Will History Give Credit to Biden for Trump’s Rollout of the Vaccine and Operation Warp Speed?

A Cure For Covid-19

Will history give credit to Biden for Trump’s rollout of the vaccine and operation warp speed?

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My Answer:

Does it matter? Don’t the liberals want history erased?

There’s a crisis at the border and all the left can do is repeat bullshit.

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History, if anyone cares about it, will do whatever the government tells the media to write. America no longer has a media it can trust.

For anyone who might care … as do-gooders pretend to … I can blow this whole story out of the water by simply reading simple facts.

There are several vaccines for COVID now. In order for them to be approved for COVID, each vaccine requires an FDA Emergency Use Authorization. This is a fast way for the FDA to approve the drug as safe and effective, when they don’t have time to do full testing, which takes years.

If we stop here, and ask the open minded among us, how’s that sound? Do you trust the FDA and it’s fast track “EUA” program, which can speed things up under emergency conditions? I think it’s fine; never had any problem with EUAs. They’re not a new thing.

What people don’t seem to acknowledge is that this is not the first time COVID was targeted as an EMERGENCY by the FDA. This is not the first time a CURE has been found, officially, by the FDA. Nope.

There was already a cure.

There was already an EUA.

There was already an emergency use approved cure.



Long enough to have completely prevented ALL OF THIS MESS, all over the world, if the media had not buried the truth about this situation, just because they don’t like Donald Trump.

I’ll admit, I didn’t know about the political reshuffling of facts around this health issue, because the government hid the truth. It took me until November, 2020 to discover the truth, by reading CDC documents which are public and easily available, which no-one apparently cares about.

When I discovered the truth, I wrote about it in this article: A Cure Has Been Found for COVID-19, where you can read how Jack Nicklaus, the golfer, testified he “knows two people whose parents died from something other than coronavirus and were allegedly asked if the cause of death could be changed to coronavirus.”

The same article (give it a try!) shows a CDC document that explains that possibly EVERY case of COVID was a comorbidity. They died of something else, but they also had COVID, so the death was counted as COVID. That’s not right. That’s artificially altering facts. That’s like saying, if someone died in a car accident while they had a runny nose, that they died of the flu.

But that’s what happened. Intentionally and fraudulently, to create fear.

But that’s not the best part.

The reason they call it COVID 19 (ever wonder about that?) is because it began in 2019. Now if you were to engage your brain, you’d quickly realize that’s much earlier than when it became a big problem.

In 2019, COVID-19 existed. The FDA was aware of it.

The FDA was tracking COVID-19 in 2019 and named it thusly.

The FDA searched and found a CURE FOR COVID-19 in 2019.

It was HCQ.

HCQ was officially listed, in 2019, as a cure for COVID and granted an Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA. Doctors were advised to use HCQ if this virus was detected. No problems. Many months went by.

HCQ, by the way, has been available over the counter in other countries like Africa for years, and is effective at preventing and treating Malaria.

In February this year, I wrote The Final Warning is There Will Be No Final Warning – Life and Death and the Biggest Flip Flop that No-One Cares About, which states …

If people had simply listened to the President (people all around the world) instead of Chris Cuomo and his buddies, left-wingers like Justin Pierre “Little Putin” James Trudeau, trying to “reset” the world:

  • Businesses wouldn’t have closed.
  • Christmas would not have been canceled.
  • You could hug your friends.
  • You would not have lost your job, or business.
  • Your favorite stores and restaurants wouldn’t be out of business.
  • Banks would be open, and you would not be allowed in with a mask.
  • Schools would never have closed.
  • The entire crisis around Covid-19 would never have materialized.

In Summary

In April, 2020, Trump said HCQ was a cure. At the time, HCQ was an FDA-approved cure since 2019. It’s clear from published information, if people had simply listened to the President of the United States, in April, 2020, when he said HCQ was a cure, the whole thing would have been all over.

And no, unless your reading the cowboys who tell the truth, history will never represent what happened accurately. In fact, when Trump said HCQ was a cure, the media pig-piled on him with lies. The headlines read “He’s not a doctor! He’s going to kill us all!” And the world turned to the hateful and incompetent “foremost expert,” the man who lies in his sleep, Fauci. Trump was right. Many people died, yes, because the media told us Trump was going to kill us all by recommending a cure that already existed and was already approved by the FDA. Let that sink in.

Original question: Will history give credit to Biden for Trump’s rollout of the vaccine and operation warp speed?


Mark Urso

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