has changed too much already. To hell with change unless it’s to change it back to the better country it was in the past.

Celeste Gentile Pry · 1:09:32 And how do they plan on taking illegal guns away from the criminals. FYI not all those police officers are racist hating people of color.

Glenda Wheeler · 4:15 This infuriates me why aren’t they arrested for blocking the road where are our congressmen oh Yea forgot vacation useless tools

Chasity Yeater · 40:59 How is it legal to shut down streets. I mean I can careless if anyone wants to protest but, I don’t understand how they get away with it!

Michelle Dumas Barbay · 48:10 brainwashed sheople doing the bidding of the one world order, deep state and the un… Not one viable brain cell among the bunch.

Will Mickle · 49:44 ALL lives matter. Guns have been around centuries, and this is a recent problem. It’s a spiritual problem and ignorance problem.

Norma Berger · 1:03:40 Is this any way to use the death of the Parkland victims as a tool to stop school shootings???? He could use his voice in a more productive manner.

Brian McGreevy · 20:50 Don’t people understand that the NRA doesn’t support violent crimes and acts. They are here to protect the people rights to protect them selves and sportsmen.

Helen Davis · 15:06 Why don’t they go after the criminals and clean up their own communities rather than attack an organization that promotes safety! NRA is not the problem!

Nicki Cooper · 9:57 Go home you bunch of freaks. Stop obstructing traffic & learn to protest peacefully. If you dont want a gun, dont buy one!

Leo E Draegert · 5:49 Gee! I hope they have the right permits to close a street! If not I hope city jails all of them and makes them paya high bail to get out

Teresa Womack · 1:06:30 Sorry about your love one , but people the ones that kill it could been something else that kill them ,it was mean people, they need God in there life

Daniel M. Laurin · 3:57 Such a sad thing that these protests are based on lies and false information. These are the people that are brainwashed by the fake news media!

Todd J Scott · 28:06 You guys wanna give up your right to self defense go ahead. I’ll keep mine. Life member NRA

Deirdre Arola · 39:08 Here’s a point of view… get out of rhe dam road and go home! How about that for a change! What in the ever living f*** is wrong with these people???????????

Peggy Adams Newport · 13:34 These people should be thankful they are free to do this! Thankful for this country! Very few Socialists countries allow this! Leave the NRA alone! Go do this on

Laurie Dixon-Day · 49:51 Ho goves them the right to inconvenience otjer people. Should not be allowed to shut down streets. You dont speak for me

Danny Jackson · 32:14 This is about the thing you will cover. You hace only liberal agendas. You won’t cover a police officer defending thier self.

Troy Matthews · 29:58 So how does blocking a street in front of the NRA which is probably closed for the weekend doing anything it’s laughable

Donna Jean Hudson · 1:10:12 Wait till MS13, beats and cuts up one of your family members or friends. You’ll wish they would have had protection.

Teresa Hoffman · 23:20 How many times do these people need to be told….the gun didn’t kill, the PERSON killed. How did so many become so ignorant in such a short time.

Jefferson Bangaan · 47:27 Sure. Generally they want to get rid of the only things that can defend themselves from those who don’t follow the laws. ?

Chris Holcomb · 10:25 Stupid people don’t teach their kids anything anymore it’s not the nra’s it’s people who let veido games raise their kids for them respect stars at home

Phil Philleson · 7:10 To much time on their hands with misinformation and hate. It is a Socialist Communist action that is a bad mixture of propaganda that fosters TROUBLE.

Joe Marcucci · 23:05 Shootings have nothing to do with the NRA, but liberals have no common sense. Can we just send them to Iran or North Korea, please?

Claire Lamb · 0:00 People, you need to control the illegal guns. Criminals will get a gun if they want one. Good citizens obey the laws, criminals don’t.

John Garland · 1:05:39 ‘We don’t want to live in fear of being shot”, he says. Well, how’s that working in “gun free” Chicago?

Robert Belcher · 1:11:45 You talking racist and if you take the guns away then it will be more violence then what you see how. Quit crying about the guns

Dar Larson · 56:27 Next time we get attacked give the terrorist a hug and a veggie burger and see how that works!!! I’ll be fine with my arms!!!!

Louis Varrialle · 19:13 Looks like a snowflake convention, nothing better to do with their weekend, it’s the bill of rights not the bill of needs DUMP CUOMO !!

Craig Norwood · 42:18 The NRA IS going to be here for a long time. Why don’t you people take care of your personal stuff cause you look like a bunch of fools standing there.

John-Paul York · 20:14 If you get a chance, take a tour of the National Firearms museum at the BE A headquarters. My boys loved it!

Louisa Pagliaroli Rotundo · 8:22 Go into Chicago and plead your case. Chicken shits in a safe area where you prove nothing. Fight back like Chicagoans are beginning to do.

Lori Stout · 59:45 sorry for your lost. be strong and let all america protest agaisnt metal illness, that causes the death of children

Ben Taylor · 1:05:58 These people have no knowledge of the historical importance of a free people having access to guns..It’s sad..

Kim Troutman · 28:53 Oh they all love that tax cut & get more money for having children & get job anywhere but yet they acking brainless idiots what more then losers want .

Tommy Johnson · 0:00 Pro NRA member tired of all these people wanting to infringe on my rights!! What gives them the right to block the street?? Lock their a$$ up

Greg Kelley · 1:00:08 I bet you every one of them couldn’t answer the question, Can a gun all by itself an unloaded shoot another person.

Veronica Vela Davila · 23:28 Anybody that purposely obstruct traffic should go to jail…or run over them…one or the other …thsts what the streets are for…for driving….not walking

Martha K. Patterson · 29:53 I hope the NRA sets up a membership drive table in frontvof their building and that theybare swamped with new members.

Sherry Sudar Wittemann · 18:03 Hopefully all the protesters getting paid are making at least $15/hour – they probably have no idea what they’re protesting… ?

Shawn Penberthy · 56:49 Gotta love the sheep herders lmao it is so funny to watch these people try and have their own rights and liberties taken from them selves

Brian Seegmiller · 38:59 Let’s ban cars. Since they kill more people than guns. oh wait, maybe it is the person getting in a car that is drunk not the car.

Eddie Franco · 34:17 lonely people trying to gain acceptance from anyone, so why not protest on a Saturday, great way to meet other lonely idiots.

Daniel Burleson · 30:12 What do we want and when do we want it. Not you or your opinion. Why why. Guns save lives people kill. Now now y’all are idiots.

Bobby Bryant · 1:00:09 They can advocate more gun control laws all day long but it doesn’t make a difference if someone wants to kill others.

Barbara Hannula · 59:17 You people have no idea what you are doing. It’s not just guns. If you have bad intentions you’re going to find a way!!!!

Damon Bryan · 3:57 Another socialist march. To get rid of Constitution. Time they go. One way ticket to wherever that has the socialist state that they want

Debbie Ransom · 22:43 People remember who you vote in the next election will have say so on this. So if you want to keep your gun for protection better not vote for the leftist

Denis Engeldrum · 21:35 Red wave is on the way. Irrelevant fools, the first generation in America demanding their chains of government.

Melinda Tayman · 56:32 looks like they are trying to be like the flower children of the 60’s what a joke if that’s the case where’s the love and peace?

Laurentiu Todie · 44:36 Thank you for the boost in gun sales!
You’re intelligent people and know from prior experience that it will follow, no?

Bob C Krumin · 14:43 Remember my fellow patriots get out and vote in November so that our wonderful president can keep winning for US ????????????????????

Grace Mehall Vitale · 14:01 We can see the NRA has their paid Trolls out commenting on this legal, peaceful, protest even before it starts.

Darren Beaver · 1:08:49 Half of them probally do not kkoq what they are marching for..they are just there cause other people are there ! Stupid!

Judith Tattersall · 10:18 IDIOTS!! Why aren’t they arrested or forced to move on? Since when is it okay to obstruct traffic?? Where are the police to stop this nonsense?

Samuel P. Turner Jr. · 16:36 Someone please tell these dumbasses to go home, The NRA is no more at fought for shootings then Ford or Chevy for drunk driving

Gary Barker · 1:08:41 The term “Gun Violence” is total B.S.! Let’s put the blame where it belongs, the deadening of people’s value of life!

Michael Barry · 49:33 Murder is already against the law. You cannot legislate evil. Also you misunderstand the 2nd amendment. It is a warning to the government.

Tim Klemmetsen · 43:48 Hahahah. I love sheep. They can’t even come together on a chant. Do they know what they are protesting? I don’t and therefore they will change nothing.

Robert Bartow · 14:41 If you don’t first identify the problem, all ensuing steps will fail. The problem will never be solved.

Jennie Bettine · 39:42 You have no idea what you are talking about. Guns are not the problem, Disrespect for life and God is the problem. The NRA is simply millions of people standing for their right to protect themselves.

Linda Brenneman · 20:11 I am so sick of these people protesting and marching for every single little thing. They are making themselves just look ridiculous. Grow up

Steve Crisp · 9:42 In front of NRA headquarters, probably safest place in America. Why aren’t they in downtown Chicago or New Orleans?

Ray Ray · 49:06 How much does it really mean when your reading it from a piece of paper that took you weeks to write???

Gary Pharis · 4:28 I just joined the NRA being prompted by all of the recent protests against the NRA. I’m thankful the NRA is working to help protect the 2nd Amendment.

Dave Bayus · 39:40 I want to commend the promoters of this rally. Gun sales are escalating and NRA MEMBERSHIP is increasing. Good job and thank you.

Marcie Byler · 38:02 How is this even news???? Most of them are there only to get their minute of fame on tv.. Peoples opinions aren’t news….

