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My world is about books, writing, publishing … and music. I’m an author (“A  Candle Lit,” “Podium Perfection,” “Save Me From The Flood,” “Share The Moon, Episode One, Aina’s Dreams“) and musician (“Share The Moon“). I have performed locally and even gotten paid to do it, a dollar at a time!

mark playing dove guitarI write novels about pretty girls who crave getting into trouble, dragons who conveniently stir things up, talking cats and heros bedeviled by mice.
The “Share The Moon” series is underway, with novel one complete, subtitled “Aina’s Dreams.” My flagship is “A Candle Lit,” a non-fiction book that takes a hard look at addiction, fear-based behavior and bi-polar with a distinctly easy-to-understand style.

I write songs and weave the topics together; “Share The Moon” is also a CD, my first studio recording, with 11 original songs and dragon/girl themes.

I’ll delve into the world of making money as an author and musician. I’m a former Adult Rock FM Radio Program Director, and know the hills and valleys, and gateways, through the maze that is artist development and promotion. I’ll tell you all about not only my career recording convention speakers and creating a sellable CD library, but also my many failings and the hard lessons I learned as a retailer. It’s not easy.

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Mark Urso

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