Stardust, Joe Lacina and Champagne

We used to have some of the most talented professional announcers, through a syndicated feed on a big band music station. One of the most popular jocks was Joe Lacina.

This is how slick they were!

I was listening, and a song by Don Ho comes on called “Tiny Bubbles.” The song goes … “Tiny Bubbles, in the wine, makes me happy, makes me feel fine!

Well, it started skipping. If you’re a radio person, you know when something like this happens, you may or may not be standing right there.

So we waited a few seconds, Joe grabs the needle from the record, lifts it up, turns on his mic, chuckles in his endearing way, and says “I guess he had a few too many of those Tiny Bubbles!”

I laughed out loud!

One thing about radio is, there’s a secret to getting people’s attention – dead air. If it goes on for a few seconds, everybody in their cars stops their conversations and turns it up, because they can’t hear anything. The moment is as if time stops, and everybody’s waiting.

Joe actually took a big problem, and turned it into the funniest part of the day! Off the cuff! 🙂

Have a great day!

2 Replies to “Stardust, Joe Lacina and Champagne”

  1. Mark,
    I miss Joe Lacina & Eddie Hubbard a bunch. A friend of mine Don McGuire, an original member, of the fifties group The Hilltoppers passed away last fall. I remember how much Don enjoyed having a live interview with Joe Lacina, once. Don & I talked about Joe & Eddie many times. They played our kind of tunes. We appreciated how well they did their craft.

    I miss it so.

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