Dennis Collins · 34:09 Someone please needs to explain to me why the NRA is being targeted they had nothing to do with any of this. All of these people were Democrats did the shootings perhaps I should close Democrat headquarters

Glenn Meentemeyer Sr. · 10:35 Get the water cannons out and flush them away.

Melinda Tayman · 10:51 what’s happening to our second amendment? we need to stop all this craziness? We live in a free country or so i thought!

Steve Girton · 4:31 anti NRA people aren’t well informed.. it really is that simple, they hear the leftist propaganda and swallow it

Donna DiFrancesco · 15:14 ? Most of them don’t know what or why they are protesting. Are they paid ? It could be the under the table job they aren’t paying taxes on. ?

Barbara Burr · 6:11 They all own guns they should all quit accepting money from Soros and Clinton’s to protests don’t believe me look st add on Craig’s list

Morgan Jessica · 38:09 Who’s to believe his/her is fake.. Only God can judge but I’m still single ready and want a relationship with good heart.

Jennifer Sizemore · 37:06 Only in America people riot to have their rights taken away… and OMG hope that singer keeps her day job!

Vikki Russell · 0:45 No they don’t know what they’re doing , they just think they’re out having fun! #DumbDemocrats

Diane Sloan · 6:57 NRA is a good form of promoting good behavior. We need more NRA’s. I have never heard NRA telling folks to do evil things with guns.

Susan Crase · 12:33 Sadly not reasoning well, not being realistic, not considering the logistics, not considering outcome etc. So misguided! So misled!

Max Heck · 21:26 If the NRA was what these people say it is there would be an army of rednecks there mowing them down with machine guns.

Connie Lopez Smith · 27:07 I am a member of the NRA, and I don’t like guns, but I believe we have a right to protect ourselves.

Christopher Eddy · 44:40 What’s next if people use cars are you going to ban those 2 what about fire and electricity those can be weapons 2

Betty Powers · 24:18 Brain ? dead Liberals! I hope one day they need a gun to save the self or a family member, and, none around

Burma Shaver · 1:09:24 Why is a gun the only object that gets blamed,any other device or tool you blame the sick twisted individual.

Tommy Wieczorek · 1:03:10 Hey kid. Put that March for our lives t shirt on a baby. When he goes to the planned Parenthood rally

Kathleen Donnelly Swann · 56:24 Does he really think he is a song writer and singer?? Send him to Venezuela, N KOREA. All he is doing is using this platform to get known

Wallace Whitlow · 35:58 What do you want to bet that more than a few of them has a T shirt on with the murderer Che Guevara printed on the front?

Mary June · 50:33 You think people will give up their guns because of this protest? Mothers, teach your kids respect 1st…

Tracy A. Yeakley-Gaylor · 29:58 we have right to bear arms ppl kill not guns even if NRA went bye-bye it will still be east to get guns

Matt Lopresti · 20:53 So they’re going to inconvenience people and think that it will help their cause. What a bunch of fools.

Norma Head · 34:16 I wonder how many of them have snuffed out a human life through abortion. No gun involved; so it is ok?

Mark Payne · 1:04:12 What is your sincere plan to keep guns out of the hands of criminals? If you don’t have one u r racist.

Susan Dedo Pankratz · 1:06:21 NRA didn’t kill anyone and sorry for your loss but it takes a human to pull the trigger. Texting kills more people.

Sara Anderson · 13:45 Great my thoughts and prayers are with the NRA as they hover over bankruptcy. It’s in God’s hands, nothing we can do.

Tammy Wright Gray · 57:43 Ok so lets remember anything can be used as a weapon… forks, knives hammers.. so what we ban those also??

Don Schilling · 57:50 Why are these people always protesting something…everything…my God, these people need some happiness in their lives…

Terry Radicioni · 59:10 The is a waste of time. Need signatures, and daily calls , emails to our congressman and demand change.

Karen Armand Battersby · 3:11 Thanks for the reminder. My husband needed to re-up his NRA membership. He’s at the computer doing it now.

Eileen McLaughlin · 25:34 NRA hasn’t killed anyone , but illegal immigrants have killed hundreds of people why aren’t you protesting that

Gary Shanks · 1:06:13 We would not have as many illegal immigrants, if our laws were enforced. The left only see their agenda.

Robert Hudson · 17:28 So you’re saying the brutal police and oppressive government should be the only ones with guns??? Obsurd reasoning..

Greg Kelley · 58:25 Can some one explain what a civil terrorist is. Is it a terrorist who is polite to others an who law abiding.


Joe Gallagher · 24:25 There are a lot of folks wearing hunters orange for some reason. What are they afraid of. LOL And there are gun laws idiots

Joe Cahoon · 4:14 Those people want communism to come to America. Blind sheep falling wolf. If it wasn’t for guns they wouldn’t even be able to march.

Edith Moore · 3:50 For you and your families safety in the furure ..We all better have a gun and be prepared to protect our families .

PJ Twardoski · 35:33 Thank you marchers. You have opened my eyes. Thanks to you all I have just renewed my NRA membership for another year.

Sean Dawson · 50:13 Blamming the NRA, is like blaming the steel workers union for drinking and driving accidents…srupid people..

Thomas O’Connor · 2:46 NRA all the way, protect the second amendment. ??

Daniel Applebay · 26:21 Gosh, there’s like 50 people…and their so cute with their little chants!! Pass the Koolaid!! What a box of rocks!!

Shirley Barnett · 21:10 Lord ,Your the ONLY ONE who and Bring the Change needed here through Out he Earth .. We Got to have more of Jesus ..

Shirley Collinsworth Paslay · 7:37 Let them march… they have the right to do so, per the first amendment. Just like I have a right to a gun, per the second ammendment

Jeffrey Lackey · 33:11 Bunch of snowflakes, so stupid..if you take away the right to defend yourself, then our right to freedom will go next

Tommy Wieczorek · 43:53 Let’s get the babies some March for our lives t shirts. So they can March at a Planned Parenthood rally

Kathryn Crissman · 1:08:05 How’s Chicago working for you? Or don’t you care about the children and people there? I know the mayor doesn’t.

Michael Pope · 18:20 These kids don’t realize the battle they are picking. Going to be sad to see the snowflakes eventually get destroyed.

Marilyn Leo · 3:20 The best thing to do is ignore them. They will eventually get bored and be on to the next moral outrage.

Wendy Yielding · 5:08 March for our lives, what about those innocent lives you all are for taking. #MAGA! #walkaway…no RUN!

Jamie Whittig · 7:40 Yea who cares, keep it up….You are not against the NRA you are against your neighbors and friends. It won’t be long until we stand up.

Rodney Wilkerson · 4:56 NRA doesn’t kill people~~ people kill people.

Mary Jeffcoat · 27:17 Oh look. It’s Soros at work again. To bad his money doesn’t run out. It must have a bottomless pit!!!!

Corey Burrup · 27:00 Extending my membership as they speak.

Jeffrey Allen Haffa Sr. · 1:11:42 Now you’re getting into loon territory. Sit down… Nobody listening after your first few minutes of mind numbing drivel.

Mike MacDonald · 1:06 I tried to buy a gun at the NRA, they laughed at me

Veronica Bilotta · 29:58 Well this looks like fun to see these whiners but now back to my “Gun Shooter Video Games” for practice lol

Deborah D. Desmond · 9:01 If they don’t have a permit, and are blocking traffic, why are these groups not being arrested? Politicians and law enforcement are letting the minority groups run rogue.

Mary Laing Jones · 1:05:00 I will carry and your schools better carry to protect your kids. If they looks know we are armed they will stop

Paul Kelly · 23:37 The day you give a pro-life march of this size this much attention is the day I start paying attention to you again, Fox News.

Alma Merrill · 44:51 Nobody’s even listening to her they’re all just looking around in different directions. Must be important.

Christie Robinson · 5:15 Bet they won’t come to the South with all their “wit” on gun control!!! I’ll even hand them a double dare!!!!!

Sheila Hendley Whitehead · 12:55 Pleassssse! Everyone of these people would protect their selves and loved ones with a Gun if the situation arose!

Mick Buffum · 1:05:49 who is the REAL racist here? these brainwashed kids are filling out there democratic voter registration cards.

Kent Sanderson · 7:39 These people that ate always protesting are young. And should be working ! Just saying ? NC Deplorable ??????

Olin Fulk · 5:10 There’s MAYBE 100 people there, and tonight the mainstream media will report there were tens of thousands…

Ron Pearson · 3:43 When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. The Second Amendment is making more women FREE than the women

Victor Ahearne · 42:33 The same ones who are protesting guns are the ones bullying the kids, who turn around and go on shooting rampages….

Dena-Marie Mattia · 15:15 2nd amendment will never be taken away! If they ever tried civil war II and this time only one side will be armed.

Doug Wayne · 10:37 People who think killing tens of thousands of babies every year is a good idea have zero credibility

Frank Romano · 21:40 500k @ March for Life (little or no media) ….. A few hundred at one of these events …. Media frenzy. Sad.

Randy Weaver · 11:21 The real reason these wimps on parade do it is to give themselves an excuse for being scared of guns.

Linda Green · 2:40 Go ahead they will NEVER be able to take our guns people will shoot them first it will cause a civil war

Don Herrmann · 17:46 a collection of misguided fools . It isn’t the NRA. These foolish protestors simply can’t handle the truth.

DebraCarl Hoyle · 19:37 Snow flakes, wouldn’t be able to have the right to protest if not for freedom, and freedom comes at cost.

Andree Lonsdale Gross · 45:00 Hahaha all standing around looking at each other for cues! No one is leader enough to make the first move.?

