God Bless America!

We still have our country, but progressives, liberals and mindless sheep who do no research should be expected to pile on the “Orange Man Bad” bandwagon between now and November, 2024. This is despite facts, despite truth, which Americans have chosen to dishonor and ignore in favor of turning on the tele and believing Whoopi Goldberg, a deeply mentally ill person-of-hate, is an expert on Constitutional law.

Children are being bought and sold, courtesy of an open border policy fake president Biden set in motion by executive order (halting construction of the wall, letting materials go to waste and forfeiting millions in wasted contracts) on his first day in office.

Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida, who today finds himself too busy to govern Florida any more while he destroys his own career with gaffe after gaffe in an attempt to “run for President,” says it best.

Trump’s team put together a compilation.

From the horse’s mouth.

Vote for Trump. Vote to save America. Stop listening to Whoopi. She is a liar who eats too much and pretends she’s smarter than you. Please be careful and don’t prove her fat ass right.


Mark Urso

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