Cliff Munson · 44:13 I am already a NRA member, but I will drop another check for $100 to their political action committee.

Angela Burgess Lasher · 45:13 “Do not vote for those who value money over citizens, veterans and children”. Well, don’t vote democrat then.

Debbie Krewson-James · 7:01 Move to Chicago! They Ha e very struck gun laws. Seriously, move to where you feel at home. Free Country (so far)

Stacy B Hermann · 28:52 It’s easy to lose freedoms !!!!!!but very hard to get them back why would any citizen want to lose their rights. Unreal

Shawna Mersch Koehn · 9:17 When they gather to talk about the real problem, the breakdown of family, “latchkey children” who join gangs to belong to a family, mental health, and enforce the laws we already have, maybe I’ll listen.

Sally J Gerschefske · 43:32 Its not the guns. It is the crime that goes unpunished due to liberal laws Stiffer penalties works.

Rodney Davis · 35:20 If the media didn’t run live feeds for these fools they would be irrelevant just like they are everyday anyways.

Ron Frandrup · 9:41 It’s too bad these people don’t do something meaningful instead looking like fools

Roxanna Delfer · 23:51 Shame to see so many paid activist trying to take away our rights and freedoms, not even understanding the consequences

Lori Clement · 27:37 That’s great….they are chanting for gun laws. Hmmmm. We already have gun laws. Guess who breaks them.

Ryan Cesky · 27:25 Only law enforcement should have guns. But wait, all law enforcement are racist bigots. Wait I’m confused.

Vicky S. Ripdos · 45:14 Criminal always find a way to get a gun and As We People have also the right to Protect Our Love Ones!

MD Gief · 1:37 I’m sure it’s real busy there on a Saturday. Stay hydrated. Bahahahaaha
Guns don’t kill people. People kill people!

Kassandra Avery · 18:49 my dad has been a memeber of teh NRA fro as long as i can remeber and even i read th magizens i love guns

Diane Henderson · 7:33 They should be organizing something to help the mentally ill who commit most of the crazy gun crimes..

Suzie Littrell · 10:27 The ones looking to disarm you is planning to rob you and not get shot while invading your property. Not.

Cindy Ambrogio · 19:23 So every one wants gun control Why , because people are getting killed ? Is this the issue ? Im not understanding it

Stephanie Freedom · 12:23 Fake news and FALSE FLAGS that never happened -or not the way they say it did… you people are crazy. Go home. Get a job.

Bruce Lewark · 1:05:22 Sorry for your loss. The NRA is not the problem. Mental illness and criminals are the problem. Use your energy to make change in criminal laws and mental health.

Sandra Mohler · 26:17 So when these “protesters” leave are they going to clean their mess or trash the place like they have every other orotest.

Guy Almy · 4:24 It’s Saturday…so I’m sure the place is closed anyways…guess they have nothing else to do. Photo Ops….

Brandon Mccauley · 44:54 No Martha fox justbisnt afraid to cover everything while CNN only covers their agenda. we need to know that this was going on

Kim Franklin · 1:04:51 If I not allowed to tell them how to think & what to think, then they have NO right to force their beliefs upon me or anybody else.

Shawna Kirscht-Garcia · 26:13 Their numbers shrink more and more. How many babies killed to day due to abortion! Talk about blood money

Maryanne McGinnis · 20:41 Jeez, now what? Where is there outrage in major cities with drug problems, gang problems, killing each other?

Erika Baurick Mack · 30:39 Sounds like, by their shouting, that there isn’t much verbal support. Cheering section is pretty small.

Dan Frattasio · 15:15 How about a March against Planned Parenthood. There are more babies die every year versus being killed by guns

Kitty Snyder Hall · 19:28 stop shut down what is causing this nonsense.. disregard for human life in music, families, video games, media

Samantha Platt · 34:55 All people saying they are cleaning their guns – wow. Just wow. There are no words to describe how pathetic you are.

Jo-Ann Curtis · 8:01 This is criminal to interfere with citizens traveling. I refuse to listen to anyone who takes away others rights.

Julie Eskeli · 37:54 A gun is a tool. Where guns are banned, criminals still get guns or choose something else to use as a weapon.

Artie Melia · 49:01 All sponsored by crooked Hillary, Soros, Obama ,planned parenthood and far left- all planned well ahead and financed by them

Brandon Mccauley · 53:01 Brian it doesn’t matter what the laws are. criminals will still have guns. Don’t you want the option to protect yourself?

Mary Hutto · 46:57 Yeah smart people here.. Lets take everyone law abiding citizen gun to stop criminals from having them…. SMART PEOPLE!!!

Kevin Patty Shoemake · 15:34 Let’s form a big group so the next terrorist can run you over… Oh snap you better protest automobile’s they kill people!

Kristin Banach · 1:09:59 Why does it have to do with color ??? It’s about respect, hard work, morals and following the law!!!

Shirley A. Runyon Belba · 0:00 Talk about race separation. How many times does she say black & brown. This anger & ugly demonstration does nothing to stop violence; it encourages it. Did she just say “performance” as she closed? ?

Chris Clise · 17:41 I love how they are setting themselves for visual impact… and know nothing about live sound… very organized?

Clinton James · 20:38 I’m going to buy stock in Kleenex. These people are spending millions on tissue paper to dry their eyes. I wonder if they protest the makers of alcohol and automobiles when a drunk driver kill’s someone?

Calvin Kollin · 3:51 How about freedom to assemble and protest; if you can pass a simple I.Q. Test? None of them would be out there!

Roger E Aylor · 19:18 Does anyone really think this is a grassroots rally…this is organized and paid for by anti gun leftists…

Gregory R Williams · 25:33 When they are herded into their concentration camps, I wonder how many of them will wonder what happened

JJ Johnston · 43:34 is david hogg waiting on his escort or something? is emma gonzalez going to tell me its ok to bully people ?

Phillip McKee · 34:57 Probably while they are protected by armed police officers that they will protest next week for something else.

Robin Rutherford · 40:43 They should be thankful for the freedom to speak openly; they should also be careful about what they are asking for…having a socialist communist society will not afford them the same rights!!!????

David Allison · 11:43 Protestors are great for the NRA. They help increase membership and gun sales. Rally on!

Matthew Heath · 44:50 I love how they talk about creating laws against law abiding citizens but NOT how to stop criminals with guns

James Steele · 30:15 What a coincidence. I just renewed my membership. These folks remind me why I did. ?

Martha Heath Beach · 44:18 Fox News has obviously changed for the worst! Hardly watch them anymore and removing them from my news feed ?

Tommy Wieczorek · 54:12 Wanna fight. You will lose big time. The hurt feelings alone will melt these snowflakes to the ground

Jim Kelly · 21:06 Ok now all you folks come on out to 63 rd and Racine and march to Ashland and back! See how that works.

Gene W Gamble Jr. · 1:01:09 Rather listen to Uncle Ted. NRA is here to stay sorry to say. It’s not gun that is violent. 2nd Amendment baby!!!!!

Mike Meza · 57:00 So hes using this to sell his crap song. Hahaha thanks reminds me i need to get my life time membership to NRA

Dennis McEvoy · 8:46 That’s it,protest an organization that’s protecting your rights so that government can get more oppressive!

Kimra Vaughan · 33:17 Sad left us all of them have mental health issues that’s why they want the guns gone they’re afraid they’ll use them

Michele Maldonado · 48:24 I stand with these kids! We need to listen more. Kids; when you are 18, make sure you register to vote!

Nancy Norris · 4:06 People are getting tired of the gun violence so many people have lost many loved ones due to this issue I’m sure it’s close to many hearts humanity has had enough of loved ones dying due to shootings etc

Chas Robb · 8:12 I’m waiting for them to bring out the weapon that has a mind of its own. You know, the one that crawls out of the closet by itself, loads itself and then goes out on its own looking for someone to harm.

Debbie Alexander · 42:06 These uninformed people want gun control/confiscation & socialism….they should move to China. They dont have a clue what they are doing, why they are doing it, or the repercussions if they get their way.

John David Lawrence · 33:43 Lets hope the police will do their job and not let them block the street or the entrances or exits to the building or public sidewalks. Why aren’t they out in front of Planned Parenthood AKA Murder Inc.

James D Harris · 2:12 Louisiana Deplorable here and the can get ??????

Nancy King · 43:36 one guy is holding a sign $1.18 must for a gallon of gas I will vote for that. some need to go on a diet

Susan McAtee McClain · 49:29 I think I’m going to start marching because I’m tired of cooking, cleaning and laundry. Anyone interested I joining?

Patrick O’Connor · 9:05 Meanwhile I’m boating and enjoying my summer. Maybe go trap shooting tomorrow these people are losers!

J Harley McDavidson · 1:55 Our rights are God given, not mob given!

Todd Fink · 9:04 Vote for Republican people or our country will end up with us being told how to live our lives. Democrats only want to destroy our country the facts prove it

Suzanne R Dover · 35:36 I’ll bet half of those fools own guns themselves. I hope they get put in jail if they block the streets”.

Mark Beckett · 23:51 I am a lifetime member of the NRA. The only thing I have killed is my time watching idiotic stuff like this.

Stephanie Freedom · 13:22 Stop paying attention to fools and they stop acting foolish. (But never close your eyes to them-FIGHT.)

Daniel Vrtiska · 24:15 How stupid are these people. Doesn’t matter what kind of gun control passed criminals will still get guns and kill people.

John Jones · 48:16 Speak English! They should have got that lady from the Congo that climbed the of Liberty. You’re all P.O.S.!

Charles Flaherty · 1:32 Now we know what the 3% unemployed people do on the weekend

Mario Hugo Arevalo · 5:38 Conservatives don’t have time for that nonsense we have jobs to hold , lives to live , laws to abide and WE USE OUR VOTE as our VOICE .

Jean Cole · 1:08:19 -o not believe any group of people should be allowed to block traffic on a public road for any reason anywhere.

Kathy Johnston · 50:04 Playing the race card again. The NRA doesn’t kill anyone. OMG now the Russians fund the NRA Poor uninformed and indoctrinated people.

Brian Jarrett · 10:45 you can not blame a firearm for what a person has done it is not the weapon but the democrat behind it

John Pistello · 39:49 should’nt these little bast–ds be in school or working at Burger King ? What a bunch of snowflakes…….

Anita Lehr · 3:26 your rights don’t allow you to interfere with others rights. peaceful demonstrations need to accept others rights too.

Brent Cornelison · 39:23 Don’t worry let’s allow our Government to take all of our guns. Then we can find illegal guns to use instead

Heath Bishop · 45:19 For some reason I want to hear the midget in front speak. Maybe he’s looking for the other side of the rainbow? Lol

Holcombe Brenda · 33:53 quit showing all these protests where they can’t get their faces on tv and they will hopefully fade away into the sun set

Shawn Browning · 1:07:07 Guns are not the issue it’s the idiots that get their hands on them that shouldn’t. What are you going to do when you can not protect yourself. This movement is coming from the generation who eats tide pods

Mikki Sauceda · 44:13 You have to feel sorry for our future. These kids are being indoctrinated to be socialists, communist Hydranencephalic’s.

Josephine Trabold · 39:04 How much garbage do they plan to leave there too. Seems like all theses so called environmentalist/protestors like to leave their trash behind

David Dalley · 43:22 All of TX ???? support NRA. Get a life liberal Idiots. And move to Chicago were you all will be happy.

Bryan Plagge · 1:17 Go for it. Love to see that terrorist organization brought down and bankrupt

Tofiq Makda · 8:18 NRA is just organisation it’s government job to protect citizens NRA doesn’t have power to change the gun laws

Mike Mueller · 40:10 Why do libtards always have to tear things down. They wake up each day and think about what they can wreck.

Angela Cockrell Dingler · 55:11 Actually prophetic because the enemy of their souls is really who they are singing this to! The powers that be are being stopped all right – this is a spiritual war – and the politicians have been pawns…

Jeannine Evans · 32:59 Real Americans are working, spending time with their family, school shopping , and planning a last min. Get away with children before school. Oh I forgot these people love planned parenthood, they have no life

Jeffrey Scott Moss · 9:04 Another manufactured protest courtesy of George Soros.

Ronni Franklin · 49:48 iF YOU LIVE IN america, learn to speak the language!!!!!

Cobina Lauren · 14:48 All funded by George Soros and his evil One World Order Agenda!

Cindee Skoglund Schmid · 19:15 It’s like a walk of losers who need friends…but when the time comes and they need to protect themselves it will be too late…just hope they will have enough time to remember when they were at this protest!!

Cindy Elliott Lundberg · 29:29 Well you all just made me a member for life.

Kurt Mizell · 2:00 Go home ya brainwashed imbibes.

Rick Geringer · 40:27 Thank you, NRA! I just renewed my membership. I’m a proud memberr!

Ray Murphy · 31:15 I can’t believe they are so far gone that they don’t understand the nra was founded on civil rights for blacks. If they are against gun they should never call the police because most of them are nra members.

Dan Farmer · 10:01 the first thing communists do is take away the guns of free people!

Frederik Winther · 4:25 London has no gun laws and yet more people get shot than in New York every year, huh what that might mean

Gregory Scott Ham · 4:47 Guns don’t kill people! People kill people……just like people kill unborn children!

Barbara Meche · 25:34 NRA HAVE KILLED NO KIDS EVER.

Amy Emery-Sutherly · 24:22 Absolute idiots!! If they had put in place the school safety measures that the NRA has been promoting for decades they wouldn’t have the school shootings they do today!!

Bev Moore · 24:13 Hitler disarmed citizens also. Not going to happen and sell you “gun control”BS to someone else. Anyone with a brain knows exactly what the end game is.

Rick Brown · 57:52 I am sorry for the lose of life from criminal’s and terrorists and Non-Law abiding persons….it is terrible and wrong and tragic …. But I should not surrender my liberties because if criminal’s and terrorists….

Tom Scanlon · 1:08:37 They should shut her mic off show her what it’s like to take away an amendment right see how she feels

Jenny Woodman · 14:44 So how do you address the gun violence in Chicago, create more laws where criminals don’t. You sit here and act like we have a gun control problem no we have a criminal problem. People kill people not a tool.

Vicki Strickland · 55:08 If you think you will get the guns away from the honest hardworking citizens of the USA you are crazy. The only thing you people will do is start a war that you can’t win. Go back where you came from.

Ken Baker · 33:55 That’s a great .100% of the people are probably part of Planned Parenthood baby killers

Mary Simmons · 1:11:01 Go home get a job, work like the white kids do Pant someones house mow someones yard help the older people with all this time. leave our guns alone. I do not care who you think you are but your so wrong .

Linda Green · 9:16 Idiots no guns then people will find another way to kill like booms or whatever else they can make and with internet it’s easy just keep it up nutshells and it’s going to make all the crazy people come out

Cynthia Paugh · 12:02 Criminals DON’T FOLLOW THE LAWS!!!!

Robert Allen · 3:27 SORO”S I8 BILLION AT WORK !!! AND THE SHEEPLE !!!!

Brent Hampton · 8:06 stop drinking the koolaid! move to chicago they have the strictest gun laws in the country so theres no shootings or crime there RIGHT???

James D Harris · 4:59 From my cold dead hands???? What you gonna take my guns with your feelings bbwwaahhhaaa

Craig Soifer · 48:12 Hey fool that what they are supposed to do server the people go back to Colombia stops the illegal and fix the gang problem and where did you get your stats Way to go George Soros not a white Name there????

Charity Smith · 28:03 Guns don’t kill, people do. NRA is not the problem. Babying criminals by liberal judges is.

Dave Mendenhall · 28:15 Application here:

Kathie Nelson Schneider Matta · 50:54 Where is ICE when you need them

Len Lindsey · 55:12 Where is Simon and HUGE X shut this fool up!!!!! These kids have no idea that the DEMOCRATIC PARTY has caused most of the things they are NOW FIGHTING AGAINST !!!!! His song SUCKS just as bad as CNN!!!!

Bill Brown · 52:15 I used to live just around the corner from there. If those idiots got in my way and threatened me, they would be run over.

Ken Miller · 9:16 time for the NRA to put speakers on the roof for re-education purposes.

John L. Cruse · 45:50 They don’t even understand. Drinking CNN koolaid. Go protest a drug dealers hood. They will never do that they are to afraid to get shot. Lol. Morons

Michael Aguilera · 50:05 This is America speak english fool.

Daniel Reeve · 41:46 Someone is holding a sign repeal the NRA TAX….

That has nothing to do with the National Rifle Association

Ronda Daum Olin · 41:32 This is a mental and a bullying issue not a gun issue. My guns don’t walk out of the house and go shoot people. you need to start with the root of the problem. Criminals will always find a way to get a gun

Ricky Spanish · 34:37 The funny part is that these same lefties are directly responsible for creating the culture that cause school shootings. They are the ones with blood on their hands and they are too stupid to know it.

Donna Sweatman · 10:34 Didn’t worry about guns when I was a teenager. Guys kept them in truck at school. People have changed and have no respect for life, nothing to do with guns cause they use bombs, knives, whatever they can find. This is just a tactic by government to take away guns…

Shannon Kay · 1:00:10 This isn’t the NRA’s fault. I’m sorry for the loss of those kids and adults.

Bob Sweeting · 7:54 Protesters against law abiding citizens that want to protect their families and friends and all that they work for. It’s wrong in so many ways. NRA getting blamed for what criminals do. Where’s the justice

Pat Heidi · 21:35 So people buy guns or steal guns illegally not the NRA

Danielle Delaney · 48:22 Can’t whatch this anymore ! Going to join NRA

James D Harris · 33:52 NRA will be here for the next 500 years !

Doris Jones · 26:41 They say NRA how many kids did you kill today? Betcha this group kills more kids than any other group than ISIS. This isn’t about freedom. It is about repressing the rest of us.

Scott R Young · 15:13 Every gun owner needs to support the NRA

Samantha Hague · 40:00 This is what fascism looks like.

Sam Burel · 3:52 This can’t be Real.. The HOGG isn’t out front…


Charles Ward · 3:14 Bankrupt the NRA? You do realize that the NRA helped start the civil rights organization called Deacons of Defense against the Democrat KKK, right? It’s about protecting Americans against criminals.

Rose Kelly · 2:49 Another useless protest that accomplishes nothing.

Cindy Armstrong-Howard · 1:57 Thunk…… thunk….. thunk…… this bs is getting SO OLD.

Brian Schauerte · 51:06 JOIN THE NRA – National Rifle Association of America

Paige Smith · 8:11 Lol the NRA is at a gun show some where…lol

Brian Schauerte · 49:49 ANOTHER reason to BUILD THE WALL

Terry Skeen · 42:18 Democrats are responsible for 99% of all mass shootings….not NRA.

Samantha Orlando · 32:16 Cut off their welfare so they can’t afford to disrupt society

Matthew Craig · 19:06 Why would these folks protest the United States oldest civil rights organization? President John F. Kennedy was a NRA member. Soros and his bretheren need a disarmed nation, otherwise their plan cannot work.

Daniel Houchin Jr · 28:00 So innocent people get shot by criminals and what’s the answer, let’s protest The Law Abiding Gun Owners of The NRA instead of the actual criminals.

Guy McCartney · 5:37 Time to arrest them ALL.. Not for protesting for shutting down a street Protesting does NOT give anyone the right to IMPEDE DIVERT anyone from doing what they WANT

Donald Thornburg · 19:00 I’m Joining THE NRA , and sending membership in for my family and relatives . Fighting fire with fire , you don’t have to be a fireman .

Craig Holt · 3:00 Hahaha, what a bunch of pusses. How about grandstanding in front of the mayor’s of the cities with high murder rates.

Aldonna Elliott Langley · 1:01:42 You should have seeked help of the medical professional. Taking away people rights to protect their family will not make us safer.. You just give criminals guns and take the law abiding citizens rights away!!

Don Sherry · 39:34 Next we have Skippy and his dancing monkey

Danny Hobbs · 10:56 Someone should do a fly over and air drop them their diapers

Tonja Tyree · 1:00:02 Mcdonald’s fries made me fat….Let’s ban some french fries!

George Anderson · 2:14 FOX News why are you making this news? Just because they are against something that is our rights? They can go take a flying leap to hell.

James Gordon Patterson · 1:03 where are the hollywood nitwits?

Manny Richard Reiniche · 10:03 Think about this people… If you can change the 2nd admenment. What’s stopping them from changing any of the other ones also. For instance the 13th admenment. Yeah, the one about slavery. Let’s bring that back then !

Emma Lou Bishop · 36:02 They Don’t have a clue what they are doing. Probably getting paid to “protest”. Ask them a question about the NRA and see how much they know anout it. They need to get educated before they get into politics.

Joseph Frye · 51:25 So which of the mass shooting suspects was an NRA member?

Paige Smith · 5:53 I hope there are no police there these people dont deserve protection from our finest!

Sheila Johnson · 41:10 Not a member of NRA but I’m going to join now

Arthur Houston · 4:11 Why are you here. Only way this is changed in change constitution. And that my friend is not going to happen.

Mike Howard · 32:11 This is your DNC and Barack Husain hard at work with their continuing fight to destroy America.

George Brown · 17:56 The Left Left there Minds Behind. They are Left defenseless in there Gun Free Zones. The Lefts Right to Protest was defended by those on the Right who Left home to Fight for Freedom of the Left & the Right.

Rebecca Crooks Endres · 52:00 Ok……where do I sign up for the NRA?

Michael Aguilera · 52:26 Take my guns we shall see about that !!!!!

Ron McKenny · 44:03 So we are going to let little snowflake kids run the country!!!!

Jt Swindle · 50:20 Travon martin ? Wasn’t it proven in court he was beating someone’s head into the concrete when he was shot ! Keep throwing criminals names out there to try to prove ya cause ! Shows how stupid ya cause is !!

Joy LaPoint · 14:16 I’m a veteren, I own guns, not giving them up under ANY circumtance. Enough said!

Shannon Fox · 55:39 Vote them out? Liberals only show up for protests. Conservatives come out 3:1 on election day, so I think our guns are safe. You may continue your shceduled program of Liberal Idol. Is every speaker going to sing?

Pebble Medich · 59:22 The reason Law abiding citizens will keep guns…because of ppl like the person who shot your daughter.


Cynthia Ingle-Bennett · 13:56 Hope we vote Blue out this November…they have lost their freaking common sense… criminals don’t follow laws and I will not be made a soft target because of your ignorance

Laura Roche Keefner · 18:43 Think I will watch while cleaning our guns.

Scott Johnson · 1:04:04 We are not threatening you. In fact, it is you who is threatening us.

Philip Swartz · 2:34 This makes me want to go out and buy a few more AR15s.

Denise Kudla · 1:37 Those two are ready for the vaseline


Tracy Compton · 51:50 You don’t speak for my kids. My kids want to keep their arms.

Harry Dobson · 25:39 The NRA has killed no one. Leftist hate stunts finest.

Jason Diggs · 24:50 Quick, all criminals take note of where these idiots live & go rob their houses because you know they DON’T own or carry guns.

Kevin Perez · 41:32 Honestly it made me love the NRA even more.

Paul Brook · 55:03 Hope this poor dude’s got a day job…

Christine Patterson Haymond · 15:02 I’m not a paid troll. I believe in the #2A — plain and simple.

Jill White · 41:20 How much is Soros paying these bored people?

David Rudick · 51:55 Yes, we need change! Stop funding plan parenthood!

Maxine Vickers · 37:25 The fat lady is singing..time to go

Brad Kinder · 3:01 Oh no, on a Saturday? When those buildings are empty? Oh, the humanity.

Karen Wester Green · 30:08 I am waiting for the flash mob dance?

Bob Lowry · 17:58 At least we know where all of the morons are at. Is it legal to shut down a street?. Sound like anarky to me. I feel sorry for these ill informed ignorante people. They don’t understand that the NRA is the base of the USA.

Matthew J Erbe · 5:56 Was riding over that way earlier. Is that what they’re doing? Libs!

Barbara Henry · 21:07 Anything to cause mayhem and controversy – this is the Democratic way. Obama learning from Ayers when he was young and continuing with Soros has created a blight on our country and our people.

Wes Thacker · 32:37 Maybe they don’t think it’s Chicago, L.A., etc etc etc…??

Linda Robinson Cates · 44:08 Some activist from Baltimore was bragging she was dragging 30 border kids there … ?!?!?!?

Melanie Crane · 33:39 Just a bunch of misguided twits

Jay Man · 26:30 A bike rally should suddenly abrupt, ride through and disorganized these libtards. Keep the loud engines rolling up and down all day.

Thomas Welch · 1:21 HOGG is at the pig trough eating!!!

Christy Stone · 9:49 Ok… you reported it…Now stop…It does not deserve massive attention…NRA will get more members because of it…I’m already a member but think I will give them an extra $ gift in honor of these jacka$$es…

Jessie Binder · 1:03:10 The NRA is not the problem and the guns are not the problem – it is the crazies that do the harm with them. I believe all citizens deserve the right to bears arms and protect themselves!!!

Deb Read · 6:56 It’s funny how these people were given the right to protest guns by people who used guns to secure that freedom.

Pat Heidi · 17:24 How many are paid or privoked by tge likes of Soros or other issues

Fred Brian Wilkins · 51:30 Ok first of all….. this is the United States of America….not Mexico so you should be speaking English if you really want people to listen…. second its called the 2nd Amendment and it shall not be infringed

Joann Rinear · 29:37 BYE BYE, FIND A JOB!!!BYE BYE, FIND A JOB!!

Donald J. Vivacqua · 1:09:09 I feel like strapping my AK on my back and driving over there.

Daisy Dillemuth · 1:00:18 We conservatives will not stop it either. Protect our second amendment

Chris Petty · 12:39 I hope MS-13 shows up because they’ll wish they were armed

Lloyd Bertalot · 20:52 Don;t FU4K with mty second amendment rights you don;t want a gun don;t get one you dont tell me what to do. No One in The NRA ever killed anyone!!!!!!

Donald J. Vivacqua · 1:06:53 She should have moved. Why stay in that place?

Don Sherry · 38:35 Where’s the Gong Show when you need it?

El Dee · 56:28 Join the NRA, get educated about firearms, get training, learn safety!!!

Tang Delo · 19:07 …but because of Obama, Americans bought guns in record numbers! Even sent guns to Drug Cartels, and military weaponry to Libya. Where’s the protest? ?

Leon Melvin · 58:53 My brother committed suicide with a hand gun and I’m still a #2A supporter. Life is tough, move on.

Frank Jansma · 1:01:06 I was at the concert in Las Vegas. I still support the second amendment and the NRA

Michael Ness · 45:49 Again, wrong place…go see the gun makers and not the lobbyists.

Beverly Selky · 28:17 I’ll control my guns….you control your kids.

Michael Ness · 2:59 Shouldn’t they be at the places where they ACTUALLY make guns?

Michael Ness · 2:19 Well, there goes my range time.

Lynn Koskey · 1:14 Bryan Plagge – The NRA is not a terrorist group!

Paige Smith · 7:13 They are not marching they are blocking an entrance isnt this a fire hazard?

James Moya · 2:04 Their first amendment right will never take away the second.

Holly Lavender-Baker · 48:57 Well I believe to have and own guns for this world we live in see good people do the right thing and the steps to own a gun and you will never stop the bad people who guns and use them for the wrong reasons !!!

Scott Johnson · 23:25 Too bad these kids don’t worry about the school work this much they might learn how the government works

Josh Wilkinson · 1:12:28 Performance lol. Wasn’t that you’re performance.

Curtis Goodnight · 1:13:13 Just Soros tools and puppets stopping people from going about their daily lives. Cops should be busting anyone blocking traffic.

Darsi Cordingley · 34:09 Planned Parenthood kills more people than guns!

Bob Pierson · 14:59 These are brainless zombies just wanting to be ruled and protected by the government.

Sleight Hammond · 1:08:41 Hahahahaha keep it up l!bt@rds you just incentivized MORE AMERICANS TO SIGN UP FOR THE NRA!!!! Excellent!!!

Nancy Stopczy · 34:50 It’s not the NRA that has gun issues, it’s the mentally ill and criminals who misuse guns.

Jamie Crowe Lee · 48:41 I believe this is not real This is setup paid and planned! NRA hasn’t caused any of these shootings! I can stand with a gun right now and I’m not gonna go shoot someone down just because I have a gun in my hand!

Thomas Evans · 1:09:23 He is a dick head no getting around it…sorry about his daughter and no one should threaten anyone…not even Waters and her hatred …but I have yet to see a gun threaten anyone…

Cheryl Ard Schupbach · 1:00:26 NRA didn’t kill your daughter. Murder is illegal. No additional law will add to it.

Bob Lewis · 19:48 Maybe those test waffles should grow up and get jobs and learn a thing or two before they try to tell others how to live.

Thomas Tostenson · 3:54 At least they’re honest they know they can’t force their agenda on us until they can take guns away. I guess the forefathers were right to empower the people.

Gwendolyn R Purifoy · 31:47 125 thousand unborn babies were killed just today!

Patti Parker · 9:39 It just makes NRA stronger by these idiots marching. I am really sick of the democrat party. Everybody in Nov. vote democrats out.

James Kohl · 37:00 Thanks for confirming that my choice to join the NRA was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thanks also for drawing attention to the need to defend the USA from idiots.

Robert A Jewell · 4:39 This just shows how ignorance is so bad in our nation. These people have only the bias the Socialist indoctrination gives out. They do not have real facts to back what they know.

Sharon Hemmerich · 51:42 Bunch of mentally immature kids trapped in adult bodies. They need an intervention

Suzanne Eggert · 42:28 We are keeping our guns and buying even more!

Jim Arriaga · 34:53 Why aren’t they in cities like Baltimore and Chicago where there are more killings with guns there! Ask police to better patrol killings by guns. NRA or not, killing will continue. Ironically it will worsen with no NRA.

Rick Wheeler · 3:46 Well there’s a gun show this weekend. I wasn’t planning on going but I’m gonna go this afternoon and buy a couple of more guns. Thanks guys.

Bryce Weaver · 55:54 I’ll surrender my Glock 19 if it’ll shut him up!

El Dee · 1:10:27 omg…my macaw is screaming back at her

Shannon Fox · 35:46 I see they spared no expense on the entertainment.?

Ed Weaver · 8:04 I’m going shooting there tomorrow! Hope they clear it up before I get there. 🙂

Michael Sharp · 46:08 Hitler banned guns then started murdering all races of people !!!

Robert Pruden · 7:06 Is this a Russian or China sponsored protest? Of course they want us unarmed before they invade the USA.

Billy Launius · 50:58 Bunch of punks who never seen a firearm in the here lives #buildthewall

Eddy Tate · 52:53 Oh GOD DONT SING PLEASE!!!

Matt Dorris · 46:43 Go protest the bad neighborhoods in chicago , Gary Indiana or Crenshaw.

Laura Herring · 18:31 What the matter little Russian girl gets caught and now you lost your money lol.

Shane William Brunner · 48:48 NRA is not your problem Immorality is and corrupt get a clue

Brian Lane · 41:49 Who’s doing it right? These people who are exercising their Democratic right to a peaceful protest or the people who are saying they that the stupid liberals should kill themselves in the comment section of fox news.

Chris McCray · 47:05 I’ll bet NRA memberships go up another 10% because of these turds

Darin Guidry · 59:05 I feel for your loose but it’s not the weapon it’s the person

April Stone Grady · 54:04 Don’t quit your day job! Oh wait , you don’t have a job.

Frank Santagata · 1:13:13 How many Childrenare killed everyday by Planned Parenthood 2000 per day MArch on them

Greta Khachatourian · 28:35 Bark and bark nobody will give away their guns!

Janet Waterman · 29:05 How sad!! It’s not the NRA!! It’s the mental instability in people that’s out there!! We need a better background check!! We need the ability to see the medical info on people who want to buy a gun!!! Go NRA!!!!!!!

Rafetta Pepper · 22:06 Proud Life Time Member of the NRA!!

Dee Campbell · 52:36 I wonder if all those people protesting are here Legally check the papers

Kristie Ferrara-Johnson · 21:55 yeah done control is called responsible citizens owning our guns to protect ourselves from criminals that you seem to protect

Dee Campbell · 52:09 You were right enough is enough get a job and stop yapping no one wants to listen to your bubbles

Jennifer Bass · 49:13 Bye bye , can’t listen to these lies

Barbara Lynn Shirley · 25:36 These are the kind of people that should never own a gun they have so much hate in their hearts and souls.

David Hancox · 19:18 What is the plan to remove illegally possessed guns from criminals? That is where we should start. Then worry about everyone else once the crime rate is at zero.

Bill Cunnington · 14:22 Do they understand that without the 2nd none of the rest exist?

Fran E. Morgan Chapman · 25:48 OMG, THE NRA HAS KILLED NO ONE

Abigail Prestridge · 36:05 The singer is hoping for a contract!

Barbara Pugh · 1:04:27 We need tobe able to protect our homes from thieves with guns who break in our house and harm our kids

Jeff Holt · 50:37 kids don’t know how to have fun, go to an amusement park , they will have a tough life growing up if they don’t know how to have fun now

Michael Franchek · 4:54 This is why the good Lord made large trucks with steel bumpers

Scott Johnson · 56:41 Any of you who have an issue with the individual rights outlined and prescribed in the United States Constitution need to move elsewhere to a country that better suits your need.

Keith Edwards · 20:26 All ten of them are protesting

Bonita Sergent · 38:04 See it LIVE …not the REAL voters orshakers and movers are there…just a bunch of kids…and not too many….HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAA…wait until u are accosted in any way…u will wish u were carrying then I DOTS!!!!

Tom Brogan · 40:57 Look at all the trained puppets. Snowflake manipulation is so entertaining.

Gary O’Rourke · 9:29 This will only increase membership in the NRA……Probably get many more out to vote Republican……keep it up!

Anthony J Burch · 35:06 I’m a NRA member because of people like this

Kim Fabel Romain · 1:01:17 Stop blaming guns and raise your kids right…

Daveis A. Coward · 9:59 Where’s the snowflake plow when you need it?

Michelle Hahn · 52:28 Is that a guy or a girl?

Carrie Bear · 58:46 Why do they have to bring sunflowers into this?

Patricia Malo · 28:51 Won’t stop legally owned guns

Carol Miller · 1:11:49 #WalkaWay from the Democratic party, it is the party that has use you. All colors unite.

Kathie Nelson Schneider Matta · 54:01 She better not quit her day job, her singing is really bad

Johnny Danna · 54:54 I know how to fix the gun issue. Make it illegal for democrats and liberals to own guns.

Carolyn Voorhees · 54:45 Hope he doesn’t give up any job

Christine Hannahs · 24:42 Stop trying to take away my right to defend myself

Beverly Stevenson · 1:53 NRA is about to financially go under!

Yolanda DiPeri · 8:42 Lord forgive them for they know not what they do!

Troy Vail · 33:37 Ask those people how many babies they have killed.



Shari Miletich · 41:07 Listen to the puppets chanting what they are told to chant

George Ripko · 55:11 These are communists nothing less, sponsored by the Soros group.

Mark Rhodes · 41:43 I would be there but I’m on the shooting range right now

Teresa A Nichols · 47:46 What’s sad is some comments are being removed so copied & pasted my husbands comment!! But here’s mine It’s our 2nd amendment right to arm ourselves!! Yes we can protest peacefully! But Blocking traffic is wrong!!

Megan Glisson · 3:20 Looks like what.. 20 people and more people just laughing at them on the side.

Chuck Beasley · 51:04 The NRA is here to STAY!!!

Mike Perkins · 11:46 Sure doesn’t look like much of a march. Not much interest evidently. Smarter people out there than people realize.

สมพร ทองสุข · 1:58 Thank you so much Fox News From in Home 133 Bo Gyoke Street HlangBwe Town Only watching NEWS Today rain Wi Fi No good for me Please

Paige Shaneyfelt · 1:02:52 THIS CROWD IS OUT OF TOUCH W REALITY

Brian P Dec · 16:16 Leave my guns alone, protest baby killing

Marc Spector · 25:07 How many kids did the NRA kill today? Well that would be none…

Peter McMonigle · 48:00 Sorry, lady–you lost me at Michael Brown.

Joseph Yoder · 42:42 How stupid are they. One side has billions of bullets an the other side cant figure out which bathroom to use

Linda Pendino Taylor Hagan · 1:13:00 Do you really think all the bad guys are going to give up their guns

Andy Bobs · 1:08:38 She already stated she’s from Milwaukee.

Brett Nabors · 39:49 If you want to stop the killing, go protest planned parenthood!

Larry Manis · 1:06:07 Your daughter was killed by a psycho with a lot of problems. NRA does not sell guns. Guns do not fire themselves. Try taking the Gun Free Zone signs off schools and hire more protection. That would be a good start.

Rodger Carter · 31:56 The best thing to do with these nitwits is ignore them. If you asked half the people there why they’re there they, more than likely, could not give a coherent answer.

Diane Dodge · 23:08 LOL I can just picture all these people if they had a home invasion….they would just scream like a 2 year old and have no way to defend themselves….sad…ya’ll hang on to your stupidity and I’ll hang on to my guns ??

John Simon · 35:18 Those People protesting,Don’t understand, THE Guns Are Just A tool,It’s THE People That Use Them To SHOOT Up Schools AND Stuff Are THE problem. Why don’t they protest a car maker,they kill more people then guns do

Peter Gunn · 10:38 Why not send these people to Venezuela, North Korea, Mexico and Cuba where they already have strict gun control laws.

Natalie Mims Friese · 1:04:33 What about people killed by ILLEGAL ALIENS?

Natalie Mims Friese · 1:10:18 I’m so f-ing tired of screaming Liberals.

Linda Keno · 29:00 Guinness book of records for the largest group of mental midgets!

Dennis Teves · 26:35 Sad ? this is happening… misplaced feelings and misguided people

Carlos Brigett · 5:24 Now, I’m going to send in my new membership money.

Abigail Prestridge · 38:49 What no more singing? Let me try again hey hey hey hey liberals have got to go hey hey! ???

Fran E. Morgan Chapman · 31:55 There is Gun Control… is people who are the problem

Cheryl Anne · 7:39 The left’s “BRAINWASHING” is complete. Let’s see what fabricated “incident” the libs carry out…..WE ARE ONTO THE CRIMINAL, VIOLENT, LYING LEFT and WE ARE the MAJORITY……Left will be EXPOSED. Q.

Cheryl Anne · 12:08 Look at the dregs of society. Ignorant, Brainwashed libs

Cathy Montgomery · 1:00:24 NRA. An organization that actually keeps these nutjobs free and protected. So proud to be a member.

Donna Jean Hudson · 1:01:54 This younger generation can’t even tell you what Socialism and Communism are. They are not being taught about American/State history or civics! Know who their teachers are and what your children are learning at school.

Susan Neuharth · 16:20 Where’s their leader Hogg?

Danielle Delaney · 41:44 They don’t care about Life ..if they did they would be protesting abortions and making it illegal

Diane Eamtrakul · 2:12 is the group for or against the 3D plastic guns? I hope they disagree. I think it is extremely dangerous esp to NYC. and developing countries.

B.E. DeGuzman · 5:21 It’s always better to have a gun and not need it than to not have a gun when you need it.

James Kohl · 38:22 Just bought more ammo at the gun range and then saw someone like me who believes in “open carry” shopping at Home Depot, where it is likely that no one will be killed during the time we were shopping.

Dave Mendenhall · 26:25 I really do believe stupidity gets on my nerves more than anything else. Could just one of these azzhatz give me a name of one NRA member who has shot someone for fun to kill for killings sake; OTHER than self defense?

Ronni Franklin · 46:51 If you choose to live in the US, you better cang well learn English!

Bryce Weaver · 1:07:03 That sounds like a high crime area. This girl (once she’s 18) should buy a gun to protect herself.

Bryce Weaver · 1:10:16 I like when she yells because she’s less intelligible so her nonsense message is even more garbled.

Janice Bucheli · 34:32 The same crowd that believes torturing and killing babies is nothing! ? souls!!

Bugsy Davis · 55:43 we will fight for our country again be gone ,vote dems out that disagree ! now repeat after me ,we will say begone dems go home ,we will be strong ,the powers that be will keep america strong and free dems be gone !!!

Scott Johnson · 1:01:35 The Supreme Court adamantly disagrees with you.

Darlene Tipton Mulkey · 51:16 Safer America would be enforce our border security and our laws!!!

Pam Malone · 46:28 They really don’t even understand what they are talking about. Sad 🙁

Jeffrey W Prax · 14:12 Don’t forget to subscribe to the NRA money spent well safety courses and while you’re at it buy another two or three guns let’s keep America safe and going strong cuz one day we will have these haters trying to take our guns

Sherri Nichols · 18:42 I want to see the aerial view. They’re all packing together to look like more.


Karin Brogan · 18:11 Disgusting that the NRA has to deal with this. So sad there are so many other things in this country to deal with and this is what they pick. They really have no idea what they are doing anymore. They just follow.

Philip Swartz · 1:55 It’s a huge waste of time.

Mike Beamer · 17:22 By the time they get the sound check right this whole thing will be over

Phuoc Nguyen · 45:10 Stop criminals from coming over then 1/2 of these already resolve

Camille Harris · 55:34 All I hear is, “Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah…..” like in the Charlie Brown cartoons

Larry L McClellan · 10:39 How can you get so many losers to show up in one place

Leon Melvin · 51:28 Oh my, their chants are useless.

Leon Melvin · 50:57 We need to see some legal documentation of these citizens.

Gee Sandra · 29:07 If you’re against protest, go live in another country! ??????❤️❤️????????

Michael Sharp · 44:23 This is Russian collusion trying to ban guns so that they can take over America.

Missy Ransdell · 43:34 SOROS PAID PROTESTING…. Hungary has shut down all of SOROS NGO’s ….. they kicked him out… and so should we……..

Ray Madonna · 22:33 What a horrible looking display of ❄️’s

Brian Schauerte · 58:25 KNIVES are used in London, where GUNS ARE BANNED

Joanie McDonald · 54:36 This about money for this guy

Tracy Thompson · 41:11 i see about 30 people there lol

Bugsy Davis · 31:56 no more killing of unborn babies !! murderers of babies !!

Carrie Stewart · 59:41 You can support the NRA by becoming a member.

Wendy Emory · 41:03 Thanks for reminding us!!! Join the NRA today!!!

Amber Bell Crane · 28:59 Need to take away all the knives and forks too. They can kill someone. Oh and cars, they run over people. Pills, alcohol and drugs kill people too… oh wait the people that chose to take them KILED them and others

Kathy Gay · 15:01 If these idiots would take 5 minutes to actually learn what the NRA is about… but it’s so much easier to follow the lies.

Wayne Boruff · 1:04:06 rights are more important than your emotions. ??

Lisa Smith · 3:44 ThESE ARE the people who believe in HARRY POTTER AND SLEEP WITH A NIGHT LIGHT.

Dan Kearney · 54:11 I think he is lobbying for his album

Joseph Lanzisera · 31:57 A gun is only as good or bad as the person pulling the trigger

Paula Walker Carrillo · 24:14 I’m a registered Democrat but vote independent. I am so ashamed of the democratic party and the ex leaders who have the “ordasity” to push “change” for their own advantage. People be so cautious you are being “led”.

Nathan Willmore · 49:09 THESE KIDS ARE BEING BRAIN WASHED!!!!!!

Randy Eden · 1:01:43 Imagine your protesting against the government and all these people around you being jailed and killed by the government you let take your guns away.

Bernice Shannon Santangelo Cagna · 3:29 Why don’t you people protest the criminals instead of the NRA. If you get rid of the criminals all these shootings would not happen. It’s not the NRA that is shooting people. It’s not the NRA that is killing policeman. ??

Dennis Jester Sr. · 49:12 I fully support the Second Amendment and am a proud Endowment Life Member of the NRA!??

Rick Rife · 19:48 Have them all sign a waiver that they give up their rights of protection if the country every gets attacked and war breaks out. Why waste ammo on targets. After they fall their bidies can be used as a defensive wall

Nina Crawford · 1:05:27 Vickie Eads protest are supposed to be disruptive!

Richie Valencia · 32:16 I hate to inform you but there already is gun control and the NRA is not part of legislation to propose gun control laws. WTF is wrong with people!?

Cynthia Paugh · 25:19 LOL They think they are cheer leaders

Pebble Medich · 1:07:39 Be more responsible in your community, you know who is harboring dangerous agendas, so go get the police and help!

Kristin Banach · 1:07:25 If you grew up in a neighborhood like that, you should thank the law enforcement for doing what they can do … And work hard to break chains to get out of those neighborhoods.. it’s not the rest of Americas fault!!

Mike Mccarthy · 36:13 Just wonder how many in this crowd of misfits could pass a background check ?

Kay Gibbs · 34:47 Soros and Koch Bros. Paid protests. Not a winning combo. Get smart and #WalkAway to FREEDOM. You don’t need someone to tell you how to think!

Tod Grimes · 38:50 Get your 3D printer before it is banned.

Bryce Weaver · 38:38 We’ve seen the no talent portion of today’s event.

Donna Jean Hudson · 22:33 Definitely go SEE the movie, DEATH OF A NATION!

Pam Malone · 56:36 I protest his music !! Hurts my ears !! Do they provide ear muffs ?

El Dee · 1:02:36 imagine if they were this worried about the lives of the unborn

John Burrows · 20:41 What a bunch of sorry looking people

Andy Dodson · 48:20 Michael brown?!!! He was a hug who got shot ATTACKING A COP

Tracy Shotwell McGee · 1:09:52 The demoncratic cities are the ones out of control. Not the conservative cities.

Esiquio D Ramos Jr. · 1:05:40 I’m cleaning my guns while watching this..

Glen Jackson · 1:00:16 Those people are out of their minds.

El Dee · 30:15 wanna -be cheerleaders that never got picked for the team

Daniella Ceccarelli Toomey · 10:45 Isn’t shutting down a public road illegal?

Kathy Sparks · 1:02:31 Safety pins will be distributed when they unplug the mic. Get in line now

Donna W. Garner · 42:26 They all need to be sterilized!! Don’t let them reproduce!!

Lori Stout · 51:39 we need guns to protect our families from drug dealers and gangs. you children are brain washed

Harry Lee Harper · 10:02 Wonder if these protestors are going to protest the real killers in America,,”Planned Parenthood”??

Christine Matthews · 19:06 the NRA has blood on its hands

Tracy Ridley-Kirchgessner · 53:36 too funny….the NRA employees should load their guns with blanks and start firing at the same time, then stand back and watch them run and piss themselves. I really would not do that, but the thought makes me smile. ??

Rob Vachon · 40:59 Pull them out? thats what your parents should have done

Michael Sharp · 58:35 This is a fund raiser. It is all about the money and not kids !!!

Danny Treadway · 27:41 If the NRA was what this people claim. They would all have been fired on, by now.

Leon Melvin · 46:23 You’re a short movement

Dave Hall · 12:50 now that they feel important they can go home.

Len Lindsey · 1:00:53 MOVE TO LONDON there are no guns in the UK!! VOTE RED RED RED!

John Patrick Mullan · 52:50 They know it’s Saturday right?

Merrilee Murphy · 29:44 Wow ! What’s funny is all the millions of gun owners laughing at this tiny group

James Kicker Senn · 29:36 These are the people who would like to see the USA fall into Communism……

Steve Lunceford · 4:49 NOTICE no work boots. And Everyone is OFF work today.

Brian Schauerte · 37:55 Will there be autographs?

Judy Leighton · 54:34 Well he is on Welfare. That singing is really bad. He is auditioning! No one is even singing! Hah!!!!

Barb Henry McCallin · 14:05 Police need to move them where they can’t block the road!!

Allyn Kolodji · 55:46 Time to break out the snowplows

Michele Lavell · 4:06 Organizations like the NRA or NAACP shouldn’t be allowed to fund elections.

LeAnne Bunker · 39:24 Tyr and take our guns remember we have them you dont good luck with that come try please

Mathew Bannister · 1:12:34 Why don’t y’all join the military and find out what the cost for freedom is

Ron Long · 15:20 All 20 of them should go home!!

David Taylor · 20:39 Thanks for the new memberships after your crying protest !!!!

Danny Sullivan · 1:03:28 How much is Soros paying them

Michael Nance · 4:32 Every one of these events brings in more members. Thank you.

Phil Stewart · 23:08 why don’t you people go to s chicago and do this???

Martha Lane · 59:01 NRA is a club for gunowners and supporting the 2nd amendment

Christi Faupel Merrick McCaslin · 3:53 The NRA helps protect our 2nd, which in turn, protects our 1st.
These people can pound sand. Do not tread on me.

Carol Barr · 1:01:14 Since it is mostly 12-17 year olds that are shooting their peers, how is a law that affects 18 year olds stop this. Clearly they did not think this through.

Robin Jones · 1:02:04 Unfortunately no NRA and no guns will not stop death from guns.

Brian Lane · 52:21 You say I’m a snowflake like it’s a bad thing. Sorry I prefer that everyone have the right to choose over what happens to their own bodies and not have to worry if they’re going to be shot while doing some grocery shopping

Jennifer Bass · 42:08 These are the people responsible for gun sales going up ! Lol

Natalie Mims Friese · 1:02:12 It’s NOT the guns- it’s the PERSON carrying the guns.

Holly Lavender-Baker · 50:55 I was shopping in Walmart and seen a man with his 2 very young daughters and I seen he had a gun on his hip well I was so happy to see that because if something were to happen I would want to be close to that man that

Michael Jones · 0:29 “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”

Danielle Delaney · 1:02:51 I’m sorry for your Loss but don’t take my rights away

Dave Williams · 3:28 And they are undoubtedly protected in their march by, gulp, police with guns.


Chris Mikkelson · 3:23 I support their protest. They are the best recruiting tool for new members the NRA had.

Patsy H Jones · 1:12:21 Socialism has no freedom. Organizers Communists George Soros.

Patsy H Jones · 1:01:13 Improve mental health checks and coordination with schools.

Donna Metz · 0:00 these kids don’t know what life is about, mommy and daddy are supporting their retarded behavior, God America is in trouble if this is what we have to turn to in the future. Why does the law let this go on?!!!!!!!??!

Heather Caruso · 41:21 Protesting something you’ll never win lol

Tony Williams · 1:04:33 A whole lot of ignorance in that crowd….really.

Mark Bowers · 21:02 Hey hey ho ho lets have some fun I’ve got my gun!!

Don Sherry · 44:44 She’s reading it from her phone? That’s dedication

Samantha Hague · 45:06 But… those politicians in high crime areas are DEMOCRATS

Karla Flippin · 50:12 I always ask, who is paying for this? These things don’t just happen, people don’t spend their Saturdays standing around in the sun for nothing, and out of the blue. WHO is paying?

Patrick Eck · 1:06:26 There will be a Second Civil War if gun ownership is ever truly threatened

Lois Zillmer · 22:01 Don’t have guns but allow and encourage Abortions Crazy
A$$ People

Jc Ray · 55:32 He better havea Day job he cant sing lol

Kathy Sparks · 1:00:33 Sunflower or Snowflakes. You make the call!

Kathy Sparks · 58:10 That guy needs a MAGA hat.

Charles Cousins III · 42:57 Proud member of the NRA and USCCA here.

Laurel Allen Morgart · 13:21 These people have no brains

Leon Melvin · 49:03 Oh, gravity is hurting this munchkins brain.

Lori Stout · 50:10 DRUGS are the problem cause by latino cartels. do somethig about that young lady.

Dorothy Ann Chancey · 1:09:59 Don’t have to scream, that is what the microphone is for..

Richard Brown · 42:29 They are not taken no anyone guns so enough is enough!

Lise Criswell · 28:39 Are they saying, “Bye NRA” like “Join NRA”?

Carla Meyer Lois · 1:00:04 these ppl look way more dangerous than any legal gun owner. but I really needed that laugh today

Dustin D Richards · 44:47 Has to read everything they say

Dorothy Ann Chancey · 51:41 We the people……you do not speak for all of us, & you certainly don’t speak for me

Marna Jackson · 35:09 Stop conflating abortion with gun control.

Brad Litchford · 1:00:00 Maybe you should move to a better neighborhood.

Michael Sharp · 28:27 I heard you took and IQ test, and they said your results were negative.

Laura McGarrity Blaylock · 27:40 Hey” Hey” NRA carrying a Gun is the only way!

Brandon Gunner Kimball · 1:10:51 Why not tell black people to stop shooting other black people

Matt Dorris · 45:46 Last I checked the NRA wasn’t promoting shooting each other.

Maya Levit · 1:03:37 Sorry for your loss. But we have to treat society not taking guns out. Crazy people will use other weapons to set fire, etc. stat with Hollywood Ban violent movies and shows

Stephanie Freedom · 14:18 Dead babies pulled from their moms wombs are okay….MILLIONS EVERY YEAR. That’s okay, right?

Tom Kirchhofer · 43:29 I have a shirt that says, “ALL GUNS MATTER! I NEED TO BE THEREI

Gerald Booher · 55:11 Get a hair cut you fruit loop!!!little girly

Gordon Lasiege · 1:10:04 This kid is clueless and painful to listen to omg

Olivia M. Leichtweisz · 37:03 Guns don’t kill people, cell phones kill people!!

Samantha Orlando · 1:04:14 Give up my fire extinguishers because we have fireman ?

Jack Rayment · 8:13 NRA Never killed anyone.. Planned parenthood however……Killed Countless children..

Meloney Green McClintock · 30:05 Get the cops out there and arrest those little punks.

Jason Loveland · 54:22 Oh no another song lolol

Pat Waldoch Flor · 1:27 Guess we need to look over the collection again..

Stephanie Freedom · 37:54 Maybe George Soros will give you a contract for an album. BAHAHAHAHAHA

Della Rae Hall Pennington · 32:01 WALK AWAY, WALK AWAY, JOIN THE NRA!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle R Hodge · 31:21 This is taking place in chicago…RIGHT??

Stacy Marie Mars Tyler · 44:12 It’s so scripted! They all lined up behind her!

Dean Wolfe · 54:56 These are the guys that want to steal something from us. We are the NRA!

Sandra June Groves · 1:11:29 Oh my goodness. Yelling and wanting handouts is really working!

William Haas · 16:29 Listening to this guy talk I’ve heard enough lol

Christopher Dawson · 48:00 What she didn’t add, was the fact that they shoot each other, not by legal gun owners!

Mary Kelly Small · 23:08 People will use knives, pipe bombs and other weapons to kill, if guns are taken away

MIchael Hucks · 25:06 Come and take them snowflakes

Terry Bross · 57:01 Never thought I’d see the day citizens would protest their own Bill of Rights. I weep for the future.

Kevin Patty Shoemake · 20:14 How much did Soros pay the people to protest?

Nick Martin · 1:02:27 Blame the criminals that do this, not the NRA!

Roger Van Muyden · 54:52 If this wasn’t so sad it be funny as hell.


Mark Stahlbaum · 1:02:47 Make these people walk two miles in the “Best” parts of Chicago. They’ll be crying for a gun.

Roger Van Muyden · 58:22 These kids need to be in a trade school learning a trade, get a job.

Freddie Eugene Tyus · 1:04:54 This fool should go live in another country!

Judy Forrester · 22:39 I personally don’t like guns, but I have seen time after time where a gun owner was able to keep someone from being killed or was able to protect their family, so I am for the NRA. Get the guns away from the criminals.

De Clemons · 12:11 And these are the people wanting to run our country. Socialism at its finest…

Thao Pho · 1:12:48 Go to Communist Vietnam, live there for few years and come back here. You will appreciate our second amendment. Dont ask me how i know. I lived there for 16 years of my life

Todd Bark · 14:28 I see a guy holding a picket sign that says 50,000 gun murders. How many people have been killed, involving alcohol in this country. Why aren’t you protesting to that? Oh, probably because he’s a drinker!! Stupid!!!!!

Lloyd Johnson · 1:09:42 One of the great privileges of our nation is we get to speak our views no matter who disagrees with us! Right, Wrong, Apathetic… I don’t agree with this particular perspective but glad we have the ability to speak out

Mo Doc · 7:37 They are children the have little or no experience in the real world and like most children they are childish and noisy. But they don’t run the nursery and LEO’s need to break my that to their attention . . .

Vicky Conner Craig · 47:51 I want to hear a plan to take away criminals guns . Just one plan

Kari Dold · 59:28 Time to leave, before I punch throat my phone!

Shawna Macy · 45:23 Just need attention and Soros paid people ?

Mike Mccarthy · 40:31 What a lovely way to waste a good Saturday

John A Caruso · 46:19 These young people are easily fooled. The don’t know enough!

– end list –

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